Lumia: Other World
46 Character stat cultivation
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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46 Character stat cultivation

"Then we have a deal, sir," Kael said to him.

He shook hands with the guild master. His hands have gloves and it was soft. His hands-on the contrary were hard and firm.

"Excuse me for my rudeness. I'm Drew Barrys, the guild master of the adventurer guild of the Dwight kingdom. Nice to meet you.", he said as he grabbed Kael's hands with his other hand.

Kael was glad to meet someone like the guild master. It was a great start to met his boss as early as this.

"You have a long way to go, I am a man of his word. If you can prove to me your worth then I will certainly recommend you to the academy. And not only that, but you can also be sponsored by me and you will attend the academy with free tuition. If you can fulfill the task then. The past adventurers were having a hard time killing the boss, much more for a kid like you. But you survived, that proves to be a talent that no one has. And if you become stronger, then I got your back. I am happy to nurture the youths like you because I believe that the youths were the future of this kingdom.", Barrys said as he arranged the evidence.

"Thank you, sir! I won't let you down. I will gladly prove it to you.", Kael said to him with excitement. A chance that has been given and Kael will not let it gone to waste.

"Goodbye, sir! Until next time!", he said as he went to the door. He went to the busy Hall and went outside the guild.

He walks towards the inn he was staying in. On his way, the streets were slowly lit with the lamp post on the pathway. The light of the lamp post illuminated the brick roads. The people were busy going to and fro in the streets. Some were going home, some want to go to their destinations and some want to eat in food stalls. Kael was one of the people that want to go home. The pathway smelled the fresh air and he felt its breeze. He was happy that the peace of this kingdom existed and not the war-torn kingdom he imagined.

When he was walking home, he saw a pigeon that was carrying a container on its back.

"A letter from home"

He spoke. The pigeon saw him and he flew towards him. It was flying towards him as fast as he could. Kael then lends his hand for it to sit on. He caressed its feathers and walks home with it.

Minutes have passed while he was walking. He arrived at the inn and saw that there were adventurers and some visitors that were eating. The inn was busy as he walked inside. The receptionist was busy with her customers and went to her post. The receptionist immediately saw his pet that Kael was carrying.

"Is that your pet? How cute!", she said as she smiled. Her smile was legitimate and her eyes glittered as the lights reflected it.

"Yeah! Are they not allowed here?", Kael asked.

"Yeah they're allowed but the cleanliness of their waste was all the responsibility of the owner.", she said while she grabs a cup to wipe with a clean cloth.

"Thanks! But he will not stay here for long. He just needs to rest a bit then he will fly back to where he came from.", Kael said while patting its head.

"Oh really? You've got a hard-working pet huh? You need to at least feed him.", She said to him with a daring voice.

"Yeah, I will feed him. I will go now.", Kael said to her.

He immediately walks upstairs where his room was. He opened it with his key and pushed his door. He lit the lamp and then feeds the pigeon with pellets and water. He opened the container and then puts his letter to the table. He washed first before getting to bed.

After he washed, he reads the letter that was coming from his mother. Kael reads the letter, "Dear Kael, we've been busy with the construction. The people were flocking in the Golden Valley. They were happy to hear that you have lowered the taxes. The expansion of the land was on the way and the construction of their homes was on the way. In the meantime, they stayed at the inns we've constructed. The agricultural lands were plowed and they were planted with wheat and other vegetables, as well as fruits. If you see the faces of the people then you will see their happiness. The port was under construction, the soldiers were training every day. My tummy was getting bigger every day, I hope he or she will grow well. And Mael, we've caught some spies of the other lords that finds Sir Vanz, you need to act fast and deliver the evidence to the king. Don't worry, we're safe here. Your loving mother, Erza"

Kael smiled as he reads that everyone's safe. They caught the spy so that means that it will only take days before the evil lords will act.

"I need to act fast before they will know of Sir Vanz's location. The spy was caught so they will know when the spy will not come back to them."

Kael then writes a letter of reply to her.

"Dear mom, I was glad that everyone's safe. I will act fast to deliver evidence to the king. In a matter of two days, I will deliver it to the king. If you read this letter, maybe I'm going to the king at that time. I really miss you and the Golden Valley. Your loving son, Mael."

Kael then folds his written letter then puts it to the container. The pigeon has recuperated its strength and was ready to fly back to the Golden Valley. Kael opened the window and then lets it fly. Kael then closed the window.

In the past, he reads a book that increases your character stats. It was a book called "Character stat cultivation". Kael then cultivates his strength by doing exercises. He pushed ups and sit-ups. Next was his dexterity. He sides steps rapidly for minutes. He cultivated his focus by gathering his mana to the core as well as absorbing mana in the air. In his vitality, he jogs around his room and sweats heavily. His stats all went up by one.


Window card (Adventurer)

Name: Kael Melvin

Age: 13

Address: Golden Valley

Status of living: Villager

Adventurer Rank: Rank F

Job-class: combatant

Character level: 16

Character Statistics:

Strength (25) +

Dexterity (30) +

Vitality (30) +

Focus (81) +

Stats points: 48



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