Lumia: Other World
48 To the ligh
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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48 To the ligh

He has no problem assassinating weak kobolds on the first two floors. He was reminiscing every moment he has when he killed his enemies in the past. This cave floor was served as a training ground on assassinating his enemies. He encompassed the second floor and was walking through the piling corpses he made. It was only a little time before he will arrive on the third floor. The corpses were scattered on that floor and Kael was calm and collected. He walks to the stairs of the third floor. He saw the spiraling stairs and walks on it.

Tak! Tak! Tak! Tak! Tak!

His footsteps sounded on the stairs. Just like before, it was lit by never-ending torches. It burns and burns throughout the years. He didn't meet other enemies yet until suddenly, there was a parading enemy that gushed out of the third floor. They have shields equipped and a sword.

Kael prepared himself, it will be a frontal attack that will happen so he sheathed his daggers. His fighting style will not be hindered even with the use of daggers but a sword with ample length will be the weapon that has the advantage.

He draws his steel sword and prepared for combat. Kael's mastery of swords was of a master. Rivaling his father despite his age. His father was surprised by his growth and he regarded him to be a genius. So he trained him to the fullest. Kael was very observant since young and very talented when copying others.

Kael jumped from stairs to stairs and he dived into the fray. He smashed the shield of the kobold with his axe kick. He turned and slashed them, cleaving three kobolds in split seconds. Kael then furiously slashed them with a diagonal rising slash. The kobolds were slashed and were thrown from the stairs; making them fall to the third floor. Even he has the advantage, he was cautious. He didn't let them hit him. He evaded their attacks that were slow.

The kobolds paraded the stairs and Kael was on the top of it. They were below and Kael was attacking them without mercy. He blocked the entrance of the second floor and he was a nuisance from the kobolds' perspective.

They wondered why this man was so strong. Kael was looking down at them as they were going up. He furiously kicked their shields and the ones he kicked were helplessly falling from the stairs.

"This was fun! Let's kick some more!", Kael bellowed in excitement. There were five of the kobolds that fell from the stairs and it was adding each time he kicks another one.

He kicked another one and it howled as it fell. It then produced a banging sound.

The enemies realized their disadvantage but it was too late. They panicked to return to the third floor but Kael didn't let them escape. Kael was slashing each one who was returning to the third floor. Kael made a horizontal slash and vertical slash to them, he included diagonal slash in-between. They all fell victim to his steel sword.

The enemies were all killed and there were none left. Kael was on the third floor and was remembering their deal. The guild master will recognize him if he can kill all of the kobolds in the Hentana cave.

"Leave no one alive.", Barrys said to him in the past.

His heart throbbed in excitement. He will be given a chance to learn all job-class and it further motivated him. Kael's dream will be reachable with his own hands. With just a little push he will be reaching it.

The enemies were brutally slashed by his sword. He left no one alive on the third floor. It was a one-sided slaughter.

It was bloody all over and the parade of enemies again gushed out of the fourth floor.

Kael saw them and he attacked them. They were the two-handed wielders. He dashed towards them and killed all the way. They were the ones that guarded the fifth floor but they were all killed by Kael.

Kael proceeded to the fifth floor. It was the same with the fifth floor. It was a one-sided slaughter. Kael attacked them with brilliance, it was like an adult tiger playing with pups. He killed them all while using his fastest speed and efficiency.

He arrived on the sixth floor and saw miners in there. They all retreated and the fighters arrived. He clashed with them, his enemies were the guards of that mining kobolds. They were equipped with armors and swords. A long sword to be exact. It was longer compared to Kael's steel sword. They wielded it with mastery and Kael saw that they were the elite.

According to Kael's info, the sixth floor was their mining area and the seventh floor was their iron-making factory. Eight and nine were their breeding area and ten were the boss room.

Kael was aware of the fact that he will not last long if he consumed his stamina potion on the first five floors. So he saved it for the emergencies, he was panting to the tiring process but was alive and kicking. He spent his stamina on the first five floors and the sixth-to-tenth will be harder. Kael was aware of this fact so he saved the stamina potion.

Kael immediately drank a stamina potion. He confronted the ones who have armors and Kael was fighting them. They were seven in numbers and they were hardy. Kael's slashes were only making sparks in their armors.

He saw that they were extra cautious than the ones he encountered in the past. They immediately retreat after they slashed Kael. Kael on the contrary was evading their slashes. Slash after slash, he evades them.

Kael remembered his father's teaching of crumpling the armors of the enemies.

"If the blades were not enough to slash through their armors, how about you deal blunt attacks in them by your sword.", his father said to him in the past.

Kael then tightened his grip on his sword and attacked with more force. Dealing blunt damage to the enemies with his sword.

Tang! Tang! Tang! Tang!

He battered their armors until it crumpled due to the impact. His sword on the contrary was dulled by it.

The enemies spat blood due to the impact. They were thrown by Kael's force and they didn't fight back after it. His enemies stopped moving afterward.


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