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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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1238 Hidden Intentions!

After he received the answer he wanted, Han Jijyun turned to look at Li Yingjie. Li Yingjie couldn't maintain his arrogant facade under Han Jijyun's blatant stare and replied anxiously, "I was unwilling to accept Boss in the past but now, I respect him sincerely. I will never betray him."

Li Yingjie was arrogant and unruly. However, after staying with Lingtian for a while, he was finally willing to rein in his arrogance and listen to Ling Lan. At first, he joined Lingtian because he wanted to survive his period as a recruit safely. But, after so many years, Ling Lan had earned his respect with her powerful abilities and competent leadership.

He didn't expect to have such a good time in Lingtian. Moreover, he was promoted to a senior colonel under Ling Lan's guidance. The other descendants of the Li family, who were in the 4th division, might not be able to even reach this rank in their entire life. He had real military power too. His rank as a senior colonel wasn't just for show.

Every time he went back to the Li family, his relatives would look at him with envy and jealousy. You could imagine how delighted Li Yingie was to see their jealous expressions. Although his second eldest brother, Li Shiyu, was a senior colonel too, he was just a military doctor (Li Yingjie felt that being a brigade leader of a mecha brigade was better than being a military doctor).

Hence, he hoped that the inner circle of Lingtian wouldn't misunderstand him. His heart was with Lingtian. He had decided that he would remain in Lingtian for the rest of his life. He believed that if he followed Boss, he would be able to achieve higher height than he ever could on his own.

"That wasn't what I meant." Han Jijyun was speechless. "I just wanted to say that the Li family would help Lingtian because of you."

"That's true." Li Yingjie nodded immediately to the claim. He had always thought that he was the most suitable candidate for the family head of the Li family. His elder brother, Li Shiyu, used to be his direct competitor. However, his decision to become a military doctor meant that he had to give up the opportunity of becoming the family head. As for his eldest brother who he never saw before, he hadn't heard any news about his achievements. It meant that his eldest brother was probably an incapable person. He didn't have to worry about him snatching his family head position.

"Yan Three is a commoner. He doesn't belong to any families or factions. Thus, it's easier for him to be noticed by those upright officers within the military. During crucial times, he might be able to earn their support." Han Jijyun analysed all the brigade leaders thoroughly.

Personal ability was just one of the factors that allowed Yan Three to climb to his position today. The other factor was the support of those upright and strict officers. This bunch of officers didn't belong to any factions or organisations. However, when they noticed someone with a similar background, they would work together to help this person grow into one of their colleagues. That was why some commoners were able to climb to high positions in the military. This bunch of officers was helping them secretly.

Finally, Han Jijyun looked at Liu Furong. Liu Furong's position was like Yan Three but after his family integrated itself into the Ling family, Liu Furong belonged to the Ling family's faction.

"You don't have to say it. I know what my purpose is." Liu Furong stopped him from saying any more.

"Even if I don't say it, everyone knows it. I'm sure Vice Commander Yang knows it too." Han Jijyun turned and looked at Yang Mingzhi.

"Of course. Our commander trusts me but not completely. Liu Furong is my assistance as well as my resistance." Yang Mingzhi smiled. From the moment Ling Lan chose to send Liu Furong on the mission with him, he knew what Liu Furong's purpose was. He felt a bit dejected but he approved Ling Lan's decision. He acknowledged Ling Lan's leading ability even more now.

This arrangement proved that Ling Lan was a qualified leader. Only someone with both intelligence and boldness would be able to lead Lingtian to greater heights.

"I think the reason for Vice Commander Liu's presence is different from what you all are thinking." Zhao Jun suddenly opened his mouth.

"Oh?" Everyone looked at Zhao Jun curiously as they waited for his explanation.

"Among the ten of us, only Vice Commander Liu can represent the Ling family. Based on the general's prestige, Vice Commander Liu will be able to gain the general public's support. Sometimes, the support of the public is more important than the support of some officers," Zhao Jun explained calmly.

Everyone felt enlightened by his words. Yang Mingzhi and Liu Furong pondered over his words carefully and felt that this might be Ling Lan's true intention.

Yang Mingzhi sighed. "Ling Lan's competence as a leader is far greater than mine. I am too narrow-minded."

Liu Furong smiled knowingly. "Me too. Commander is young but he has great foresight. Our thoughts are still stuck in our small little worlds but he is already thinking about the universe."

Everyone continued the discussion for a period of time before leaving.

Zhao Jun wanted to go back to his room to take a rest when he heard Han Jijyun calling for him, "Brother Zhao, wait for a moment."

Zhao Jun turned around in astonishment. He had a good relationship with Li Lanfeng so Han Jijyun wasn't very close to him. Han Jijyun rarely came to look for him personally.

"What's the matter?" Zhao Jun asked.

"Who told you about the reason for Vice Commander Liu's presence?" Han Jijyun asked Zhao Jun directly.

"Why do you ask?" Zhao Jun smiled.

"I know that you're smart. You never outwardly show it but I know that you and Qi Long are always well aware of what is happening around you. You're just too lazy to use your brain. Well, that's probably because there's a very smart person beside you all the time. You have Leader Li Lanfeng, while Qi Long has me." Han Jijyun said indifferently, "I'm not looking down on you but you won't be able to think about that if no one told you."

Zhao Jun shrugged. "You already know who it is."

"Li Lanfeng!" Han Jijyun said firmly.

"Since you already knew it, why are you still asking me?" Zhao Jun was confused.

"I just want to confirm my prediction," Han Jijyun replied.

"Then?" Zhao Jun couldn't understand why intelligent people always make things so complicated.

"I lost to him again. Please tell him that this will be the last time I lose to him." Han Jijyun left immediately after he finished pouring his thoughts out.

Zhao Jun felt speechless as he looked at Han Jijyun's disappearing back. He lowered his head and said, "Did you hear it?"

"Yes, I heard it." Li Lanfeng's voice entered Zhao Jun's ear. Zhao Jun was wearing an earpiece all this while. Zhao Jun was talking to Li Lanfeng before Han Jijyun stopped him.

"You really know how to play with people, huh? Are you learning from Zhuge Liang? You asked me to open the message you sent me on the communicator after Boss's name appeared." Zhao Jun secretly complained in his heart. That's right, Li Lanfeng was the one who played with him.

"I'm just worried that they will misunderstand Boss. I said that if someone managed to understand Boss's real intention, you won't have to say anything." Li Lanfeng laughed softly.

"You know that no one will understand Boss's real intention. If not, you wouldn't have sent that message." Zhao Jun rolled his eyes. Why did Li Lanfeng pretend to be kind when he was actually looking down on everyone's intelligence?

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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》