Lumia: Other World
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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32 News

Kael went to the adventurers guild the next morning. He managed to survive his past mission and his teammates were safe. He was walking and he has comfortable clothes, he has leather armor with robes in the outside. He didn't enchant his items but used them as they are. If it has an enchantment, well he used them but didn't add anything. He met people on the way and he greeted them with a good morning.

He arrived at the adventurers guild and walks to the entrance. He saw that it has many people that day. He walks to the counter for a new assignment when he was called by the mission receptionist.

"Sir Kael Melvin, you have a new update! you're promoted!", she said cheerfully.

"Your rank went up to G to F plus due to accomplishing the escort mission and discovering and raiding one of the barbarian bandit's hideout! Please give me your Adventurer Window card for your rank update!", she said briefly.

Kael finds his window card in his backpack and gave it to her.

"Here it is", he said as he handed it to her.

"Please wait a minute as we handle it.", she said

Kael waited on the seats that were used for the waiting adventurers for their transactions.

He waited for three minutes and the card update was finished. Kael went to the desk and the card was handed to him.

"Your card sir!", she said as she holds his card with two hands.

"Thank you!", Kael said as he grabs it with two hands.

"You can now pick monster subjugation and monster extermination. Congratulations!", she said as she handed it to him.

He watched his adventurer card and it looked like this.


Window card (Adventurer)

Name: Kael Melvin

Age: 13

Address: Golden Valley

Status of living: Villager

Adventurer Rank: Rank F

Job-class: combatant

Character level: 14

Character Statistics:

Strength (22) +

Dexterity (27) +

Vitality (27) +

Focus (77) +

Stats points: 42


Kael saved his stat points for the future. It was for emergencies. His base points were leveling up by one by every level up and it was leveling up when he trains his body. Basically, his normal strength was 14 but it grows to 22 when he trained his body. His focus has risen to 77 because of his mana cultivation and focus enhancement.

He went to pick his mission and he picks Kobold extermination.

Kobold extermination. Details–kill 20 Kobolds of the Hentana caves. Time requirement–one week. Place–Hentana cave. Rewards–20 silvers

He went to the mission desk to submit his mission.

"This mission please!", he said to her.

"Oh! kobold extermination! You are good at picking!", she said to him.

"Please come back safely!", she said to him while smiling.

"Yes, I will. Thank you for your concern", Kael said to her while smiling.

Kael left the guild and then walked in the streets. He was going for his mission but he saw a pigeon that was carrying a letter on it's back. The pigeon landed on his arms and Kael opened the container. He went back to the ugly duckling in to read the letter while still carrying the bird.

He went inside his room and then reads it.

"Dear Mael, The constructions were all underway. We recruited all the beggars and they all have work now. From the kids to the elderly, they have all work now. The mining operations have doubled the output. As well as the steelworks. The recruits on our army were going nice as well. The port construction has begun as well as our agricultural practices and food preservation. The people were happy and the morale of the army was high. The tax collection was low this time but it will rise due to the employment was high. There are many people that migrate to our town and the constructions were on the way. The town was getting bigger and bigger as time goes by and it is just the start. We were all right here and my tummy is getting bigger. It's alright and we were fine here. Your loving mother, Erza.", Kael said as he reads them.

Kael writes the letters and was happy that everything's all right. He writes a reply letter to her.

"I'm glad to hear everything's alright, I doing great here. I've recently become an F rank adventurer. My level went up to fourteen and I'm getting stronger. The dungeons investigation was still on my list-to-do and I knew that there were others like me that closed the dungeons. They managed to close the gates like me. I am doing great here and I've met other adventurers on the way here and on my mission. All is well and I know you're worried to me but all is well. Your loving son, Mael.", he replied.

He puts it to the container and then feeds the pigeon. He waited for minutes then the pigeon flies back to the sender.

Kael was happy to hear that Golden Valley was alright and he goes back to his mission and leaves the inn. He hops on the way and goes to the Hentana Cave.


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