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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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1376 Let Bygones Be Bygones!

"We already showed them our goodwill, but they're actually still not satisfied yet?" Zhao Jun took in a deep breath. In order to help Boss increase the amount of bargaining chips he had, Lin Zhong-qing packaged all of the good stuff from Lingtian's warehouse. Of course, even if he hadn't done that, Qi Long and Han Jijyun would have made the decision to do so. If they thought it was not enough, they would have asked the military headquarters for more. Even if the military headquarters didn't give it to them, Qi Long could still ask his father for them…

This shameless way of doing things… was completely inherited from Boss. It could be considered a tradition within Lingtian.

"If you can swallow more, then why not do so? In the end, it's just a game between us," Ling Lan said calmly.

"Troublesome." Luo Lang rubbed the back of his head annoyingly. Without the calm personality by his side, his brain was really useless in everything except for motor skills.

However, it seemed Little Leng hadn't come out in a long while. Luo Lang was somewhat worried about him. He didn't know if something had happened to him and whether everything was alright.

"Heh, at least he still has the conscience to think of you." After sensing the thought of the primary personality, the evil personality smiled devilishly towards the calm personality.

"He's always been good," said the calm personality.

Recently, the evil personality had been restricting him from leaving his side. He had already expected this to happen when he called upon the evil personality, which was why he wasn't furious about his current situation. Plus, the primary personality wasn't in any danger, so the calm personality just let him do as he pleased.

"What you said is so annoying." The evil personality's gaze turned ice cold. The two of them were always on the opposite side, constantly suppressing each other. The evil personality always thought the calm personality was the most important person in his life. He was his opponent, but also brother. However, the person who entered his heart, put someone else in his heart. Although the said person was their master on paper, in the eyes of the evil personality, that primary personality was too weak in his eyes. Just what qualifications did he have for the evil personality to think of him as his master?

"When will you understand?" The calm personality drew a long sigh. The primary personality's truthfulness and honesty did indeed draw the calm personality towards him. In the time he stood by Luo Lang's side as he grew up, Luo Lang had respected each of his personalities as an actual person who had the right to make their own decisions. He treated them like his own flesh and blood. How could the calm personality not sense the sincerity he showed them. In the end, he wholeheartedly and willingly wanted to help Luo Lang until he climbed to the top.

However, before all that, what made him willing accept being a servant wasn't the primary personality's sincerity but instead, it was Boss Ling Lan. That person, once angered, might be able to kill them even if all the personalities went against him all at once.

"I don't need to understand. I just know that he isn't qualified," said the evil personality in an annoyed tone.

"Whatever you want." The calm personality didn't want to speak any further. Some things could only be known after someone experienced it. The evil personality wouldn't believe anything he said right now anyways.

The two personalities became silent once again. On the outside world, Ling Lan turned towards Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran. She raised her eyebrows slightly, "Also, why are you two here?"

Tang Ningyu snorted coldly. "What? We're not welcomed?"

Mu Chaoran was smiling slightly. "We've missed you. After all, we were friends once."

Ling Lan smirked and said, "It's probably because you received a mission to come find me, but didn't have any leads, so you could only shamelessly stay around Lingtian to hitch a ride."

Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran blushed after hearing Ling Lan blatantly exposing them. Mu Chaoran then got even more shameless and said, "Oh man, if you knew, why did you have to make it so obvious? At least save some face for us."

"Just tell me, who gave the order for you to track me?" Ling Lan wasn't going to fall for that. She just wanted to know what she wanted to know.

Ling Lan's attitude forced Mu Chaoran's smiling face back. He quickly got stern. "Flying Dragon Special Forces highest commanding officer, General Ren."

Ling Lan was surprised. She only heard about his person once from her father. When her father mentioned their relationship with each other, it didn't seem that good.

Now a person, who had an average relationship with her father, suddenly ordered Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran to find her? What was he planning? Was he an enemy or ally? Or perhaps he had some evil plot in mind?

Ling Lan knew very well that he must have discovered that the two of them had worked with her before, so he sent them to her. These two had some relationship with her, making it easier for them to locate her. Her father's planned assasination forced Ling Lan to be very guarded against everyone from the Federation's military headquarters. That was why she couldn't help but doubt their intentions after seeing Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran arrive.

Seeing Ling Lan's surprise, Zhao Jun quickly walked up and told her about how the chief of the Flying Dragon Special Forces, General Ren, helped Qi Long to acquire the commander position of the Lingtian Independant Army. Along with the fact that he spoke out to support Lan Luofeng to be the 23rd division's stand-in general.

After hearing all that, it seemed that this chief of the Flying Dragon Special Forces should be her father's friend, or perhaps someone who was really friendly with him. If so, then it might just be as Mu Chaoran and Tang Ningyu had said. That person was only worried about her so he sent them solely to protect her?

There was too little information for Ling Lan to rely on to have an accurate idea of what General Ren was planning to do. She could only put a large question mark on General Ren's face for now.

Ling Lan would never lower her guard against someone just because he had helped her in some way. When she didn't have any evidence to confirm it, Ling Lan would be guarded against anyone, including Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran.

"All of you should return to Jialan Ship now. There might be people probing us out tonight." After deciding it was not worth her time to think about such matters right now, Ling Lan promptly gave the four of them orders.

"Yes, and you two will follow as well." Ling Lan suddenly pointed to the side where Ji Ming and Yu Shangfei had been wallflowers for a long time.

"Yes, Lord Gen!" The two of them immediately accepted the order.

Just then, the two of them were carefully studying the three new underlings their master had gained. Luo Tianhua they had already seen before, was a titled domain realm master just like them. They had thought someone with monstrous talent like Luo Tianhua was only an outlier. So, they were quite shocked to see that they were actually three more individuals who were not any weaker than Luo Lang. They were at most only just a tiny bit weaker.

Compared to Ji Ming's mild shock, Yu Shangfei was more unsettled. After all, he did something similar to betrayal when Lord Gen was in danger. He was afraid Lord Gen would remember that and deal with him afterwards.

So, he really didn't expect Lord Gen to not punish them but instead, sending them on a mission. Yu Shangfei breathed a sigh of relief, grateful for Lord Gen's attitude of letting bygones be bygones.

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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》