Lumia: Other World
42 Seventh floor
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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42 Seventh floor

Kael splashed the sense-hindering potion to his robes. With it, his travel to the seventh floor will not be troublesome. Kael walked on the stairs towards the seventh floor.

He saw fewer glowing stones on this floor. He was sneaking and he saw many miners than before. They were mining the glowing stones and Kael was curious about it. He saw them grabbed the stones and puts it to their mining cart. Ten were currently mining and he was hiding in the dark. He breathes calmly while observing.

Spying them took time and Kael has seen many gaps in the seventh floor. He took the chance to use the gaps to spy more.

When he was observing, he sneaked to follow the miners. He hides to the dark places when the miners look back.

Kael felt that the temperature was rising. It was getting hotter and hotter by the time they arrived at the exit. It was spacious part of the cave and Kael saw that they were having their own metal-making. Kael was surprised by that sight. He concludes that they were making their own armors and weapons.

Kael saw that there was a big bath-tub-like chamber where they poured their mined ores. It was emitting a bright red glow and it was boiling like a food paste. They were busy with their work and has no time to rest.

Kael was observing and then he saw a bigger kobold instructing the smaller ones.

"Dreadpaws", Kael said excitedly in his mind.

His hands itched to have an epic fight with him in the future.

Kael saw that they were having to melt the ores and the ones they finished making were made into iron bars. They were delivering it to their blacksmiths.

Kael sneaked past the guards in the blacksmithing room. He throws a stone to distract them and then he entered the room. Kael observed the room and it was in chaos. The parchment of papers was everywhere and he saw ink and pens. Kael saw that they have complete sets of blacksmithing wares and they have blueprints of their works. It was lit by a lamp that was in the working table of their craftsman.

"They were learning how to make their own weapons and armor!", Kael exclaimed in his mind.

His face was full of worries and his hand trembled to the thought of monsters getting their intellect like the humans. It has not happened before in their world.

Kael took some to serve as evidence into his backpack. The adventurers will be shocked if they learn about it. He was in the process of packing when he heard indistinct language. Kael hides in the corner of the room where there has no light that was shining.

They entered the room and he saw them talked to each other. Kael was perplexed with them talking to each other as his cold sweat trickled in his face.

He holds his breath as he hides in the darkness. They were talking in their language as one of the kobolds sniffed the air. Kael's feet trembled in fear as he realized that his cover will be blown if his sense-hindering potion will lose its effect.

He covered his mouth and holds his breath. Moments later on, the kobolds left the room without noticing him or the lost papers.

Kael sighed deeply as he calmed himself down. He can kill them easily but it was not worth the hassle. It would alarm the whole tribe of kobolds. He exited the room and saw that the guards returned it to their post. He was shocked when he saw them.

They were about to alarm others but Kael immediately throws his two daggers in their forehead.


The daggers sounded as they pierced their skulls. Kael then removes his daggers and then wipes it to their fur. He sheathed his daggers and went on his way.

Seconds later, he heard their howls.


"They smelled the blood of their brethren.", Kael said as he concluded it. He will have to fight his way to survive in this kobold cave.


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