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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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1270 Breaking a Promise

The starship's engines all began to roar, overclocking them to their max capabilities, further damaging the integrity of the engines. Overclocking the engine could only be continued for three minutes. If it went past three minutes, the engines would explode in a fiery burst. However, at that moment, Little Seven couldn't care less about all that. That was because overclocking them was the only way the Destruction Devil could reach the theoretical speed.

Not only were the engines overclocked, he also began tossing out parts from Destruction Devil that could be broken off as these parts were weighing Destruction Devil down.

Parts of the main hull of the Destruction Devil began to be broken off one by one. As they were doing so, Destruction Devil's speed rose higher and higher.

However, the main problem of doing so was that Ling Lan and her comrades were not on board.

As the speed of the Destruction Devils reached a point where even an imperial mecha could not catch up, Ling Lan and her comrades could see the Destruction Devil inching further and further away from them. If they weren't able to catch up to Destruction Devil in a short time and hold onto it, letting it take them away, they wouldn't be able to escape the clashing profound god state's area of effect just from the speed of their mechas.

"Overclock." Ling Lan made a decision without hesitation.

The engines of their four mechas roared. Ling Lan and Li Lanfeng tailed behind the Destruction Devil's right side, while Xie Yi and Luo Lang tailed behind the left side. There wasn't enough time for them to land one by one. They only had time to grab onto the handles on the tail Destruction Devil and pull themselves on board

There was no doubt that this was a race against the grim reaper. If they failed, they would die. If they succeed, they would have a slim hope of surviving. Next, they would have to see whether Destruction Devil's speed could take them away from the area of effect of the clashing profound god state. If they couldn't, then they would still die.

"Trying to run?" Lord Yuangu, who had just gotten out of the restriction placed on him by Ling Xiao's profound god state, saw Ling Lan trying to get close to the Destruction Devil. When he saw Ling Lan putting her hand out to try to grab the Destruction Devil's tail, he remembered the time when he almost died by Ling Xiao's hands. He also remembered how Lord Jindao and god-class operator from Planet Zuojing also died by Ling Xiao's hands. The thought of vengeance rushed up his head. He immediately raised his giant sword and rushed towards Ling Lan. He wanted to kill Ling Lan to seek his vengeance.

"How dare you!" After Ling Xiao shouted angrily, a blanket of red flame moved forwards and completely devoured Lord Yuangu.

"Argh!" Lord Yuangu screamed in agony as he got completely crushed by the profound god state's energy.

At the same time, [Belief] was sent flying backwards by a rogue beam. Ling Xiao spat out a mouthful of blood. Monarch Fury took advantage of the moment he got distracted with Lord Yuangu and severely injured him.

"Ling Xiao, you still have time to mind about others? You really are looking down on me," Monarch Fury said proudly.

"No one can hurt my child while I'm here. No one," Ling Xiao smiled coldly with blood dripping down from the corner of his lips.

After seeing Lord Yuangu die by Ling Xiao's hands without having a chance to struggle, the other god-class operator from Twilight and the disguised gold-class operator turned their tails and fled without hesitation.

"Heh. Neither you or your child will be able to escape." Monarch Fury suddenly turned his mecha around and brought about a large blue wave towards Ling Lan and the 7th Bugle Call.

"Monarch Fury!" Ling Xiao shouted angrily. A reddened sky in the shape of a phoenix ruthlessly rushed towards the blue tidal wave.


The energies of two profound god states crashed into each other once again. Even though they weren't hit by it, the immense god state energy still made them spat out blood uncontrollably.

The weaker soldiers on the 7th Bugle Call instantly fell unconscious. Even those who were stronger, like Major General Tian Fang, were injured by the wave. This was still the result even under the effect of the 7th Bugle Call's barrier against tremors.

The tremors caused the speeds of Ling Lan and her comrades' mechas to decrease. They were originally getting closer to the Destruction Devil, but now the distance was further again.

Li Lanfeng felt the terrifying energy coming from behind him that could devour them all. He looked towards Ling Lan, who was beside him, and closed his eyes tightly. Then, he quickly opened them with a solemn gaze.

He moved his mecha's arms and pushed Ling Lan's mecha forward.

Ling Lan's mecha's speed received a huge spike by this push.

Ling Lan's mecha's right arm stretched forward and grabbed onto Destruction Devil's tail's handle. She turned around towards Li Lanfeng and shouted angrily, "Dumbass, grab my hand!"

Li Lanfeng was originally following Ling Lan closely. However, because of that push, his speed slowed down once again. He was now getting further and further away from the Destruction Devil. The chance of him catching up to the Destruction Devil was almost nil now.

Ling Lan extended her left arm with all her effort in hopes to grab a hold of Li Lanfeng. She wasn't going to abandon her friends, even if it was the end of the world.

Li Lanfeng's engine roared once again. He reached out with his right hand, trying his best to grab onto Ling Lan's hand.

Even though they were such a short distance apart, the short distance was as though they were worlds apart. Overcoming a short distance was a difficult feat.

"Li Lanfeng, why can't you grab my hand when you are so close? Don't make me look down on you!" Ling Lan shouted angrily as she saw the blue and red energy wave approaching Li Lanfeng.

"Argh!" Li Lanfeng shouted angrily. He definitely wouldn't allow Rabbit to look down on him!

At first, Li Lanfeng was afraid to completely let out his spiritual power as he didn't know what would be the end result of doing so, but now he couldn't care less about the consequences. After completely letting all of his spiritual power pour out, the mixture of piloting an imperial mecha and his spiritual power allowed the speed of the mecha to increase.

The two mecha's hands were slowly getting closer.

"Li Lanfeng!"

"Ling Lan!"

While the two of them were screaming at the top of their lungs, their hands finally succeeded in grabbing onto one another.

Ling Lan pulled Li Lanfeng in and the two of them looked towards the red and blue mixture of space. There, Ling Lan's father, Ling Xiao, was still fighting.

Finally, the red phoenix energy was finally pushed away by the blue waves.

"Ahaha… Ling Xiao, this is all you're capable of, it seems. Just let me send you off to your grave. Don't worry. I will send your son to see you soon." Monarch Fury laughed maniacally. Ling Xiao's incomplete god state allowed Monarch Fury to be on the advantage. This feeling of successfully taking out a newly advanced god state individual excited Monarch Fury greatly.

Ling Xiao spat out a mouthful of blood with a pale expression on his face. Then he began to laugh coldly. He was indeed weaker than his opponent. It wasn't a difference in their god states, but rather because the god state he controlled was incomplete. However, even so, no one could harm his child in his presence.

"I, Ling Xiao, only live for two women in my lifetime. One is my wife Lan Luofeng and the other is my little princess, Ling Lan. If you want to hurt either one of them, you must step over my cold dead body first," Ling Xiao said coldly.

What merits? What fame? What wealth? What power? Those were all things he wanted to provide to the two women in his life to build a safe haven for them. If the people he wanted to protect were to leave this world, his life would have no meaning.

Ling Xiao was never a hero. He only hoped that he could become a hero in the eyes of the two women he loved.

"Lan'er, remember everything I taught you," Ling Xiao's voice suddenly echoed in Ling Lan's mind.

"Dad!" Ling Lan's heart sank.

"Sorry, I don't think I can keep my promise with you, my little princess. Don't return to the Federation. Go back when you're strong." Ling Xiao still couldn't let go of Ling Lan. Even at death's door, he still didn't forget to tell his daughter how to stay safe.

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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》