Lumia: Other World
35 Second level part 2
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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35 Second level part 2

He was surrounded by enemies. Eyes glared in the darkness and they glowed in dark red color. One by one, they showed their faces and it filled the cave into full of Kobolds. Kael saw their grim faces and they were angered by what they saw. Upon the floor of the second level, they saw their dead comrades that resulted in their anger. They were numbered thirty. It was the number of present enemies of this floor and Kael will solo them.

"Guys, please be easy on me!", he said to them while he scratched his head.

They launched their attacks and Kael became serious. He needs to be serious to be able to survive.

They launched in different directions and Kael was outnumbered. They were armed with swords and he will kill them one by one. Kael attacked and he slashed one. He attacked the least amount of guards to be free from their encirclement. The same technique he used in the past.

He passed through the least numbered enemies while slashing them.







He dashed through them while he was cleaving the enemies. The enemies barely defended in his flash of attacks. He then managed to be released in their encirclement.

Kael whips his sword in the air to drain the blood and then his enemies gushed blood from their wounds. He slashed six enemies and there were fourteen enemies left.

He saw that the enemies were angered again by the loss of their comrades. They were showing their canines and saliva drops from their mouth. They immediately dashed to his direction and they were running in their fours. They were a lot faster compared to walking in two.

Kael saw that they were charging to him so he runs in their opposite direction.

"I need a plan! I need a plan! Ahah!", he said.

He grabbed his backpack and saw that he has smoke bombs. He purchased it from the consumable shop in the past.

He throws it to them and then he charges to the smoky fog. They were a total of seven smoke bombs and he used it all. The wolves coughed to the smoke and then he attacked.

This kind of strategy was used by agents or spies to retreat but Kael used it to attack his enemies when he was still in the past world.

He slashed the enemies one by one.

Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash!

He slashed them using his steel sword. He slashed ten enemies and it was still counting. He slashed again five more enemies until the smoke losses its effects. He slashed fifteen enemies and there's only one left.

He saw that he was the only one and his comrades were badly wounded.

The Kobolds attacked again even they were badly wounded. Kael readied his sword and then he attacked. They met and then he slashed them with his sword.

Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash!

He evaded their attacks while slashing them. They were sluggish due to the wound they were feeling. They have wound but it didn't affect their killing intent. He slashed vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. Leaving wounds at them.

Kael was a master of swords so the slashes were quick and damaging. He blocks and repelled them but his stamina was low. Blocking while slashing was draining his stamina.

"I need to take stamina potion but the enemies will not let me.", he said in his mind.

If he wants to take the stamina potion, he has to fight one-handedly. His other hand will go to his potion belt.

He mustered his strength to his left hand while holding his sword and then he used his right hand to grab a stamina potion in his belt. He fights one hand while the enemies are that many.

He slashed his enemy but it was shallow. In return, he successfully grabbed the stamina potion in his belt.

Now the problem is to drink it. He can't just stand there and drank it. So he opens the lid of the potion and puts it in his mouth. He drank it while he was evading and he attacks them. Kael drank it all and he felt that he has regained his stamina. He grinned as he realized that his enemies will be in trouble.

Kael's strength has been back from before he entered the cave. He used greater force as he slashed his enemies and the enemies barely blocked his blows. He slashed and then kicked his enemy, making them thrown to the force.

Kael slashed his remaining enemies and they were full of wounds. The enemies were pitiful as they attacked him. Kael kicked them with force applied. The shockwaves are making them growl in pain. Kael then slashed them with force he applied when he trains in the dummy in the past. He slashed his sword until the dummy was crumpled. The same as he slashed the kobolds.

Ting! Ting! Ting!

The block of the kobolds was pushed back by Kael and his slash was enough to cut their arms off. Kael cuts them and they were killed immediately when slashed. Kael has successfully killed them and they fought a good fight. He has removed their cores and their right ears as well as their weapons.

Kael then wondered if he has to go to the third level to level up some more. By his speed on leveling, he can level up by two in the afternoon but he calls it a day. He needs to save stamina potion if he has to do it till the afternoon. Kael then went upstairs and the stairs sounded every time he steps. He saw that the first level was near and then he heard a loud growl.


The saw in the entrance of the second level a bulky, well-built kobold that was three times larger than the normal one. He saw bright red eyes that were glimmering in the dark. He one hands a two-handed bastard sword of warriors and he backs off to return to the second level.

"The guardian of Hentana Cave, Dreadpaws.", he said as he exit the cave.


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