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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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1431 The 7th Preserve Distric

Ling Lan led Li Lanfeng and Luo Lang to their mechas. After boarding their mechas, they ran for quite a distance, passing the door to the Mecha Scavenger Alliance to leaving the mountainous portion of the Kamoda district before stopping their mechas.

"Cough, cough, cough. The waters within the Lawless Lands are deeper than I had previously thought." Ling Lan frowned. She took out a medicinal agent beside her and drank it in one big gulp.

"You're injured," Li Lanfeng immediately knew something was up.

"Lord Qian is too strong. Although it seems as though I wasn't at a disadvantage, in reality, I still got injured," Ling Lan didn't hide the fact.

Even though Instructor Number One had helped her, her body still couldn't endure Instructor Number One's possession because she hadn't reached god-realm yet.

"If it was possible, I really want to bring the whole Lingtian here with us." Luo Lang felt somewhat frustrated. It was because Boss didn't have enough people to work with. Otherwise, why would Boss have to work so hard just to play around with the other 12 lords?

"It's not that simple. Not only is the Federation's inner circle paying attention to Lingtian's every move, other nations are also doing the same. If we are unlucky, this may become the battlefield for an intergalactic war. It wouldn't benefit us," Li Lanfeng said calmly.

"I'm just saying." Luo Lang shrugged. He respected Lanfeng's shrewdness so he wouldn't doubt Li Lanfeng.

"No matter. Sometimes, succeeding in greatness doesn't need to come from our own hands." Ling Lan suddenly spoke out loud.

"To have the 13 Lords fight each other?" Li Lanfeng knew what Ling Lan was talking about.

"Don't they fight every year?" Luo Lang didn't understand.

"The battle royale now is created by the 13 Lords as a show to entertain the outsiders," explained Li Lanfeng. "They all make sure to regulate the battle royale to a certain degree to not cause too much damage to each other. It also helps in training their troops, leaving only the strongest to survive… What Boss means is to make them actually become enemies and fight to the death with each other."

"They've already been cooperating for decades. Is that going to work?" Luo Lang was quite worried.

"That's because the benefits of doing so were not enough in the past," Ling Lan said calmly.

"As long as they are human, they will have greed. Even those who are given the title of god wouldn't be able to escape this nature." Li Lanfeng smiled. "That's why they will always have a weakness."

"Was your time in the Mecha Scavenger Alliance successful?" Ling Lan suddenly asked Li Lanfeng.

"I didn't let you down." Li Lanfeng sent the data he acquired to Ling Lan. When Ling Lan was speaking with Lord Dui, he wasn't doing nothing. He used his spectral abilities, infiltrated into the Mecha Scavenger Alliance's optical supercomputer and found the intel they wanted.

Of course, Li Lanfeng was after all not a professional hacker and not like an invincible cheat engine like Little Four. The intel he acquired was very limited.

"7th Preserve District?" Ling Lan saw the name and was somewhat confused.

"In Kamoda, there are a total of 30 safe zones where the average commoners can live. These 30 districts are all named as preserve districts," explained Li Lanfeng.

"Zhao Jun and them went to the 7th Preserve District to do what?" Ling Lan frowned.

"It's probably because they needed to have a place for the injured to rest so they went there. It could also be because of some factors out of their control, or perhaps they fell into a trap…" There was too little information, so Li Lanfeng could only speak out all the possibilities that he could think of.

"We'll know the truth when we get there. Don't worry," Ling Lan said calmly. Ling Lan trusted that Zhao Jun wouldn't randomly go to a place that had nothing to do with them.

The three of them quickly piloted their mechas and rushed towards the 7th Preserve District.

At that moment, in the outskirts of the 7th Preserve District, a woman wearing a white cloak was with a group of children helping a group of strong men bandage their wounds.

"We finished treating your wounds. You can leave now." said the female doctor in an annoyed tone towards the young man walking towards her.

"Doctor Ju, there are too many of us that are injured. Our medicinal agents are all used up. If you don't help them, they'll definitely die," said the young man with a pained look on his face.

After hearing that, Doctor Ju's beautiful face had a struggling expression on her face. At that moment, she didn't see that the man she was bandaging had rolled his eyes. The look that man had while he looked at the young man was filled with contempt.

"How about I add in some more of our own medicinal agents and let you take them with you?" Doctor Ju struggled with herself for a moment before deciding to help these people.

In reality, it was a coincidence that Doctor Ju encountered these people. It was because one of the children in this district was sick and the herbs she needed to treat the child was used up. The child's sickness also couldn't wait. After thinking about it, Doctor Ju decided to run out of the safe zone and go into the mountains a few kilometers away to gather the herbs.

There were originally no issues. However, when she was about to return with a bountiful amount of herbs, a mecha fell down from the sky and smashed down on the ground less than 100 meters away from her.

After feeling the shockwave of the crash, she couldn't control herself to go towards where the mecha fell. After walking for a good minute, she saw a mecha operator climbing out of the smoking mecha.

Before she could say a word, the mecha operator instantly took out the beam gun from his belt and aimed at her without warning. Just when she thought she was about to die, a beam of light suddenly shot down from the sky to instantly kill that mecha operator.

Although that person had accidentally saved her, Doctor Ju still had a one track mind and believed that since she was saved, she must repay the favor.

Thus, she followed the mecha that saved her towards their battlefield. The situation was dire. The group that saved her had more or less two to three mechas surrounding each one of them. However, this group of mecha operators was undoubtedly very strong, strong to the extent where they were stronger than the strongest mecha operators from the 7th Preserve District. In the end, the overwhelming number of enemies were successfully pushed back by this group of mecha operators. However, for such a result, almost everyone had injuries.

Compassion was something Doctor Ju always had. Moreover, these were people who had saved her, so Doctor Ju didn't hesitate and asked whether they needed help along with whether they needed medicinal agents.

After hearing her words, the mecha operator who had saved her was instantly moved. He immediately asked her to come look at his injured comrades.

Right at that moment, Doctor Ju knew that the leader of this group was actually the young man in front of her, and he was quite a chatterbox (when did Zhao Jun become a chatterbox?).

She thought about it and she allowed the young man to send the injured to the 7th Preserve District because there were too many of them and Doctor Ju didn't have enough medicinal agents on her. She originally thought the young man would be suspicious and hesitant. She didn't expect that he just agreed with her wholeheartedly.

Then, the result of that decision was that the 7th Preserve District became sort of a paradise for the injured of that group of mecha. No matter who got injured, they would be sent to her. Once they recover, they would regroup and continue to fight.

Doctor Ju's words were undoubtedly ignored. Zhao Jun immediately shook his head and said, "We won't leave until the battle royale is done, so Doctor Ju, we will still need your help in the future."

"I-I don't want that…" Doctor Ju felt her world collapsing. If she had known it would come to this, she wouldn't have tried to repay the debt of saving her life in the first place.

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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》