Lumia: Other World
45 Evidence
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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45 Evidence

Kael was having leisure in walking while whistling. He was having a great time while walking towards the adventurer guild. He saw the towering guild headquarters as he looked at the buildings nearby.

"The adventurer guild! At last!", he shouted happily. He hops on his way to the headquarters. He jogs and hops in gladness.

The sun was setting and the sky was painted red. The flocks of birds flew the skies as they migrate to other places. It was their breeding season and they were busy finding their mate. Their honks were as loud as the noise of the crowd.

Kael was in the street that goes to the guild. Kael saw in the streets the bakers that exited their bread store. The flower stands lighted the flowers that they were displaying. There were also commoners that were looking outside the dress shop. The child was grabbing the hands of his father and was saying to buy their displayed clothes. It was a red gown embroidered with golden clothe on the neck and the waist.

Kael then entered the guild and saw the same flag of Dwight. The blue flag with an eagle in the center. It was hanged outside the adventurer guild and everyone saw it every time they enter. It was a welcoming view as the adventurers saw it and it was not tiring to see it.

Kael then went inside and saw that the guild was busy. It was the time where the adventurers finished the quests that they picked. It was also the time where they accept their rewards and go home or go to the taverns to spend their earnings. It was the busiest part of the day, second to the morning where they pick their quest for that day.

Kael then went inside and he approached the receptionist.

"Good afternoon ma'am, I have discovered something off about the Hentana cave. I have brought the evidence and wants it to be verified by the guild master.", he said to her.

"Very well, let me call him to verify it.", she said as she taps her cheeks.

She communicated in her mind using [Telepathy].

The receptionist then nodded in response.

"This way sir.", she said as she points the way to the guild master's office.

Kael then proceeded to the door. He grabbed the doorknob and entered. He saw a room painted in red and in the middle, there was a desk. There was a mini bookshelf beside the desk. There was a sofa with a small table at the center of the room.

Kael closed the door and he saw a man on his prime. He has red hair with sharp eyes. He wears a tuxedo with eyeglasses and white gloves in his hands. On his desk, there was a name inscribed at it. It has Drew Barrys inscribed in it.

"My assistant said that you have evidence of Hentana cave's activities. Hand me the evidence.", he said as he gestured his fingers for Kael to come to him.

Kael then unloads his backpack from his back and grabs the papers and journals of the kobolds. He handed it all to the guild master.

"So this was their activities huh? They were manufacturing their own weapons and armors. They have developed their instincts that far. Okay, job well done. You can go now. I will report this to the higher-ups so we will solve this problem. You can go now, I'm quite busy.", he said as he let him go.

"Thank you, sir, for hearing me out. I will update more in case it will worsen.", he said to him.

Kael then about-faced towards the exit.

"Do you want a promotion?", He said to him.

Kael then looked at him perplexed.

"What sir!?", he said while confused.

"Promotion?", he added.

"Yeah, considering your talent to espionage and survived was a great feat. Especially to a combatant like you. Considering my assets and connections, I know a teacher in the Dwight Academy to teach you Rogue skills.", He said to him seriously.

"The pleasure is mine, sir. There's still time to think about it. But my dream was to be able to master all Dwight's job class. I'm quite a greedy person, sir, one job class will not satisfy me.", Kael said then he winked at him.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! I like that idea! let me see. That was not impossible for me but on one condition. Slaughter every last kobold in Hentana cave and prove to me your worth.", Drew said to him seriously.

"Then we have a deal, sir.", Kael replied.


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