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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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1249 Run!

Xie Yi noticed Luo Lang's movement.

"Luo Lang, where are you going?" Xie Yi quickly called out Luo Lang when he noticed that Luo Lang was heading for the mecha hold.

"To help Boss." Luo Lang didn't hide the truth from his best friend.

"Are you crazy?" Xie Yi knew that Ling Lan had little chance of surviving a battle with a god-class mecha master. However, he still hoped that Boss would be able to last until they rushed out of this no-signal zone and sent the request for reinforcements.

"I'm not crazy. I can't let Boss fight alone." Luo Lang had already reached the mecha hold.

"Meng Lan. Meng Lan." Xie Yi was anxious. He couldn't let Luo Lang die.

"What is your command, Senior Colonel Xie?" Meng Lan appeared in front of him.

"Don't let Luo Lang out," Xie Yi ordered.

"I'm sorry. Senior Colonel Luo has already requested for battle. Unless an officer with a higher rank than him overrides his request, I can't cancel it," Meng Lan replied emotionlessly. She couldn't tell Xie Yi that she got convinced by Luo Lang.

"Damn it. How are we going to find a major general now?" The major generals of Lingtian were either deployed for other missions or had already gone to look for Boss. Of course, he could look for Commander Yu but he might take the chance to control the base.

They were already in a dangerous position. Xie Yi didn't dare to take the bet. Even if he found Commander Yu, Meng Lan might not listen to him.

"F**k." Xie Yi pressed a button and contacted Lin Zhong-qing. "Zhong-qing, you take control of the base from now on."

The entire logistics department was on standby so Lin Zhong-qing was shocked to hear the order. "What happened?"

"Luo Lang and I will go and help Boss." Xie Yi wouldn't let Luo Lang go alone. If Luo Lang must go, he must go with him.

Lin Zhong-qing remained silent for a moment. "I understand. Leave the base to me. Be careful. Please bring Boss back."

Xie Yi replied earnestly, "We will do our best."

"I'll leave Boss to you then." Lin Zhong-qing hung up the call. He clenched his fist as the feeling regret flooded his mind.

When he gave up mecha operation and chose to become a logistician that year, he knew that he would never be able to fight alongside Boss. He was prepared for such a situation but when the situation came to be, he still felt hurt. He was furious at how useless he was.

If he could help Boss on the battlefield as well as off the battlefield, how great would that be?

"I'm still too weak. If there's a chance, I won't let them leave me behind again." Lin Zhong-qing gathered his spirit and took over the base.

Fortunately, Ling Lan had taught all the higher authorities of the Lingtian Independent Army how they should take over the command of the base in case a sudden situation arose, preventing Lingtian from becoming a mess. However, the higher authorities suddenly gained the habit of throwing responsibilities to another person while running off to the battlefield.

Due to this happening, Lin Zhong-qing yearned to become stronger so that he wouldn't be left behind by his comrades again.

Xie Yi caught up with Luo Lang and they ejected out of the base together. The two ace modified mechas shot through the universe, forming a silver line in space. They flew towards Ling Lan quickly.

At this moment, Ling Lan was in a dire situation. Lord Jindao had raised his sword above his head.

Lord Jindao's actions were slow but the spiritual stress caused by his frightening force of presence made his attack more powerful than swift attacks.

When he felt that he had applied enough mental pressure on Ling Lan, he waved his sword down.

At the same time, Li Lanfeng and Ling Lan's fingers moved furiously. Their hand speed exceeded their limit again.

Bang! A beam landed accurately on the beam sword.

If Lord Jindao wasn't a god-class mecha, his sword might have fallen out of his hand.

Lord Jindao grabbed his sword firmly and attacked Ling Lan. He wasn't influenced by the beam.

Suddenly, Ling Lan's mecha started dancing weirdly. It formed lingering shadows in space.

The sword slashed through the lingering shadows.


Lord Jindao smiled. From the feedback by his mecha, he had hit his opponent.

He was surprised that the sniping mecha operator wasn't affected by his force of presence and managed to shoot him accurately. However, in the end, his resistance was futile.

Li Lanfeng panicked when he saw Ling Lan getting hit. He screamed in agony, "Ling Lan!"

"Run!" Suddenly, a mecha appeared beside him. It was Ling Lan's imperial mecha. One of its arms had been chopped off.

Ling Lan flew in the other direction the moment she finished speaking.

At first, she thought that she would die under the sword. However, Li Lanfeng's interference gave her hope. Her Profound Insight found a route of escape for her and she grabbed the opportunity tightly. In spite of this, she still lost one of her mecha's arms.

Li Lanfeng was elated that Ling Lan was fine. He instantly ran away with Ling Lan.

"Lanfeng, let's split up." Ling Lan knew that Lord Jindao's target was her. If Li Lanfeng followed her, he would be killed too.

"Don't mind about me," Li Lanfeng replied calmly. He had already decided to protect Ling Lan at all costs. If Lord Jindao wanted to kill Ling Lan, he must kill him first.

Lord Jindao was fuming when he realised that Ling Lan managed to escape. At first, he wasn't serious so it was fine that Ling Lan had escaped. This time, he treated Ling Lan like a real opponent and attacked him with all his might. Yet, he still managed to escape. Lord Jindao felt humiliated.

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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》