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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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1425 Not Enough Ability

Li Lanfeng's route seemed less difficult than Ling Lan's. This was because the route he chose had the largest gaps between the guards. Of course, this increased the distance he needed to travel. Moreover, he had to pass through four more mechas than Ling Lan.

But, in actual fact, the difficulty between the two routes was comparable. To add to his already high-strung nerves, he couldn't fail. Once he made a mistake, he would reveal himself and destroy Ling Lan's plan entirely, which then would expose Ling Lan to danger; something that he would allow himself to do.

Thus, he must succeed.

After calming his mind, he rushed towards the guards.

His hand speed increased exponentially and in an instant, it reached his limit.

Although he chose a slightly less difficult path, that didn't mean that with his current ability, he would be able to pass through it easily.

"Let me pass!" Li Lanfeng screamed in his heart. However, his eyes were still black and calm, like the surface of a lake.

He flew past the guards at an obscure angle. Li Lanfeng's fingers couldn't be seen on the control panel anymore. If someone didn't notice where his arms were, they might think he was just sitting in his cockpit, not doing anything.

Cold sweat continued to drip from Li Lanfeng's forehead. He realized that he had almost lost control of his mecha because it was moving too quickly. It was almost steering away from its original course. Once it left the route entirely, he would hit the guards.

"No!" Li Lanfeng refused to let that happen. The rejection in him was so strong that Li Lanfeng's hand speed, which had been stagnant for so many years, suddenly increased.

This increase was minimal but it was enough to allow him to stabilise his mecha.

The mecha managed to pass through the guard with less than ten centimeters of distance between them. It was a narrow miss.

Then, he passed through the second and the third mecha.

When Li Lanfeng passed through the last mecha, he finally saw the back of Luo Lang's mecha, who followed Ling Lan.

It was no surprise that he was slower since he chose the further route.

After passing through the tunnel, they saw a huge plaza. There were many mecha standing tall and upright in the plaza. These mechas were all different in appearance. But, if you looked carefully, you would notice their similarity. Just like the mechas of the mecha scavenger team that lead them here, these mechas had all been repaired.

"The two of you will stay here temporarily. I will go and scout the area first." Ling Lan raised her right hand and gave her order.

"Let me go." Li Lanfeng couldn't bear to let Ling Lan be in danger so he volunteered himself hurriedly.

"You're not strong enough." Ling Lan's cockpit suddenly opened. She was already standing at the door.

"There shouldn't be any mechas inside. If we still use our mechas, we will be discovered by the organisation," Ling Lan said calmly without care if her words would hurt Li Lanfeng.

"But, this is their base. It will be dangerous if you act alone," Li Lanfeng sighed as he said this. "If we can invent the spatial pocket mentioned in the books, we won't need to be so careful."

If they were able to bring their imperial mechas along, they would be able to fight with a god-realm formidable warrior. Then ,Ling Lan as an imperial realm formidable warrior would have the chance to fight against god-realm formidable warrior, if there was one stationed here.

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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》