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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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1197 King Muqi!

Most of the people of the Twilight Empire were greatly dissatisfied with the royal family so they all rushed to the streets to protest. They were denouncing the government. They wanted the king and his inner circle to take full responsibility for starting this war.

The current government of the Twilight Empire was in chaos. While they were making preparations for war, they also needed to put aside some time to appease the emotions of those who opposed the war in their nation.

At that moment, in the intergalactic area that connected the Huaxia Federation and the Twilight Empire, there was a secret satellite spaceport. On that spaceport, many large divisions had already silently gathered there.

Ling Xiao walked down the space shuttle and asked He Xuyang who was beside him, "They're all here?"

He Xuyang nodded and said, "4th Division's Commander Luo Mingkun, 7th Division's Commander Yuwen Jian, and the 13th Division's Commander Qi Yaoyang have already arrived at the command center, and are currently waiting for you."

"They came here pretty early." Ling Xiao raised his eyebrow. Not everyone accepted him in the military. He was already prepared for someone to arrive later in order to usurp his command.

He Xuyang smiled after hearing those words. "Um, Li Yuanbin followed Commander Luo here and Staff Officer Zhang Helun came with Commander Yuwen."

Ling Xiao's footsteps slowed down a bit when he heard a familiar name. He smirked and said, "So it's him…"

He Xuyang knew who Ling Xiao referred to by 'him'. It was because the 4th Division's general wouldn't deliberately come late because of their relationship with the Li family. After all, both of the publicly known successors from the Li family were working under his daughter. He had to at least give some respect to the father of the regiment commander of their successors. Ling Xiao originally thought the 7th Division's Commander Yuwen Jian would use this opportunity to cement his authority through defying him… but now it seemed Ling Xiao's old subordinates didn't allow such a thing to happen.

"Let's go see them." Ling Xiao smiled and sat in the prepared hover car. They quickly flew towards the inner parts of the spaceport where the command center was built.

Click… clack… click…

The generals along with their vice generals were all sitting in the command center when they heard the distinct sound of confident footsteps coming closer and closer.

Whoosh! The door of the command center opened automatically. Everyone turned around to look and saw a heroic and yet mild-mannered soldier. Just one look was enough to invoke good feelings about him.

"General Ling!" Everyone stood up immediately and saluted.

Ling Xiao walked into the command center and smiled, "Everyone, please sit."

Everyone then sat back down.

Ling Xiao walked to the main seat and sat down. He Xuyang then immediately handed Ling Xiao the documents he had prepared.

He Xuyang's assistants also handed out documents they had prepared to the other division commanders and their vice generals.

Ling Xiao pointed at the documents and said, "This is the assault plan I've drawn up. Everyone take a look and see if it's alright."

After hearing those words, everyone opened the documents and carefully examined them.

After reading through a few pages, many people frowned. Yuwen Jian was the first who couldn't hold it in. He closed the document and asked, "General, isn't this plan too risky? Every step has many uncertain factors. The plan doesn't look good."

Ling Xiao nodded in agreement. "I also think it's a bit risky. However, I must make something clear, and that is we do not have much time."

After hearing those words, everyone's expressions turned heavy. In reality, after they had received orders to attack the Twilight Empire, they knew the Federation didn't give them much time to prepare.

Once Caesar decided to join the battle, the results cannot be predicted anymore. Although the Federation was hell-bent on going to war, they still didn't want to get into a bad position because of it. The burden on their backs was undoubtedly heavy.

Liu Mingkun's finger tapped on the table and a thought appeared in his mind. He then asked, "How many god-class operators did the military headquarters send to aid us? Other than you general." As the commander-in-chief, Ling Xiao wouldn't go into battle that easily. They could only hope the military headquarters could provide them with some more military strength and more god-class operators. That way, when they went through with this plan, they would be more confident.

"Falling Snow Zhong Zhengxiu, Sky Full Of Stars Ren Jianghui, and Hell Hound Lian Yigui." Ling Xiao slowly read out the list of god-class operators that he had already received.

However, the names of these three individuals didn't make the looks on everyone's face get any better. It was because these three people never had the upper hand when fighting against the Twilight Empire's great mecha lords. It could be said that the three god-class operators the Federation had sent were those on the bottom of the barrel of god-class mecha operators. Sky Full Of Stars Ren Jianghui was even the lowest ranked god-class mecha master amongst all of the god-class operators.

"There's one more. King Muqi!" However, after Ling Xiao read out the last name on the list, everyone became much more relaxed. King Muqi was one of the top three god-class operators of the Federation. Even though Ling Xiao rose up above him in recent years, no one dared to question King Muqi's capabilities. Some even thought that in terms of battle experience and performance, Ling Xiao might not even be able to compare to him even though Ling Xiao's piloting capabilities were known throughout the galaxy as having no weaknesses.

When the other two generals and their vice general were smiling from the news, Ling Xiao and Qi Yaoyang looked at each other with a gaze that only the two of them understood.

Ling Xiao knew very well that Qi Yaoyang probably did something to have King Muqi join the war. When he received the list of names, he was also shocked. It should be known that King Muqi had always been stationed at the northeastern border. He had been guarding the area for almost 60 years while never showing his face to the public.

"Then, when will the four god-class operators arrive and how will they be distributed?" asked Yuwen Jian in a concerned tone.

"Falling Snow Zhong Zhengxiu, Sky Full Of Stars Ren Jianghui and Hell Hound Lian Yigui will probably be arriving today. King Muqi's time of arrival has not been confirmed yet," replied Ling Xiao.

"According to the danger level of the plan, I will arrange for the appropriate god-class operator to assist," Ling Xiao said as he pointed at the documents in front of him. "Now everyone can think about which path you would like to take."

After he said those words, the entire command center became dead silent. All of the division commanders were calculating which path they should take on. It was just as Ling Xiao had mentioned. There were four paths they could take. There were safer paths and more dangerous paths. However, once they complete the missions, the merits and rewards would be on par with the level of risk they took on the path.

"I will choose the second path," Luo Mingkun and Li Yuanbin discussed amongst themselves for a moment and was the first to ask for the mission on the second path.

Compared to the other paths, the second one was somewhat safer. The mission was more mechanical in nature and it would be in close proximity to all the other three paths. Despite there being a battle there, it was still more like a path for cleaning up the aftermath.

It wasn't because they were afraid of taking risks and danger but rather, it was because compared to the other divisions, the 4th Division was clearly less powerful.

Could the 4th Division's military power be worse than the 23rd Division that had just been established recently? Well, the 23rd Division had General Ling Xiao. If there was any danger, the general could just use his god-class mecha and join the battle as the top ranked god-class operator of the Federation. No one would be able to go against him unless he met up with the Twilight Empire's top three god-class operators at the same time.

Compared to the 23rd Division's confidence in Ling Xiao, the 4th Division wasn't too confident with themselves. Even if there were two god-class operators helping them, they were not Ling Xiao. It just wasn't enough even if there were two god-class mecha operators.

Knowing themselves very well, the 4th Division would, of course, choose the path that was most appropriate. All in all, they were still thinking on the safe side and wouldn't be willing to take any risks that easily.

After hearing Luo Mingkun choosing the second path, Yuwen Jian pondered for a moment before saying, "Then, I'll choose the third path."

Although the third path was dangerous, it was still a mission that suited his likings. Additionally, the path he chose was considered to be the least defended path according to the information the military headquarters had given them.

Qi Yaoyang looked through the documents back and forth, and then said calmly, "I choose the first path."

"General!" His vice general, Jin Anlong had a slight change in expression and shouted out loud.

"Don't worry." Qi Yaoyang smiled as he patted his shoulder to comfort him.

Jin Anlong's mouth moved but in the end, he swallowed his opinion to oppose the idea and accepted his general's decision.

Ling Xiao had a happy look in his eyes. It seemed that in more than a year's worth of time, Qi Yaoyang had already made the soldiers and officers respect him, completely taking control of the 13th Division.

"The first path is very dangerous. There are many positions with heavy amounts of troops from the Twilight Empire." Ling Xiao thought for a moment and then continued, "How about this? King Muqi and Sky Full Of Stars Ren Jianghui will follow the 13th Division."

Ling Xiao looked towards the 7th Division's general, Yuwen Jian, and said, "Hell Hound Lian Yigui will follow the 7th Division. Falling Snow Zhong Zhengxiu will aid the 4th Division."

Yuwen Jian was slightly unhappy with Ling Xiao's arrangements of god-class operators. However, after thinking the 13th Division had chosen the first path, the chance they would face a god-class operator was much higher. Hell Hound Lian Yigui was also clearly stronger than the 4th Division's Falling Snow Zhong Zhengxiu. He wasn't even considered weak when compared to the Twilight Empire's top three god-class operators. With Hell Hound by aiding him, they would probably be fine along the way.

The 4th Division Commander Luo Mingkun also didn't have anything to say. They were only doing a mechanical mission. A god-class mecha master that wasn't weak was enough for him. He originally thought they would be given the weakest god-class operator, Sky Full Of Stars Ren Jianghui. He didn't expect Ling Xiao to give them special care which was Falling Snow Zhong Zhengxiu.

Qi Yaoyang also didn't disagree with Ling Xiao's arrangements. In reality, King Muqi joining the war had something to do with him. Thus, no matter which path he took, King Muqi would definitely be following him. If he had chosen the somewhat safer routes and King Muqi followed him, it would be too much. It would make Ling Xiao be in a tough spot in terms of the distribution of god-class mecha operators.

Thus, Qi Yaoyang choosing the route for frontal assault was predetermined. Ling Xiao already knew his intent to choose the dangerous route. That was why he sent Sky Full Of Stars Ren Jianghui to him. It was to decrease the pressure and burdens for Qi Yaoyang.

"Alright, everyone has chosen what they want. Then, my 23rd Division will be responsible for the fourth path," smiled Ling Xiao.

The fourth path was not any easier than the first path, it might be even more dangerous. That was because the first path was a clear frontline assault route. It was going to be used as a decoy to try to attract all the attention of the Twilight Empire. The fourth route on the other hand, was a route for a sneak attack, entering the borders of the Twilight Empire without being discovered. They would attack the capital planet that housed the government powers directly to completely take out the morale of the Twilight Empire.

In order to cover the 23rd Division's movements, the 4th Division responsible for the mechanical mission will be disguising themselves as the 23rd Division. They would create the illusion that their general was in the backlines commanding the troops.

Everyone had received their respective assignments. They were waiting for the god-class operators to arrive to officially begin their assault.

Qi Yaoyang purposely stayed behind. He waited until Luo Mingkun and Yuwen Jian left the command center before turning around to speak to Ling Xiao, "King Muqi will probably get here today as well."

Ling Xiao nodded to show that he already knew about it. He wasn't angry about the fact that King Muqi went to Qi Yaoyang instead of him. Ling Xiao knew the relationship between King Muqi and Qi Yaoyang. The relationship was told to him by Qi Yaoyang himself.

If those from Northeastern Muqi didn't join the military, they would always say their surname was 'Muqi'. If they were to join the military, they would choose one of the surnames between the two choices. Qi Yaoyang chose the surname 'Qi' back in the day.

As an elder of the Northeastern Muqi, King Muqi would, of course, not want anything to happen to Qi Yaoyang in this dangerous war since Qi Yaoyang was the imperial mecha master who was the closest to reaching god-class operator status. Thus, he personally came to protect this junior of his. Otherwise, why would this god-class operator who was already prepared to die of old age come out once again onto the battlefield? Why would he appear on the frontlines?

All in all, King Muqi was here for Qi Yaoyang and was only responsible for Qi Yaoyang himself. His presence wasn't in any way related to Ling Xiao.

Qi Yaoyang and Ling Xiao continued to talk with each other. Compared to the other two divisions, they had more trust in each other.

In reality, whether Ling Xiao's sneak attack would be successful was dependent on how strong of an act Qi Yaoyang put on the front lines. Of course, if the 7th Division performed well, it would be even better. That way, Ling Xiao would be more confident in his sneak attack on the Twilight Empire's capital planet. However, Ling Xiao and Qi Yaoyang wouldn't put their hopes in others. If they did that, they would be too passive and be in more danger. They liked it more when they could have everything in their control.

After they finished discussing, Qi Yaoyang said his goodbyes to Ling Xiao and left the command center. After he walked out, Vice General Jin Anlong finally couldn't hold it in and asked, "General, are you in alliance with General Ling Xiao?"

'Wasn't general under the Third Marshal's faction? Why would he be in such good relations with General Ling who was a part of the First Marshal's faction?' Vice General Jin Anlong, who followed Qi Yaoyang all the way here, felt he figured out a secret.

"I know you're neutral and have nothing to do with the factions of the three marshals…" Qi Yaoyang smiled indifferently. "Although the general and I are of different factions, our goals and dreams are the same. Factions are factions, but they cannot stop us from reaching our goals."

After saying that, Qi Yaoyang turned towards Jin Anlong and continued, "Like you, even though you're neutral, your goal is still the same as mine. To me, you are the most important comrade and someone who I have the most trust in."

Jin Anlong's expression changed instantly. A bright light flashed through his eyes and a feeling of happiness from being finally understood began to emerge in his mind.

"General…" Jin Anlong wanted to say something. However, as someone who wasn't too good with his words, he didn't know what to say.

"Alright, let's not dilly-dally. Now, let's perform perfectly in this war. We will need to work hard." Qi Yaoyang had a huge smile on his face as he patted Jin Anlong on the shoulder before getting in the hover car.

Jin Anlong looked towards Qi Yaoyang's tall and husky silhouette and smiled slightly. Perhaps, he had finally found a capable general who he could give all of his loyalty towards.

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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》