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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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1437 No Need

"Ugh…" The team leader looked down at his abdomen. Darkness was encroaching his vision, but a blood-stained sword would forever burn in his mind. It sliced through his abdomen and blood slowly poured out from his body.

Shoo! The blood-stained sword instantly vanished from his sight. It was as though what he saw, the pain he experienced, and the agony he felt were just an illusion. Unfortunately, the gut-wrenching pain in his abdomen brought him back to reality.

"Ah!" The team leader shouted in agony. That terrifying mecha wasn't just an illusion! It was actually piloted by a terrifying monster!

"In the Lawless Lands, you all are the strongest mecha operators there are. Unless a god-class operator comes, you are invincible." He remembered the words Lord Demon had told them in the past.

"You lied to us, Lord Demon…" The team leader angrily breathed his last breath. He died with regret in his mind.

Ling Lan pulled out Firmament from the destroyed mecha. The resistance she felt when she pulled back her sword made her frown slightly. It meant that the damage on Firmament had already caused it to lose its original sharpness.

"Attack!" A new group of team leader mechas that had just arrived saw the mechas of their comrades be slaughtered mercilessly, and they all exploded with anger.

In a battlefield, there was no right or wrong. They were all comrades who moved forward or retreated together. Comrades could only survive by fighting side by side in battle of bloodshed. The feelings they had for one another was embedded in their bones. The anger and sadness of seeing their comrades killed off was not any less than what they would feel if it was their families who were the ones being killed. This trait could be also found in Ling Lan and her friends.

Ling Lan didn't hesitate when she saw a large crowd of mechas coming towards her. She just went straight towards them with no fear whatsoever. To compensate for Firmament getting dull, she used more of her mecha piloting abilities rather than the barbaric stab and thrust.

Shing! Another mecha perished by her hand. Ling Lan didn't know how many team leader mechas she had slain. These people might have been good people who loved their families and loved helping others on an ordinary day. However, here, they were all enemies. This was not a situation where she could display her compassion.

"This type of useless war really annoys me." It was clear that there weren't any problems with the nation or feuds between families. It was just a game played by those in higher power, but countless people were required to pay with their lives for their enjoyment. This was the first time Ling Lan felt annoyed by the Lawless Lands. "I hate it. I hate it very much."

As Ling Lan cried out angrily, Firmament mercilessly stabbed through another mecha's cockpit.

"Then, you must become a player and not a pawn," suddenly Instructor Number One's voice echoed in her ears.

Ling Lan's gaze became sharp as ever. "From when I first landed in the Lawless Lands, I never thought of becoming a pawn. Lord Qian, Lord Qian…"

Out of the two times she said Lord Qian's name, the first was said softly with regret. The second one was said while biting her lip with unhidden anger.

"As long as you've made your decision." Number One's voice was still calm and collected.

In the place where Ling Lan couldn't see, Instructor Number One's own dimension, his originally cold face had a rare look of worry, uncertainty before turning into a helpless look.

"Isn't this what you wanted? Why would you regret it?" Suddenly, a pair of white jade-like hands appeared in the air and ripped open the dimension. A graceful silhouette walked out from the dimensional tear with a look of contempt on her face.

Number One gave her a blank stare before slowly closing his eyes to ignore her.

"Your expression really annoys me sometimes." Number Four puffed up her soft cheeks. She walked up and touched Instructor Number One's cheek.


Number Four was sent flying backwards.

Instructor Number One slowly said, "Number Four, don't overstep your boundaries."

"Overstep what boundaries? I just like you, what's wrong with that? I liked you before we came here. After coming here, I still like you. Why am I wrong for chasing the person I like?" Number Four whined as she balanced herself.

"Don't forget our responsibility, Number Four." Even when facing the woman who was the epitome of seduction, Number One was still as cold as ice. Number Four's words didn't make him waver one bit.

"Responsibility? Majesty Four? He's already half dead, what responsibility do we have other than to wait for him? About Ling Lan? What should I be responsible for if you don't give me a chance to meet her?" After saying that, Number Four felt her stomach was filled with unsettled feelings. Which of the other instructors were as held back as her? She finally had a female student for her to have a chance to show what she could do. However, as luck would have it, she actually didn't have any chance to show up in the past 20 or so years. She sometimes would even think that Ling Lan was actually a man and not some woman.

The one who caused those sleepless nights was none other than this icy cold corpse Number One. Just looking at him made her angry and annoyed… Argh! He was too lovable. Alright, Number Four knew that in this lifetime, she was set on Number One. She was definitely a masochist for liking such a terrible man.

"The Ling Lan we know now doesn't need the knowledge you have," Number One was very determined about this point.

"Ling Lan is a girl. You can't develop her like a man," Number Four walked up, grabbed Number One's collar and said angrily.

"No matter if Ling Lan is a man or woman, she is destined to become a king. A king won't need lessons that would give her weaknesses," Number One said calmly.

"How are my lessons giving her weaknesses? I can develop into someone who could manipulate men with her womanly charms, to make men grovel under her feet! How is that weak?" Number Four couldn't accept Number One's reasoning.

Number One took Number Four's hands off his collar and softly placed it on her chest. "Only those who are not strong enough need those types of irrelevant skills. Ling Lan is strong enough and will only grow even stronger in the future. Number Four, you clearly understand this, that is why you never force yourself to appear in front of Ling Lan and only silently wait for your opportunity."

"My knowledge is irrelevant?" Number Four asked in a saddened tone. By the time those words left her mouth, she was already on the verge of tears.

"It is irrelevant now, but it doesn't mean it will be in the future. Ling Lan doesn't need it right now." Seeing Number Four in such a sad state, Number One mellowed his tone. But, before Number Four could notice it, he raised his head to look at the outside world to see Ling Lan fighting furiously. This was her own fight. Even if the instructors wanted to help her, they wouldn't be able to do that. "You understand, right? What Ling Lan needs the most is power right now. Her own power and power of her followers. All of these don't fall into your expertise."

"I'm just unnecessary." Number Four mocked herself as she smiled bitterly. A drop of her tears dripped down her face.

"Each person has their own value, it's just your time hasn't come yet." Number One held Number Four's hand and pushed it slightly. He pushed her away from him and then said, "When Ling Lan reaches the next stage of her life, she will need you."

After saying that, Instructor Number One closed his eyes. Number Four wanted to say something else, but she discovered that she was now out of Instructor Number One's dimension.

Number Four immediately stomped her feet in frustration before returning to her own dimension.

"Hmph. Not letting me touch him, but then touching me himself?" Number Four washed away the expression of weakness she had in front of Number One and smiled like a fox that just had a large meal.

"Also, Little Ling Lan, you have to make your masters proud. I'm still waiting to come out. Don't lose." Number Four stopped smiling and was slightly worried for Ling Lan's situation.

Although she hadn't conversed with or met Ling Lan, she still watched Ling Lan grow up from when she was a child until she was an adult. For her, it was like watching her own child grow up. Her feelings towards Ling Lan weren't any less than the other instructors. Plus, there was also Instructor Number One in the mix. With him liking Ling Lan and caring for her, Number Four definitely would also like her and care for her.

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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》