Lumia: Other World
25 Ambush
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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25 Ambush

Kael was in the depths of his dream. He dreams of his past self when they were dating with his girlfriend in the past.

"I love you", Kael said to her while brushing her hair.

"I love you too!", she said to him while kissing his lips.

"Kael! wake up! we're ambushed!", said the knight while shaking him up.

"What happened! where are we!", Kael said while still confused.

"I will explain later! we're attacked!", said the leader.

Kael went outside while still dizzy. The burning arrows are raining towards them.

Pak! Pak! Tak!

Kael repelled the arrows rapidly in succession. He saw the shooters are up in the cliff and they are at the bottom. Making them an easy target. The arrows are burning and the arrows that were stuck on the carriage were starting to make a fire that was spreading throughout the carriage.

"My goods! Don't let them burn! Put the fire out!", the merchant said to them.

The mage caster cast "[Rainfall]" within the range of the carriage. This skill will make a rain cloud that will make showers of rain.

They are hiding on the cover at the back of the carriage. The fire arrows began to halt their attacks but then, the bandits initiated their "[Battled cries]". It was a skill of the barbarians that will make their attack speed rise by fifty percent. The skill effects depend on how much skill points you've invested in it.

They jumped from the top of the cliff and launched their attacks.

"Team! make a defense on the carriage! surround the carriage now!", their leader said to them.

They immediately executed the command. The paladin and knight were at the front. Kael was at their backs, followed by priest and the rear was the mage that was protected by the ranger. The merchant and the driver were hidden inside the carriage.

"Prepare for combat!", shouted their leader.

The barbarian bandits jumped towards them. They were armed by axes and some are with arrows. It was raining with barbarians that were falling from the sky. Five barbarians jumped at them that carries axes. The knight and paladin raised their shields and it was struck by the barbarian's axes.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Ping!

The shields were rapidly struck by them. The barbarians were hammering their axes to their shields. They are barely defending their attacks.


Their leader was flinching to the barrage of blows, also the paladin was a pinch.

[Shield flash!]

The paladin's skill flashed a great light to the onlookers. They are blinded for three seconds. For the three seconds were enough.

The paladin hammers them then turned to use his shield's skill.

"[Shield slam]"

They were thrown to the impact. While they were still blinded, the knight slashed his sword to the enemies.

[Slash!] [Slash!] [Slash!]

They managed to wound them but not to the point where they were killed. Kael was just behind them and he saw that they can manage. He didn't expect them to handle the situation themselves.

The enemies have recovered their sights and they were enraged.


The barbarians roared and then they attacked with greater strength. They kicked the paladin and he was thrown, making him slam to the carriage. Kael felt alarmed about the situation. He covers the position of the paladin. The paladin was immediately healed by the priest.

Kael gripped his sword tightly, the enemies struck with fierceness. Three enemies were heading to Kael and two to the knight. Kael blocked with his sword but felt their force was making his blocks being pushed. Three was striking with dual-wielded axes and they were fast. Luckily, Kael has ample strength to deflect their axes and has trained his reflex to the limit when he was still a kid. For him, it was only a normal exercise together with his father.

Kael deflects rapidly and is coping up with their attacks. While the knight leader was repeatedly smashed on his shield. The knight used his skill "[Slash]". He struck one on the neck thus killing it. They were reduced by one but it didn't stop them. It resulted in them to be angrier. One slash was heavy and his arms that were carrying the shield were weary due to their onslaught of attacks.

Kael on the other side, slashed one of the arms of the barbarian then his neck. His body slammed to the ground and then Kael pierced the chest of the other. Both are down and only one left. Kael then went offensive, he slashed his sword as fast as he could and he made three cuts on his chest; slashing through his ribcage.

The knight on the other hand, slashed his enemy and then bashed his shield. The enemy staggered backward and then he charged while aiming his sword in piercing stance.

[Pierce charge!]

He used the skill then it pierces his enemy. All are down, Kael wiped his sword to the cloth of his enemy's clothes.

The enemies from the top of the cliff then rained their arrows towards them.

"Take cover!", Kael shouted

The went to the backside of the carriage and while the shield bearers were lifting their shields up high.

Kael then made a plan to eradicate them.

"I have a plan. Ranger's arrows won't reach them but a spell can", Kael said to the leader.

"Can you make a large scale spell?", he asked the mage.

"Yep, with a mana potion, I can cast another 'Mega Fireball'.", he said to him frantically

"Here a mana potion", Kael handed his mana potion.

He managed to gulp it in one way and he was replenished.

"I can make two '[Mega fireball]' with this!", he exclaimed.

"Cover me while I prepare the spell", he said then closed his eyes to focus.

He made two Mega fireballs at the same time and then prepared to unleash it.

"I'm ready!", he said

"Make a diversion on the other side of the carriage and the attack to the other side.", Kael said to them.

The shield bearers went to the other side and mael and the mage to the other side.

"On my count! three! two! one! go!", Kael instructed.

The shield bearers went to the other side and then arrows rained to them. Kael and the mage then unleashed their spell to the cliff.

Bang! Bang!

The cliff exploded and then the cliff landslides. They were eroded together with the cliff and were crushed by the soil.


Everyone shouted with gladness as they become victorious from the battle. They leaped and hugged each other. Kael on the contrary was calm and relaxed. He isn't happy nor sad but emotionless due to the fact that killing was normal in his past life.

They removed the arrows that have struck the carriage and then moved to the kingdom of Farmus–the kingdom of barbarians.


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