Lumia: Other World
3 Goodbye
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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3 Goodbye

Mael waked up early and he is greeted by the maids and butler.

"Good Morning young master!", said their maids.

"Lord Melvin has regained his consciousness. You may now talk to him because he has totally recovered, young master Mael.", said their butler courteously

"Oh! That's good news! Thank you for informing me", said Mael as he pats his shoulders.

His name is Malidic Greenfield, a jack-of-all-trades butler of the Kael household.

Mael entered the room and he was smiling to see that his father has fully recovered. Aura's damage can't be healed by health potions but only by rest. Quite troublesome if you're hit by one in the midst of a battle.

"So how's it doing?", said Mael as he scratches his head.

"Quite good now! And I'm sorry for not attending the celebration, You've got me in your last hit. Well let's finish what we've talked yesterday", Melvin said then he became serious.

"I will have a journey and leave the Golden valley in your hands. Don't worry. Your mother will be here and your butler. I will assemble them immediately for the announcement of your Lordship. Now, I will hand this ring to you as a gift and for the last time. I will teach you the last technique. Master it just in case", Melvin said as he handed the ring

"What is the ring for?", Mael said as he is dumbfounded.

Melvin sighed then explained it,

"Well it's a secret mission", he said

"Never tell this to anyone and wait for our return in ten years. Well, based on your growth, you're stronger than me by that time comes", he said to his son.

He hugged his father and then he said, "well at least we still have time to practice the last technique. Train me to your heart's content"

"Yeah! At least we have that", he said as he hugged him, then pats his head and smiled.

"You better prepare yourself now, for your pronouncement as the new Lord will be this afternoon. We still have time all day for your practice. Wash first, then let's train afterward", He said to Mael.

Mael then left and he closed the door afterward. He grabbed the picture then prepared his clothes for his journey then put it in his backpack.

"I will wash first", he said as he finished packing.

In the practice field, they met and Melvin is carrying a shield and chains.

"So the last technique is the chains and shield?", he said as he pondered scratching his head, while touching his chin.

"Don't underestimate this shield and chains for this is the last technique I'm gonna pass on. This is my own original technique, and it is my favorite. As a matter of fact, the shield is the best charge-in to the battle and the chains are best of all but hard to master. Because you can use it to move from tree to tree or building to building, then use it to envelop your arms then attack or strike mid-range with your long reach. I will let you see it in actual battle, so you can choose any weapon. I will use the shield and chains. Is that clear?", Melvin said as he unbuckles his shield.

Melvin has chains that were wrapped in his left hand and have a shield in his left. He equipped two weapons to demonstrate it briefly.

"Hurry upon picking your weapon. We don't have all day", said Melvin irritatedly.

Mael grabbed his spear and whirled it left and right then put it in his back.

"Attack!", shouted Melvin.

Mael swiftly darted to his father. But at that time, his father slammed the chains to the ground where he stood. Luckily, he was fast enough to evade at the right time. The ground was left caved in by the chains, then Melvin retracts the chain to his hand. Mael dashed to him. But at his attempt, he is met with a shield charge by his father then slammed his hands covered with chains.

Tuk! Bang!


Mael was astonished by the fact that it was a complete offense-defense. He was thrown to the ground, then stood up immediately. His father then swung his chains then entangled him, putting him on bind. He then pulled him and executed a shield bash. He was thrown, but the chains followed his fall, making him surprised a bit.

Mael backflipped to gain distance but his father appeared in his sight, ducking and slams his shield upwards. Mael blocked with his spear but he was thrown upwards.

He flies in the air and then he is smashed to the ground.

"Okay! okay! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I underestimated shield and chains!", shouted Mael as his father prepares to slam his chain covered hands to his face

"Oh? so you see now? the greatness of shield and chains!?", he shouted as he stands like a dignified hero.

"So wanna try?", he said as he hands over the shield first then the chains

Mael memorized the technique and he has surprisingly mastered it in just hours. His mother prepared a picnic in the grassy hills and they cherished their time together.

And at last, the pronouncement has come, the maids all lined up and the butler also bowed at them. Melvin Kael, Erza Kael and, Mael Kael is in formal attire when they marched to the carpet.

There are visitors all from the representatives of the Golden valley in different sectors and they all attended.

"Let us welcome the Kael family!", the butler announced their presence to welcome them

The visitors and guests clap their hands to them then Lord Melvin made his speech.

"To all residents of Golden Valley, this is the night when we will celebrate the success of my son, Mael Kael. Due to the king's request, I will be on a journey to fulfill his quest and will be far away for a long time. I will step down as the Lord and my son will act as a temporary Lord for this land. And now I pronounce Mael as the new Lord of Golden Valley!", he paused then he shouted


They replied with the same shout and they ate and drank happily that night.

Early in the morning, his father's carriage is prepared and he said his goodbyes to his son and his wife.

"Be a good son and don't overlook the people, love them as your family as you loved me", he said as he pats his son

"And by the way, be a good brother", he said as he climbed the carriage

Mael knows what that means and he smiled bitterly as he said goodbye to his father for the last time.


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