Lumia: Other World
34 Second level
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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34 Second level

Kael went downstairs towards the second level. He met other adventurers at the stairs. They were a combination of Warrior, Priest, Rogue, Knight, Mage.

The Warrior was wearing a silver helmet and he has a read hair. The Priest wears white robes as all priests do. He has silver hair, white skin, and a handsome face. The Rouge was plain-looking but he has hood on his robes that were covering his head. The Knight has a large steel shield and has a large build. His armor was bulky and he was a sight to behold. The mage was wearing a red robe and didn't carry a staff. He has white gloves and he has eyeglasses. He was cool if the girls will say.

They just finished their quest of killing kobolds. Kael saw torches on the walls and he walks in the stairs while his steps were making a sound.

Tik! Tok! Tik! Tok!

The adventurers successfully arrived on the first floor and the stairs were quite. Kael has his backpack that was weightless because he enchanted it with "weightlessness". It will not hinder his agility in the slightest bit. Kael was happily walking when he arrived at the entrance of the second level. Kael saw the vast space of the cave and there he saw the glowing stones that hang in the walls and the ceiling. He didn't saw enemies yet but he didn't lose his focus.

At this level, the enemies were carrying swords and they were much agile. It was what he heard from the previous adventurers.

Kael grabs a potion on his potion belt. It was a monster attractant. He pours the monster attractant potion to his sword and then he smiled.

He waited for a minute and then the enemies appeared.

"One, two, three, five, ten! they were ten!", he spoke with excitement.

"Let me see if you can entertain me!", he said again.

Kael dashed forwards while drawing his sword. The enemies surrounded him and they were armed with swords. He slashed and then his sword was blocked. The kobolds were strong and they were armed with swords.


Their swords clanged as they met. Kael underestimated his enemies.


The kobold growled as it strikes with his sword. Kael kicked the kobold that repelled his strike and then repelled the one who strikes him. He was surrounded, so he needs to break their encirclement.

He dashed forwards and then slashed his enemy in the front. It was wounded so he retreated.

Ting! Ting!

Kael repelled two at once. He slashed the other one and he successfully wounded it. The enemies were aggressive than usual because of the monster attractant. Kael then strikes with his sword to the other two in his back. He initiated vertical slash and he succeeded in wounding them. Blood gushed out from their necks and they went down after a second.

Kael immediately rushed to the enemies. He slashed much faster than before and it surprised the enemies. He successfully slashed the chest of the kobold.

He didn't stop there and then slashed the other two in a flash and then the other two in succession.

He executed a slash again but he runs out of stamina. He has three enemies left.

Kael breaths heavily and his legs were weary. He thrusts his sword to the ground and he inhaled.

The three enemies simultaneously attacked and then Kael slashed horizontally–cleaving them all.

He whips his sword to drain the blood and then puts it to the scabbard. He draws his dagger and then collected ten ears. With the five on hand, he has fifteen.

He removes their cores and then puts it to his backpack. Kael then takes a look at his adventurer window card. It glowed and it says "you've leveled up!".


Window card (Adventurer)

Name: Kael Melvin

Age: 13

Address: Golden Valley

Status of living: Villager

Adventurer Rank: Rank F

Job-class: combatant

Character level: 15

Character Statistics:

Strength (23) +

Dexterity (28) +

Vitality (28) +

Focus (78) +

Stats points: 45


"Wow, it was fast! Leveling up already?", he said in his mind.

Kael then found out that there are many more kobolds that has sniffed the monster attractant. He was surrounded.

"Damn I forgot they were dogs", he said in his mind.


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