Lumia: Other World
6 Brawl
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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6 Brawl

Mael emerged victorious from the battle and helped the injured people. With the ghouls exterminated, they began to treat the injured with first aid. Even though they had saved many, there were still many casualties and people who lost their lives from the attack. They covered their faces with cloth as the loved ones lamented.

They set up a tent in the town square and moved the injured. They were cooperating to save lives before his mother's army arrived. With their help, they are more efficient. The local priest named Alibaba arrived and began healing the wounds of those who were in critical condition first along with others who were experiencing excessive bleeding, specifically the ones who were bitten and clawed. She managed to heal the critical ones and those who are in near-death state, unfortunately she ran out of mana.

She was exhausted and her trickled with sweat. She already drank many bottles of mana potion, but she was still not halfway through. Their health potion had ran out and mana potion were the remaining potions they had.

"What can I do to help? There's still so many", Mael felt worried.

"If only I can extract mana from a donor", she said while looking to Mael.

"If mana is the problem, then I have plenty. Please save as many as you can", Mael said, offering his own mana to the priest.

She smiled when she heard it then said, "This would be painful and you might collapse halfway. The reason I refuse to use it, unless it was badly needed"

"Well, if that's the only way to save them, then why not?", Mael refuted.

"Okay. This will hurt, but endure it", she said as she pressed his back.

Mael was starting to feel the excruciating pain as his mana was being sucked rapidly. He wanted to scream due to the pain. But he held back his voice. He managed to stay awake, but he began getting dizzy. The extraction was completed and he collapsed after it. After he passed out, he was carried to a bed. Alibaba thanked him and resumed her healing.

"Wow! His mana was enormously huge! How did he had this mana capacity?", she wondered as she exits his room.

They were on the process of healing them. At the moment, Erza was managing the troops in distributing food and drinks for those who were healed and resting in the tent.

Erza was watching over her son at his tent where he sleeps, when there was a scout that had brought a news.

"Please come in", she said as she stands.

"Lady Erza, I have brought you bad news, the monsters coming from the west and they will arrive here in minutes, we suspect that they are coming from the Golden Mountains and one of the scouts saw that they came out from the dungeon gate. I suggest that you rally the troops", he said while on his knees.

"Okay, thank you for your service. You may go back to your post", she said.

The scout exited the tent, then she called Maledict.

"Assemble the troops, we've got company", she said to him.

"Yes, Lady Erza, as you command", he replied as he bowed down.

He exits again and then she was alone again with his son.

"If Melvin was here, this wouldn't burden you so", she said as she sighed.

She kissed Mael on the forehead then said, "Rest well son, we will come back safely"

She prepared the troops on the west side of the town and left a third to guard the town. They heard monsters wailing from the distance as they were approaching.

Maledic assembled them in the west part of the village and now he was just waiting for orders. Maledic wore a full plated armor and Erza equipped her gold plated armor. The moon shone brightly and was lighting up the upcoming battle. The wind blew colder enough to make anyone shiver.

"Men! Attention!", Maledic shouted like a battlefield commander.

"As you've commanded, I've assembled them already. They are ready to attack anytime", Maledic said to Lady Erza.

"Good! Then we will engage in combat in the plains. Let's march towards the plains then holds in the line. Initiate a phalanx formation in the front and the archers will fire from their backs as we march forward", she executed battle formations as she equips her war helmet.

"Remember! If you fight courageously and perished, then we who are alive will forever sing of your heroism until the last days of our lives! We fight to protect the weak and the weak pray for our victory!", she said then she draws her sword.

"Everyone march!", she shouted while whipping her horse.

They marched with great morale and is in high spirits. They are willing to fight for their land and to die for it. They are all in sync in terms of the movement of their feet. The archers are in the range of the enemies.

"Archers! Ignite your arrows!", Erza shouted.

The archers then poured oils in their arrows then on Erza's signal.

"Fire!", she shouted.

They released the arrows and it lit up the skies. Diving down and piercing towards the ghouls' bodies as they ran. It made the ghouls burn on their sight and they were glad it was effective.

"Reload! Fire!", she shouted.

They were burned, but their numbers are just increasing. They are coming out of the dungeon gate and is not stopping.

"Their numbers are increasing! they are coming out non stop!", shouted one of the archers.

"Hold your ground!", Erza shouted.

The enemies are whittled down by the archers but there are some that survived the burning arrows and are heading their way.

"Spearmen! Lift your shields when they will attack! pierce them with spears! bash them then thrust!", Erza shouted when giving commands.

"Archers! don't stop firing! footman! cover the sides! spearmen! defend the front! cavalry! form wedge! protect the archers!", she said while changing formations.

The enemies jumped at the spearmen and were skewered by the spears. Some that survived the spear made a body charge at the shields.

"Bash them!", Erza shouted.

They followed her orders thus they bashed the ones who charge at them. Some have passed through the spear men's defenses and they are confronted by the cavalry. They repeated their routine for fifteen minutes, their strategy seems to work out until they have run out of arrows.

"They do not stop coming! we are surrounded!", said someone on their ranks.

The soldiers have depleted their stamina and are cornered at the center of the swarming monsters.

"Don't lose hope! As long as we maintain our formation then we will survive!", Said Erza.

The enemies are very tenacious and they are regenerating their wounds. No wonder they kept on coming and are getting abundant.

"Haaaaaah!', shouted the spearman who is grabbed from his defense position and is pulled to the swarming ghouls.

"Don't let them pull you! Don't let them pass! Hold your position!", Erza tirelessly shouted.

They are holding their positions when the ghouls at the front breached the formations of the spearmen. The sturdy wall of Erza's army was breached and they came rushing through like a flood. They were in disarray and then many are immediately killed by them.

"Regroup!", shouted Erza.

But the rushing flood of monsters passed through the cavalry and attacked the leader of the army.

When the enemy coming near towards Erza, Maledic immediately moved to guard Erza.


It's brains splattered in the ground and everything felt silent. It was punched by an unknown guy with clanking chains wrapped in both of his hands.

When he turned, he smiled and said, "You promised to come back but you're late so I checked you out"

"Son! Watch out!", Erza shouted.

The ghoul is sliced in the neck and its head rolled over.

"You're not careful young master, you might lose one kilogram of meat if you're bitten!", he said as he removed the blood in his sword by flicking the sword.

"Thanks! I plan to punch it but I can't let it interrupt my speech", Mael said.

"See you later! I've got a job to do!", he said as he jumped to the air.

He picked a monster attractant from his potion belt then he poured monster attractant to his robes.

"Hey I'm here bastards!", he shouted at them.

They all looked at him and goes after him.

Mael jumped and unchained his chains.

"Whip mode on!", he said like a gamer, and while in mid-air, he slammed his chains to the ghouls. He whipped his chains left and right and the ghouls shrieked to the pain. They will not die and regenerate but they will still feel the pain. They are getting nearer and nearer and his chains are at disadvantaged if it is used was close combat. Due to its use is mid-range attacks and not close quarter combat.

Some have passed through his chains and he is forced to evade and kick them. He retracted the chains in his hands and whirls it in his arms, wrapping it up.

"Punching mode on!", another gamer shout is being mentioned.

He combined the unarmed technique and the chain technique by his father and launched through his enemies.


"Um. Lady Erza, if it is not rude to you. Well, can I ask a question? Did Melvin raised him like that?", Maledic questioned Erza.

"Well, who knows?", she said as she laughed.

Mael went through the enemy lines and is heading to the portal.

"Wait! Is he planning on luring them to go back to the portal?", asked Erza to Maledic.

"Seem like it to me, Lady Erza", said Maledic.

"Bastard! He is just like his father!", she cursed.

"Let's follow him to the portal! Charge!", she shouted.

Mael was near the entrance and he saw that the ghouls were following, as well as the army.

"Good! Now you hold them back for me!", he said as he jumped to the portal of the dungeon gate.

The ghouls followed him in the dungeon and the army arrived at the entrance.

"Surround the entrance! Don't let anything escape!", she ordered.

"Hmm, Is this also part of his plan?", Maledic felt surprised.

"I guess so. Well, who knows?", she replied.


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