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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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1189 Innate Talent Replication!

While Ling Lan and Li Lanfeng were finding the relationship between Ling Lan's assassination and the organisation on Planet Azure, Little Four, who was inspecting Tao Xiaotao, suddenly shouted excitedly in Ling Lan's mindscape, "Boss, Boss!"

"What is it?" Ling Lan asked.

"I sense some fluctuation in Tao Xiaotao's brain. The fluctuation of the wavelength is similar to a product from Mandora." This was the first time Little Four discovered a trace of his home galaxy, Mandora. He was shaking with excitement, making his plump cheeks ever so giggly.

"What?" Ling Lan was dumbstruck. She had always thought Little Four was the only trace of Mandora in her galaxy as the Mandora Galaxy was just too far away from them. Ling Lan couldn't even imagine that another creation from Mandora would be able to enter her galaxy. Yet, Little Four claimed that he found something from Mandora.

"Wait. The fluctuation is so small. I almost lost it. Let me feel it properly." Little Four couldn't reply to Ling Lan as he was still in the midst of feeling out the fluctuation, so Ling Lan had no choice but to remain patient.

Li Lanfeng was surprised when Ling Lan suddenly stopped talking. He turned his head to the side and glanced at Ling Lan. He realized she was looking intently at Tao Xiaotao.

He whispered softly, "Did you discover something?"

Ling Lan nodded at Li Lanfeng, before turning her attention back to Tao Xiaotao.

Li Lanfeng knew that Ling Lan must have made an important discovery so he didn't dare to disturb Ling Lan. He quickly placed his index finger on his lips, signalling to Li Shiyu to be quiet.

After a few minutes, Little Four shouted in her mindscape, "It appeared again. I finally caught it."

"What is it? Is it really from Mandora?" Ling Lan was serious. If this was related to Mandora, things would get complicated.

"It has the aura of Mandora but it's slightly different. Let me confirm it again. Damn it, why is the fluctuation so tiny," Little Four muttered.

A few minutes past again. Little Four's angry and disappointed tone was heard. "It's just a low-quality replica. How disappointing."

"Replica?" Ling Lan relaxed. She would be worried if it was really from Mandora, it might mean an alien invasion. Fortunately, it was a replica. However, since there was a replica, the real item must exist too. Where was the real item? Who had it?

Ling Lan and Little Four thought of the same thing. But, their reactions were totally different. Little Four was elated while Ling Lan was worried.

"Little Four, what replica is it?" It's better to prepare beforehand.

"It's similar to a mecha learning device like me. It's a replica of an innate talent creation device." Little Four replied.

"An innate talent creation device?" This was an unfamiliar name.

"It's used to create innate talents for children who couldn't awaken their own innate talent. However, the innate talent created through this device won't evolve so the person will remain at the bottom of the society, but this is just a low-quality replica. It can't pick and choose innate talents like the real thing. There is only one innate talent in it." Little Four explained.

"Huh? Weird, they changed this part." Little Four was surprised.

"What is the matter?" Ling Lan got curious.

"It can only create one innate talent but the innate talent can evolve and become stronger… no wait, this isn't an innate talent creation device!" Little Four exclaimed loudly, "It's the forbidden innate talent replicating device!"

Little Four started trembling. The innate talent replicating device had caused many deaths in Mandora. In the end, it was destroyed by the previous Intellect King. He thought that all the devices had been destroyed but it appeared again in another galaxy.

"What's the matter?" Ling Lan felt that the situation might be worse than she had thought when she saw Little Four's pale face.

"When the innate talent replicating device was created, many powerful people died that year. This was because there was one criterion in order to replicate someone's innate talent. The targeted person must be on the brink of death. In the instant before the spirit disappears, the innate talent can be replicated." Little Four didn't know why he had such scary memories.

He controlled his fear as he continued, "Not only that, it would take away a portion of the person's memory when it replicates the innate talent. The way when you use the replicated innate talent, you will be no different than its original owner. The person who invented this just wanted to prevent some powerful innate talents from disappearing but the implications it brought were too great. Many deaths occurred in that dark period. Even the Intellect King had no choice but to destroy all the innate talent replicating devices. I didn't expect it to appear here. Boss, you must not let it be known here. Once humans know its uses, countless deaths will follow.."

Little Four finally told Ling Lan the danger of the innate talent replicating device. Once someone knew its uses, they would definitely take advantage of it.

Ling Lan's facial expression turned grave. She didn't expect this device to be so frightening. If someone wanted her innate talent and used this device to replicate it from her, she might not be able to resist.

"Do you mean that the real Shadow King is dead?" Ling Lan finally understood what happened.

"Yes. This is just a low-quality replica. It's only able to replicate one innate talent," Little Four replied firmly.

"Can this device be made easily?" It was powerful even if it could only replicate one innate talent.

"No. I've researched the natural resources in your galaxy. The creation of this device requires cells of a particular being in Mandora which cannot be found in your galaxy. The scientists who made this replica must have found another living thing to replace it, and thus deteriorating the quality. Plus, the memory metal found in Mandora doesn't exist here too. I found something that can replace it but the quality just isn't up to par. There isn't a lot of this replacement too so they won't be able to make many replicas."

"That's good." The only other device she saw was on Gu Zhengrong.

"Can you take that device out of Tao Xiaotao's body?" Ling Lan asked. They might be able to easily examine it if they extract it from Tao Xiaotao's body.

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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》