Lumia: Other World
39 The lost one
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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39 The lost one

He successfully arrived on the fifth floor which where the lost adventurer was. He saw two-handed sword-user kobolds and they were pretty strong. They have a strength of twenties to thirties. Kael met one and he tried to duel it. He slashed his sword to his chest but it was blocked by the kobold.

"These ones were pretty capable.", he said in his mind.

Kael then estimated the danger of being surrounded by them.

"Trent was very capable if he can survive being surrounded by them.", he said in his mind.

Kael slashed but it was blocked again. He used feigns and then evade them. The attacks of the kobold were heavy due to its two-handed sword. The kobold was sometimes slashing with one hand and Kael had difficulty to repel them. Even a master of the sword was finding it challenging. Kael has no problem evading his slashes due to its sluggish slash. He just saves his strength in case of a dozen will surround him. Due to it, he has found it challenging.

Kael then made his pace faster. He slashed left and right and the kobold blocks it with his sword. He barely blocks his slashes and thrusts that were thrown at him.

Slash! Thrust! Thurst! Slash! Slash!

The kobold has many wounds but he was persistent. Kael finds it inspiringly pitiful. He was lucky that it was only a single one but a crowd was a different case. He would be in trouble. Kael thought it was very difficult to survive but he thinks of it as a challenge, and he likes challenges. It will be worth it if he can save a life of Trent whom he doesn't know.

Kael then dashed in zigzag direction and then slashed. The kobold was surprised by his sudden increase in speed and was shocked. He successfully slashed its neck and decapitated him. He then heard a loud wolf cry.


The cave vibrated as their cry echoed in the tunnels. Kael's hairs stand up as he heard it. It was an exciting thing for him to experience. He then drank his last strength potion.

Kael then saw them surrounded him.

"It's party time!", he said as he held his sword.

They were numbered twenty-five if he will count them all. They were all using two-handed swords. He then clashed his sword to one of them and his sword produced a loud clanging sound.


Kael then evades the upcoming swing of the kobold. He evades two and another three slashes.

"They were not letting me breathe huh? Let me show you how you do it!", he exclaimed.

He rapidly slashed his enemies and the ones he slashes were barely blocking. His shadow was barely be seen by his enemies. Kael furiously slashed his enemies and he was just passing them while he slashes them. Kael then whips his sword to the air. Blood painted the ground in a grotesque manner. His enemies were all killed by his sword.

Kael then saw a shadow that appeared. He was a warrior that has a two-handed sword. He was bloody and his helmet was crumpled. His armor was badly damaged and he walks in zigzag.

"Thank you!", he said then he collapsed.

Kael then let him take a lap on his legs. He then helped him drank health potion and he coughed. His wounds healed and then Kael removed his crumpled helmet. He felt asleep after his wounds healed due to exhaustion.

Several minutes later.....

"Where am I? Is this heaven?", he asked.

"No, but your friends were waiting on the fourth floor. Are you fine now?", Kael said to him.

"I'm okay?", he said as he stands up.

"Thank you! by the way, are my friends okay?", he asked Kael.

"Yeah! let's meet them on the fourth floor.", Kael said to him.

Kael then walked towards the fourth floor and they met together.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!", said their Priest leader as he bowed down.

After he said it Kael disappeared. He only left a bag of stamina potion.

"He disappeared?", the priest said.


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