Lumia: Other World
31 Reinforcemen
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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31 Reinforcemen

Kael as well as the others felt relieved. He smiled and the soldiers came rushing towards them. They came from the cave and as well as the outer side of the camp. All numbered three hundred. They are armed and ready to kill. Kael as well as the others ducked to the ground.

"Retreat!", shouted the barbarian leader.

"Kill anyone who retreats, leave no one alive!", shouted the commander who was wearing a silver-plated armor.

They clashed with them.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The barbarian captain then approached the commander.

"Barmuth, reporting for duty!", he said as he kneeled.

"Carry on! Report!", he said.

"The enemies were confirmed the bandits of the Farmus. With the help of the adventurers of Dwight, we located their hideout.", he said while still on his knees.

"Thank you for your report! Let me handle this mess.", he said to him.

The bandit leader was cornered by three barbarian elites. They rapidly slashed him with their axes until he became a corpse.

The fight was still going on and the bandit leader was killed without a fight by barbarian elites. They finished fighting in a majestic way.

"They fought like Spartans in Ancient Greece.", Kael said in his self.

Kael coughed when he realized he was a frog in the well not knowing the vastness of the ocean. He pondered in the self of his powerlessness. He cleaned the dust in his dress and approached to the commander. The others also approached him. He greeted the commander.

"Thank you, commander, for saving us!", he said as he bows at him.

"We didn't save you, child! Were only apprehending the criminals that were attacking you that's all! Men let's leave and burn this place. Confiscate their items because it belonged to the kingdom.", he executed his order.

They confiscated their belongings and then burned the camp. The barbarian captain then said goodbye because he joined their ranks.

"I'm sorry because you're not rewarded for your efforts. We will meet again sometime if you want. I will say my goodbye because I have to report to my officers. Well thanks for everything", he said to them as he runs to the marching army of the Farmus.

"Well, thanks for saving us!", shouted Fred

"Goodbye sir!", said Estes.

"Goodbye!", said Kael.

"So, guys. What are we gonna do now?", asked Kael.

"Let's leave this stinking place.", said Fred.

"Of course! Of course!", said Estes.

They left the cave and then went outside the mines.

They met with the others in the way.

"Andre! Emily! We missed you!", exclaimed Estes.

"How's it going?", Emily asked.

"We nearly died back there, ask Estes and the others.", he said to her.

"Luckily we have Kael that rushes at us and giving potions", Fred said to Emily.

Fred and Estes grabbed Kael and they put him between their armpits then pats his head.

"We were lucky that the reinforcement arrived before we were butchered to bits by that barbarian bandit.", Kael said to Emily.

"We should be heading back now, the merchant and the driver were waiting for us", said Andre.

"Yeah! We should go now!", added Emily.

They went to the carriage as well as the others. They traveled untill they fell asleep due to exhaustion. Only Andre and Emily were still alive and kicking. They couldn't find a way to sleep on their journey.

They successfully completed the mission, then went back again to the borders. Thankfully, they didn't meet any monsters on the way back. They successfully came returned to the Dwight Kingdom. They received their rewards, which they deserved in the escort mission after they went to the adventurer guild.


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