Lumia: Other World
19 First mission
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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19 First mission

In the bulletin board of missions and quests, he scanned the papers posted that have the mission details as well as their objectives.

"Rank A mission, Rank C, Oh here! Rank G", he said then he grabs the paper.

"Rank G mission–herb gathering, Details–pick 20 blood herbs, and 10 mana herbs. The required time of accomplishment–1 day. Location–Dwight forest. Reward–25 silvers", he says as he reads the mission.

He had ample time to finish it till afternoon. Kael goes to the mission counter and then he hands the mission paper.

"Rank G quest, ma'am", Kael said as he smiled.

"Rank G? So you're a beginner! Good luck on your first mission.", she said to Kael then grabbed the mission paper.

"After you've finished your mission, go to the rewards counter and you're good to go!", she said cheerfully.

"Thanks, ma'am! I'm gonna go now", Kael said to her.

Kael walked towards the exit and then traveled towards his destination. He rode on the carriage to reach his destination, which only took an hour to arrive. Dwight forest was located at the northern part of the capital. There was dusty and unpaved road which headed towards the Shelkem village.

As he arrived, the carriage left to continue it's journey towards Shelkem village.

"I need to find blood herbs and mana herbs fast! In the afternoon, I will learn info on the tavern," he said on his self.

He treaded the path towards the forest, examining every herb spotted his curious eyes. He found three strength herbs in a minute.

"My luck is good today!", he said merrily.

He looked again for blood herbs. However, instead of herbs he saw there were goblins that were roaming in the forest.

"What do I do? There were monsters here already? Do I need to kill them or avoid them?", Kael said in his mind, while thinking what to do in his current situation.

"If I kill them, I will gain experience and my character level will go up. But if I avoid them, It will be troublesome", he said, while scratching his head.

"I'd rather choose the option one and gain experience!", he said as he concludes his choice.

The goblins were patrolling around the vicinity, carrying looted armors and weapons from dead adventurers. One had a breastplate and a large helmet with a club. Another one had leather armor and a short sword and the other one was carrying a club.

Skreik! Kriek!

They are talking towards themselves and there's a goblin shaman that commands them. Perhaps it was their patrol leader.

Kael sneaked towards them and he is hiding behind the tree.

"I need to kill the shaman first or I will be at the disadvantage," Kael said to his self.

He had two daggers that can be attached to his chains and a steel sword at his arsenal. He draws his sword and jumped to the top of the tree. While he was at the top of the tree, he saw three goblins warriors and a shaman.

He jumped from the tree and aimed for the shaman. The shaman was alerted because he has a skill "detect life". While Kael is hiding, he was out of the range of "detect life". Kael flies downwards and the shaman realizes that he is his target. The shaman tried to evade but he was a second late.


The shaman was decapitated and his underling panicked. One goblin that has an armor attacked with his club. Kael dodged and slashed his head. The other two tried to run but he throws his two daggers at them.

Chuck! chuck!

The daggers pierced their skulls and they are down within seconds. Kael removed the dagger and then removed their monster core. He puts the monster core in his backpack.

He continued his search for blood herbs and mana herbs. He left the goblin's corpses and then continued. He saw a small brook and then washed his hands. He can feel the cold water in his hands and he felt refreshed. He then filled his water canteen with fresh water. The brook is shaded with the canopy of big trees and he rested there for minutes.

When he was resting, he saw blood herbs and mana herbs just beside the brook.

"My luck was with me today!", he said happily.

He gathered the herbs and collected thirty each in every herb. He puts it to his backpack. He managed to collect it in a matter of an hour. Kael drank water from his canteen and then walks towards the exit of the forest.

He then realized that his time here will be wasted if he didn't level up.

"I will level up my character level first and grind till afternoon.", he said while he opens his launch

He ate his launch and then resumed his monster killing to level up. He walks to the forest with the help of a compass and a map. He saw a dire wolf in the distance after he traveled for minutes.

He draws his sword and then called the wolf.

"Hey, wolf! come here!", he provoked the dire wolf.


The wolf howled and his brethren appeared, the seven wolves surrounded him.

"Hey, you're cheating right! Well, It doesn't matter! come here boys!", he said while smiling


The wolves attacked and Kael slashed the one who attacked first. The other three jumped towards him. With what has happened, he dodged one, he slashed the other one and then strikes the other with his hilt.

"Five left", he said while he focused

He attacked one in his front to break through from their encirclement.


He immediately dashed forward. The wolves chased him and then Kael was attacked from the back.

Kael initiated a back-kick towards the enemy that wants to attack him.


The other two jumped towards him and then Kael slashed while twisting and goes in between them.

"Three left!", he said as he counted that the only ones left are the three dire wolves.

They attacked simultaneously but Kael charges towards them and thrust his sword on the dire wolf that is in the middle.


The sword sounded as it pierced his heart.

Kael removed his sword and the other two didn't back down, didn't even want to retreat.

They attacked and then Kael front kicked the other and them back kicked the other. They were thrown and then Kael dashed to thrust his sword.


He killed the wolf without mercy. The other one realized that he is the only one left and intends to run for his life, but Kael jumped towards him and hastily slashed him vertically.

"That's the last one.", he said in his happily

He then grabbed his window card and saw that he has leveled up.


Window card (Adventurer)

Name: Mael Kael/Kael Melvin

Age: 13

Address: Golden Valley

Status of living: Lord/villager

Adventurer Rank: Rank G

Character level: 13

Character points: 39

Job-class: combatant

Job-class level:?

Job-class points: 13


He saw his adventurer window card is glowing and then he puts it back in his backpack.

He removed the monster cores and then goes back to the road towards Dwight.

"I'm coming back earlier than expected!", he said as he walked.


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