Lumia: Other World
20 Information gathering
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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20 Information gathering

Kael arrived at the adventurers guild headquarters. It was afternoon when he came and the guild is busier than in the morning. With the adventurers that have finished their quests, it is only normal that it will be busier.

Kael goes to the rewards desk and gave his herbs while saying that he has accomplished his mission.

"Wait a minute, Sir. Your reward will be handed to you. Please wait for a while.", she said to Kael.

Kael waited for a minute and the rewards are given to him.

"Twenty-five silvers, Sir! If you have monster cores, well, we will purchase it on an agreeable price. It will be depending on the quality of the monster cores.", she said seriously.

"Well, I have seven monster cores. Would you buy it?", Kael said to her

"Yes! We're happy to buy it.", she said to him cheerfully.

Kael handed down the monster cores and it has a good quality.

"Fourteen silver coins. Two silver coins per monster core", she said to Kael while giving the coins.

"Thank you!", Kael said to her politely.

Kael received a total of thirty-nine silver coins. The currency in this world was one gold is equivalent to one hundred silvers and one silver was equivalent hundred coppers.

Kael then went home and then saw the sunset is coming. The clouds were painted red and the people are slowly diminishing in the streets. He arrived at the ugly duckling inn and then he checked-in.

Kael went to his room and then he brandished his daggers and sword. After he brandished it all, he washed and washed his clothes. Within an hour, he finished.

The sun has set and it was dark, he went downstairs and he offered to eat a meal, he ate and then went to the tavern to learn from gossips.

On his way, there were only a few people and the street lamps were brightly lit. He walked to a street of tiles and bricks. He walked without problems until he arrived at his destination.

From the outside, you can smell the delicious cookings and their noise can be heard. It was a mixture of random talks and laughter that can be described as a merry mood within.

The signboard tells that it is called "Melody Inn". There were cheers at the doorway and Kael entered inside. From the outside, the noise can be heard and the noise from the inside was louder. There was a bard that was singing and dancing while playing his instrument called a violin.

Kael approached the counter and then ordered a light drink.

"I would like to know information", Kael said to the receptionist.

"Please go inside sir.", said the male receptionist.

Kael walked inside the door beside the receptionist's desk. He saw a dim light and there was like a confession room. He entered the room and there was a chair. Kael sat at the chair and waited for someone to come to the other side of the confession room.

Minutes later, there were footsteps from the outside and then it entered the other room.

"Ahem, sorry for the time you've waited. I heard that you need information and I will answer you based on what I know. Every info will be a gold coin, that's it.", he said in an old voice.

Kael wondered why it has to be so secretive but Kael understands that hiding his face will protect him from unknown spies that are after him. Giving information will be critical and revealing your identity is not allowed.

"I would like to know about the dungeons that appeared from the Golden Valley.", Kael asked curiously.

"Oh, that question can be answered with my knowledge, as you can see it is linked to the stars that fell from the sky. The stars that fell are not a meteorite but the Angel rebels my dear child, this information came from the Shelkhem and other villages that have witnessed their rise from the burning crash site. They have the power to create gates and it can be only closed by killing the boss from the inside. Many dungeons are still open and the kingdom is in grave danger. Dungeons are one problem and the Fallen Rebels are All S-class and up when they are measured in terms of power. The Angels are hunting them but they are untamable and plans on ruling the world of Lumia. Even with the help of Angels, the Humans and other races are still in danger. That's all I know child, any other questions?", the mysterious old man said to him with a sad tone.

"Were there dungeons that were closed?", Kael asked.

"There are! First was the Dungeon on The Elemoore village, the Shelkem village, the Golden Valley, near the city walls of Dwight, and other 3 places on the wilderness of Dwight forest.", the mysterious man said to him.

"Actually the persons who closed the gates are all youth, for example, the young master of Golden Valley which was only thirteen!", he said to surprise Kael.

"Whoa really?", Kael said.

"Not just that, there is a kid prodigy that enrolled in the army and is like a rising star! The commander of the infantry will enroll him on Dwight Academy in one year from now! and not only that! there are also newbie adventurers that enrolled in the adventurers guild and broke the record of the youngest adventurers alive!", the mysterious man added.

"The king also gives rewards on closing a dungeon, it is a chest full of gold.", he said.

"Also, the king is recruiting in the army. Many job-less individuals applied for it. There's a rumor of preparation for war.", he added.

"Okay, that's enough for now, any info about the academy?",

"Oh, that's easy! The academy students are juniors in the first two years than seniors in another two years. After you've graduated, next is the college of elites. You can enroll in any other job-class as long as you've completed their first stage. You can enroll in all job classes if you want but it will only result in learning all the basics that have weak skills. So it is advisable to learn one but stronger job-class.", he said to Kael clearly.

"Do you want to learn about the Great war? I will tell you about it next", he said to Kael.

"The humans were all united in the past but they are becoming greedy as they have gathered many kinds of job classes, especially the Dwights. As they made a kingdom, they planned on invading the Demi-humans race."

"The past king made a pact with the Barbarians and the Skulds to defeat the demi-humans. The messengers brought bad news to the demi-humans and war has been proclaimed. The Skulds gathered their necromancers and witches to rally their troops to the war. The Barbarians also brandished their axes and assembled their troops to the front lines. The Dwights have been assembling their elites to the borders and made a camp near the borders of the demi-humans."

"While the king of elves heard the proclamation, he assembled the dark elves and wood elves–together with his high elves. to the borders. The Elves are attacked by the mass army of humans and when they are disadvantaged. The Dwarves came to the rescue."

"The Dwarves fought the humans together with their rivals–the Elves. The fight was brutal and the humans still hold the upper hand. It was the time when the mechanical army of the Hobbits came and attacked them."

"They were fighting with the metallic golems and the humans were slaughtered one by one."

"It was when the heroes of the humans came and they massacred the mechanical automatons of Hobbits."

"The fight was brutal and the beast-men came to neutralize the war between the races. The beast men were peace-loving people and they managed to neutralize the war."

"They were all have been lost a loved one but the beast-men made a pact of peace and then they all agreed to sign the pact. The beast men then made a seal to the documents then the contract was hidden by the Druids."

"The peace came and the other races didn't fight for a hundred years. But suddenly when the peace was reigning, the king of monsters–The evil Black Dragon appeared and rallied the monsters to fight the humans and other races."

"The Beast men then assembled the Alliance of Races to defeat the Evil Black Dragon. They were all allied with each other but their forces are only small compared to the vast army of mutated monsters. They mutated and evolved due to the Evil Black Dragon's Black Magic."

"They fought for ten years and the kingdoms were nearly destroyed and the famine in the land was very spreading."

"They were in the brink of destruction but the new heroes appeared from different races. The Hobbit Mechanic Gudtarg, The Vampire King Vlad, The Barbarian Champion Hulgard, The Dwight Hero Edmund, The Druid Shaman Rouse, The Lycan King Arthur, The Necromancer King Skuld, The Elven King Dale, and Dwarf King Belgurt."

"Together these heroes battled the Black Dragon from the Ma-aken Gorge and successfully defeated him. With the Evil Black Dragon defeated, they all happily feasted for ten days in their own cities."

"Peace reigned until the stars fell and the dungeons appeared.", the mysterious man said to him his story.


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