Lumia: Other World
22 Side-lines
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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22 Side-lines

He waked up early when the sun still hasn't yet risen. He sat on his bed and then rubbed his eyes. He lights his candle and then went to the bathroom. He opened the bathroom door then he puts the candle beside the mirror. He twisted the faucet and filled the bathtub with water. He removes his clothes then dips his body on the water. He stayed there for a minute and scrubbed his back with a towel. After several minutes, he finished washing.

He washed his clothes, then hangs it. He dressed shorts and a t-shirt, normal clothes fit for a nobody like him. He opened the door to exit his room, then he went downstairs.

He checked out from the inn and saw several persons currently eating their breakfast.

"Breakfast, Sir?", the girl attendant offered.

"Yes, please!", Kael replied to her.

Kael grabs his breakfast with bread and butter and steak. He sits in the corner of the eating place. Kael ate his bread and butter first, then the steak. He drank water and then headed outside.

He walks on the silent street and only a few people can be counted by his fingers were seen. He saw that the sun just began to shine. The cold and dark streets were slowly lit by its rays. Kael saw the lampposts on the streets slowly lose their brightness and the sun's rays swap it's light.

Kael arrived in the blacksmith shop and he heard the clanking sounds of the hammering of metal of blacksmith. He entered the shop and saw fewer items from before. No one was there to cater to the customers so Kael waited for a minute. Time passed by and Kael is getting impatient. He still heard some clanking sound and then he called the blacksmith.

"Hello. Somebody there? Your customer is waiting.", he said loudly.

Kael called then the clanking sound stopped. The blacksmith arrived and then it is obvious that he wiped his sweat hurriedly.

"Pardon my tardiness. I'm currently working because my quota was doubled. The demand for my works was quite high due to its enchantments and its low price.", he said as he wipe his sweat.

"It's okay, so how's it?", Kael asked.

"I'm pretty slow on making armors. If only I have an assistant.", he said to Kael.

"Well, I'm a blacksmith too!", Kael said to him.

"What? How many knowledge do you have?!", Kjelg blurted out.

"I'm a master blacksmith so we will be making great progress", Kael said to him.

"Well, let's start! We have work to do.", Kjelg said.

They went to the blacksmith shop located behind his store. They passed by many unfinished works and Kael was amazed. He never saw a room full of armors and weapons. He touched one helmet and then put it back.

"That's still going to be repaired. Let's go outside.", Kjelg said to Kael.

"Okay.", Kael said to him.

They arrived at the shop and the heat is intense. Kael felt the heat of the shop.

The armors were piled in the wall with a dummy to hold it. The weapons are neatly arranged. They were piled in their kind. Kjelg grabbed the leather apron and then grabbed the other one to Kael.

They started their weapon and armor making. Kael knows what to do and he obeys Kjelg's instructions.

Tang! Tang! Tang!

Kael smashed the hot metal to remove its impurities. He folds it then smashed again. He repeated the process and they made great progress. They created seven weapons and three sets of full plated armor.

"Whoooo! That was fast! We've created twice!", Kjelg said to him.

"Wait a minute, I will enchant them.", Kael said to him.

He enchants them with what he knows and then they displayed it to the shop.

"Thanks for the help! I will double your pay to make you happy. It just because we're friends.", he said to Kael.

"Thanks!", Kael said to him.

"You have fifty-three silvers for your share in the products plus twelve silvers for your help.", he said to Kael.

"Thanks, I am earning bigger in blacksmithing than adventuring! That was a surprise for me!", Kael said to him.

"I will be going, thanks for everything", Kael exits the shop.

He has sixty-five silvers in his pocket. He walks towards the street and the sun has finally risen. Its rays are colored yellow and it painted the buildings with its colors.

He arrived at his destination and he entered the shop of Emily. He opened the door and the bells on the door clangs when he opened it.

"Come in!", Emily said to him.

"Good morning!", Kael to her.

"Good morning", Emily replied.

"How's your day?", Kael asked.

"It was busier, many adventurers purchased your self-made potions and you have a share of ten silvers.", she said.

"Thank you!", Kael said to her.

"This can supply my need in one week. Thank you", Kael said to her.

"How proficient are you on alchemy? The kingdom has only ten master alchemist! Fewer alchemists are grandmasters. Are you one of them?", she said.

"I'm currently a master and No, I'm only doing this for fun and I'm not one of them", He said to Emily.

"You should go to the academy! with that talent you have in alchemy, you can supply your tuition!", she said to him.

"Yep, that's my plan! And I'm currently planning of joining the academy in one year.", Kael said to her.

"Well good luck then!", she said to him.

"Thanks! I'm gonna get going then!", he said to her then exited the door.

Kale went back to the inn and checked-in. He went upstairs and then changed his sweaty clothes. He wears his clothes, battle gear, and weapons. He went downstairs then he checked-out the inn.


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