Lumia: Other World
37 Third level
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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37 Third level

Kael woke up and saw the ceiling of his room. He looked at his hands and saw that it was little.

"It really is not a dream", he said in his mind.

He removed the blanket in his body and looked at the window. The sun rose and he immediately went to the comfort room. He washed and then used his clothes for adventuring.

He Has a jacket and jogging pants on the inside and has a leather armor that was put on the outside. He puts his leather bracers on his hands and a pair of leather boots on his feet.

He sharpened his sword with a maintaining kit. He sharpened his daggers too. He puts the chains on his arms and then readied for adventuring.

He then puts his backpack to his back and then leaves his room.

He checked-out in the receptionist and then leaves the inn. Kael then walks in the streets and then planned to go back to the Hentana cave. He wants to level up more.

He exits the gate of the capital and then encompassed the forest of Hentana. The leaves were falling and the way was lonely. He met other adventurers he didn't know. He then saw the crowds gathered in the hub of merchants.

He saw health potion, stamina potion, mana potion, speed potion, strength potion, defense potion, antidote potion, anti-paralyzing potion, resist elements, resists mental attack.

He bought three health potions, two strength potions, and three stamina potions.

"One silver for a health potion, two silvers for strength potion and one silver to the stamina potion.", said the merchant.

He gave four silvers to the merchant and then walks to the entrance.

While he was walking, he saw a man running towards him. He was bloody and he was putting his hands on his right shoulder which was bloody.

"Somebody help! My comrades were on the fifth floor and they were surrounded! Help me please."

Kael then tossed him one of his health potions. He then grabbed his hand and then said, "I'll help! Stay here!".

Kael was in a hurry and ignored the mobs. He passed through the kobolds on the first floor. He hurriedly steps the stairs and it produces sounds. He then jumped to the entrance of the second level.


His feet' sound echoed in the cave. On the second floor, he dashed to the mobs and evaded them. The same on the third floor. On this floor, the enemies were a little bit agile than on the second floor so Kael had a little bit of difficulty in evading.

He sneaked on the third floor to evade the mobs but he was surrounded instead. Kael then draws his sword from his scabbard.

"Bring it on!", he shouted.

He dashed in his front and then furiously slashed them. They were equipped with one-handed swords. They were able to block his attacks and then they clashed for a minute.

Tang! Tang! Tang!

He grabbed from his potion belt a strength potion and drank it. The battle continued and he outwits them with tactics. He used feigns and then rapidly increased his speed.

Slash! feign! evade!

All were made in succession. He then killed them in a minute. Kael was getting clever and he used his wits this time. Not just to have fun.

He has no time to gather their monster cores but he has what he needs–it was experience. He needs to hurry if he wants to meet them.

Kael then went to the entrance to the fourth floor but it was blocked by the enemies. The enemies on the second floor also found him on the third floor. He was trapped and sandwiched by two forces at once.

Kael then drank another strength potion and stamina potion. He was still unscathed and so he saves the health potion for the meantime.

He immediately draws his sword. He then attacked them with force.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Kael was furious due to the fact that he needs to save them. He furiously slashed the enemies and didn't back down.

The enemies on the second floor have a sword and shield and the third-floor mobs were only swords. It was their movement that was different.

The second-floor mobs were sluggish but has a decent defense. The third-floor mobs were agile and fast but has no defense.

Kael was in the race of time. A second late will make a big impact if he can't save a soul at the proper time. He will regret it.

He was surrounded by the sword and shield ones. He kicked them with brute strength so the enemies will be scattered. Kael then rapidly slashed the enemies.

Drinking strength potion greatly helped his attack rise. It gave him five points on his strength making it rise to 28. It was a good move for Kael and it proved to be effective in combat.

The enemies' body were furiously slashed and their body parts were cut. Making it thrown off. Blood splattered from their body. Kael didn't back down and he has the upper hand. He didn't let the chance go when the enemies' morale broke down.

The enemies saw a monster that butchered their kin. He attacked and their shields were shattered. It was only made of wood, not an iron.

He slashed his way through and then ended their lives in a majestic way. It will inspire the ones who watched it but the only viewers were only enemies. It will only result to be stricken by dread and horror for them.


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