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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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1344 Token Of Love!

Li Lanfeng touched his forehead with an agonized expression as he struggled to stand up from the ground. When Little White suddenly turned big, he was fighting with the two guardians with his back facing it, so he didn't have time to react before he got squashed. His face was slammed so hard into the marble that he could still see stars spinning around him. He felt dizzy. When he finally managed to stand up, his head spun and he staggered before falling down on the ground again.

He stood up again but he could feel that he was going to slam onto the ground again. He prepared himself to face the incoming pain. However, the pain never came; instead he fell into a pair of warm arms.

Ling Lan hugged Li Lanfeng lightly and asked in concern, "Are you injured?"

Ling Lan didn't forget that Li Lanfeng and Luo Lang were fighting with more than one opponent, so the pressure they were under was greater than her. Thus, they might be injured. But, still, they were quite lucky that everyone managed to pull through.

Li Lanfeng raised his head and looked at Ling Lan. He wanted to reply that he was alright but when he saw Ling Lan's cold and demonic appearance, which he never saw before, it struck his heart like a sharp arrow. One look was enough for him to remember for his entire life.

Badump! Badump! Badump! Badump! He felt his heart palpitating furiously. It felt as though it was going to jump out of his chest soon. A hot sensation seeped out of his chest. He really wanted to hide Ling Lan in his pocket and look at him every day.

"What happened?" Ling Lan asked curiously when she saw Li Lanfeng staring at her absent-mindedly. She didn't know that her demonic appearance had such a huge impact on Li Lanfeng because he already had feelings for her. Thus, he couldn't gather his thoughts to reply to her.

Ling Lan was worried when she couldn't get a reply from Li Lanfeng. She lifted her hand and caressed Li Lanfeng's forehead. She used her concept energy to inspect Li Lanfeng's condition. Immediately, she noticed his heart which was beating extremely fast. She got a shock. His heart condition hadn't recovered fully?

Ling Lan was very worried. They only brought a batch of powerful agents created by Li Shiyu as well as the second generation of the life-saving Nuwa agent for this mission. They didn't have a professional military doctor with them. If the medical agent didn't work, they were helpless.

"Have some medicine." Ling Lan took out the second general Nuwa agent she brought along with her and passed it to Li Lanfeng.

After touching the bottle of the agent, Li Lanfeng finally regained his senses. He saw the worry in Ling Lan's eyes and her decisive actions when she took out the Nuwa agent. Li Lanfeng felt warm in his heart. He knew that they didn't bring many bottles of Nuwa agents with them. There were only 50 of them, and each one of them was precious. Their journey to the Lawless Lands was just starting. As a life-saving agent, the Nuwa agent was extremely important to their goal of rooting themselves here. They wouldn't bear to use it until they were on the very edge of dying.

But, in Ling Lan's eyes, this precious agent was not as important as him. She gave it to him so easily because she was worried about him.

Li Lanfeng knew that if Luo Lang was injured, Ling Lan would do the same thing. Ling Lan treated them equally. However, at this moment, he wanted to deceive himself and believe that Ling Lan would only treat him like this.

If he thought this way, he would feel like he was the most important person to Ling Lan. Li Lanfeng never expected that he would use this method to fool himself one day, dreaming about something that would never happen.

Li Lanfeng stretched his hand and took the bottle of agent from Ling Lan's hand. Ling Lan's body temperature could still be felt on the bottle. He longed for the warmth as he clutched the bottle tightly. He couldn't bear to let it go.

"Why aren't you drinking it?" Ling Lan asked curiously when she saw Li Lanfeng looking at the agent without drinking it.

Li Lanfeng smiled as he said, "Let me try to bear with it. The agent is too precious after all. We should not use it if it isn't necessary."

Ling Lan frowned. The agent was precious but Li Lanfeng's heart was beating abnormally. The heart wasn't like the other organs. Once something happened to it, the person would die instantly.

"I know my limit." Li Lanfeng consoled Ling Lan. He understood Ling Lan like he understood himself. He could tell what Ling Lan was thinking with just a slight change in her expression.

Ling Lan wanted to say something but she suddenly looked up and noticed that the unconscious guardians were showing signs of waking up.

"I'm fine." Li Lanfeng reassured Ling Lan.

Hearing that, Ling Lan finally released Li Lanfeng's body and slowly walked to the five guardians who were still lying on the ground but struggling to stand up. She lifted her right hand slowly and stretched her hand out. Five threads appeared from thin air. Ling Lan shook her fingers. The empty hall suddenly became a world full of threads.

When Li Lanfeng noticed that Ling Lan's attention was on the five guardians, he let go of himself and indulged in her looks. He looked at her as if he was in a trance.

He felt the bottle in his hand and gave a dreamy smile.

This bottle was a token of love that Ling Lan gave him, right?

As someone who went crazy because of love, he could only use these ways to fool himself. Maybe one day, he would be dissatisfied and do crazier things to get even more. But, now, Li Lanfeng didn't have the courage to face Ling Lan's look of disdain. He could only forcefully control the devil in his heart that was dying to get out so that these beautiful days could last longer.

'Ling Lan, Ling Lan, I can't control my greed anymore. Only you can save me in this world. If that day comes, please don't hate me.' Li Lanfeng placed the bottle beside his lips and kissed it. He felt like he was kissing Ling Lan. Then, he placed the bottle of agent carefully in his pocket. He would never use this agent even if he died.

When Ji Ming opened his eyes, he saw a sky full of threads and snowflakes. It was like a dreamland. He felt that they were not in a fight. Instead, they were admiring the view from the mountain hillside.

At this moment, a cold and beautiful person who looked like a cross between a devil and an angel entered his eyes. The person looked at them without any emotion, as though he was looking at a dead person. The gaze sent a chill down Ji Ming's spine and he regained his senses instantly.

Ji Ming looked around him instantly. He realized that their invincible Lord Gen was nowhere in sight. He was stunned. Did their Lord Gen run away because he was defeated?

Ji Ming never thought of the chance that his master might be dead. His first reaction was that Lord Gen ran away to seek help from the other lords before coming back to take revenge on these bold culprits.

"Your Lord Gen is dead." Ling Lan saw through Ji Ming's thoughts so she told him the truth calmly.

"That's impossible. You're talking nonsense." Ji Ming reacted by refuting her furiously.

Ling Lan clenched her right fist and threads moved closer towards the five guardians. In a blink of an eye, they were wrapped tightly in a cocoon. Ling Lan flicked her hand and threw the five people next to Luo Lang. "Look after them."

"Yes, Boss!" Luo Lang tied the five people up with five metal chains and hung them on a crossbeam in the hall.

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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》