Lumia: Other World
15 The Ugly Duckling Inn
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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15 The Ugly Duckling Inn

"Wow! Amazing! So this is it? The so-called window card?", Kael exclaimed.

Kael smiled and Kelvin, on the other hand, looks on his own and was happy. The other adventurers also checked theirs and were astonished.

"Attention everyone! we have an announcement for the top examinees for this afternoon. This day had top qualifiers on both exams and another one who overwhelmed the exam on combat. Breaking the record of the past new applicant's records", The receptionist said to them.

Shush! shush!

Kael and Kelvin made a gesture of shushing that means they don't want to be recognized.

"But they don't want to be recognized so let's give them their privacy. Let's just clap our hands to them.", she said.

The crowd gave a round of applause to them but they don't know who it is.

Kael and Kelvin then walked away from the crowd and then bumped to a large man that is six feet tall. He has a full silver-plated armor and he carries a helm on his left arm. He has many scars on his face and is a sign of his many life-threatening past battles. The man looked at them as a ferocious beast.

"Be careful kid, watch your direction, or I will kick you from where you stand."

Kael and Kelvin said their sorry for their disturbance and then walk to the exit of the guild. While they are apologizing, the person behind them shouted," The third strongest in rank A! rank-A number three, Helgurt Leomurds! Character level 42, Paladin level 23!

"Don't block his path!", shouted one of the people in the crowd

Kael and Kelvin gave him space and they hurriedly went to the exit. While they are near the exit, the crowd then honored the man they had bumped.

"Helgurt Leomurds, I will remember your name", Kael said to himself

They went outside and his new friends are waiting outside.

"What took you so long! well, how's it?", Emilda said

"The exam is pretty hard but we passed, by the way, this is my new friend Kelvin, Kelvin my friends", Kael said to them

Kelvin shook hands to each one of them and then he said goodbye.

"I will go now! I'm gonna find an inn first while there's still time. It's going to be dark later, see you soon!", he said while waving his hands

Kelvin went on his own and Kael and his friends went the opposite direction.

"So, let's find a place first for you to stay at night. How about the ugly duckling in?", Glan said to Emilda

"That's great! well let's make a tour first in the town so you will find the key places to visit on your own", Emilda said to him

"That's great thanks!", Kael replied

They visited the blacksmiths, weapon and armor shops, tavern, consumables shop, and the market. The sun is finally setting and the sky is painted with red; they finished making a tour and Kael said goodbyes to them.

"Thank you, guys! I will be on my way!", Kael said to them

"Good luck! see you next time around!", Emilda said to him as she waved her hands

Kael is on the outside of the ugly duckling in and he saw a wooden plank hanging by the door side, it has a resemblance of a duck that floats on the water.

He opened the door and saw a few tables for eating and some are eating their orders. He saw a middle-aged girl that has a handkerchief wrapped on her forehead and has a simple dress of a commoner. She is wiping her mug and Kael walked towards her.

"One room for a single person please!", Kael said to her

"Oh! what do we have here! a new visitor! Because you're a kid then you can have our smallest room that is made specifically for you. That will be five coppers per night.", she said to him

"A whole week please!", Kael said as he handed down a single silver coin

She grabbed the coins and then gave him a key.

"Room number six, second floor. As a special offer, the meals are included in your fee. We serve the best meals if you compare it to other inns. Well, ask me if you need anything okay!", she said

"Thanks!", Kael said to her then grabbed the keys

He walks to the second floor and saw that everything is made of wood, from the floor to the stairs and doors.

"Ten, nine, eight and then there it is, number six.", he said in his mind

He inserted the key to the door and then he saw a room that is simple with just a bed and a mini table with a lamp. It has also a window beside the bed that the rays of the sun are kissing the bed.

He unloads his backpack and then checked his belongings. He has three pairs of clothes, various potions (health, poison, paralyzing, mana, and resist abnormal status, strength, speed, diving potion), floating lantern, two daggers, chains, and a pocket that has a ten gold coins and twenty silver coins.

He unloads his backpack and then arranged his belongings to the bed. He wants to enchant his backpack with "[Increase maximum load]" and "[Weightlessness]".

He focused his mana and then visualizes the enchantment. He charged his mana and then released it to the backpack.


The backpack is imbued with the enchantment. He then puts everything to his backpack and then felt it's weightlessness. There's still space within the backpack to spare.

He unloads his backpack and then removes his leather armor. He prepared to wash; the comfort room is made of wood and there is a bathtub. He washed and washed his clothes.

After thirty minutes, he feels the freshness of the air that touches his skin. He wears his clothes that is like a normal citizen. He walks downstairs and sees that there are new faces with their weapons.

He walks to the counter and orders his food.

"What is your menu this night?", Kael asked

"Grilled chicken with mead!", she said

"Okay, I will be there in that table", he said as he points it to the table located at the corner of the building

Kael walks passing the tables and the crowd is looking at him. They are looking to a kid that they didn't know and they assumed that he is just a lost kid.

Kael waited for minutes and he observes that the persons are who are looking at him are holding back their emotions until one man came to him and sits in his front. He has earrings and a scar on his face and carries a two-handed bastard sword with full plated iron armor. A warrior to be exact.

"Hey everyone, this is the one that I'm telling you! he wants to be an adventurer like us! and if you can see, he still has milk in his mouth. A green leaf to be an adventurer? who do you think you are a kid? you won't survive in battle in just a minute", he said to him

"How about a duel? If you win I will be your lap dog and if I win, you will become my lap dog. How's that?", he said to him

"Huh? are you crazy? heh! I'm gonna beat that crap out of you!", he said to Kael

"Let's go outside first!", Kael said to him

They went outside and Kael only has his fist. But the enemy has a bastard sword. Kael made his fighting stance and the enemy also.


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