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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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1104 New Technique!

No one was shocked by the fact that Yang Mingzhi was a domain realm master. They were just shocked at how sturdy his barrier was. It was sturdy enough to protect all the 20 people behind it.

The force of the explosion was equal to the impact of Yu Wei and Li Lanfeng's domain attacks combined. Yet, the barrier didn't crack or move under such immense force.

They were all domain realm masters. Thus, they were well aware that making such a huge barrier required much energy and concentration. Yet, Yang Mingzhi seemed extremely relaxed when doing such a task. He only used one hand to control the barrier and he still seemed to have a lot of energy back in his tank.

"That Major General Yang must be a titled domain realm formidable warrior." Lin Yang was jealous.

One in ten million people would be able to advance to the domain realm. Compared to that, the probability of someone becoming a titled domain realm formidable warrior was even slimmer. After that, the probability of becoming an imperial stage domain expert was almost zero. Even more than that, becoming an imperial realm formidable warrior was basically becoming a world wonder. This was why there were only nine imperial realm formidable warriors in the human world. An even more frightening existence were the two god-realm formidable warriors.

"Regiment Commander Yu, your domain concept is really powerful." Li Lanfeng smiled and looked up. "But, please do be careful from now on."

Yu Wei immediately got on his guard when he heard the warning.

Until now, he wasn't sure what Li Lanfeng's domain concept was. However, since he dared to warn him, it must be powerful.

The space around Li Lanfeng started distorting. It turned black. The black distorted space started spreading out and swallowing all the energy around it.

The people from Lingtian were shocked at how Li Lanfeng was using his domain concept.

Yang Mingzhi retracted his barrier when it almost came in contact with Li Lanfeng's virtual domain territory. A hint of agitation finally appeared on his ever-calm face. He said in a low voice, "Move back now."

Li Lanfeng's virtual domain concept was too frightening, even for him. It could virtualize any energy within its territory and alter them to his domain concept. Li Lanfeng was the kind of opponent the team leaders from Lingtian never wanted to meet, as his domain concept was just too sinister. There was no way of breaking through it.

Besides Boss Ling Lan, no one could defeat Li Lanfeng, not even Qi Long. Of course, Li Lanfeng couldn't defeat Qi Long too. The two people with the strongest physical skills were not Yang Mingzhi or any of the veteran soldiers. It was the young Qi Long and Li Lanfeng.

"What concept is that? Is it cutting off my senses or is it swallowing my concept?" Yu Wei's expression changed when he felt his domain energy disappearing into the black distorted space.

"Heaven-Defying Finger!" Li Lanfeng pushed his right forefinger towards Yu Wei. The black concept energy could be seen on the tip of his finger. It drew a black line in the air as it moved towards Yu Wei.

Li Lanfeng's attack wasn't fast by any means. In fact, it was quite slow. On any other occasion, Yu Wei would be able to dodge it easily. However, for some reason, Yu Wei felt his thought slowing down to a turtle-like pace. He wanted to move quickly but his mind was reacting very slowly to everything that was happening, which caused his movements to slow down.

"What is happening? Why isn't Regiment Commander Yu dodging?" Lin Yang and the other regiment commanders noticed an oddness in Yu Wei's inaction.

"That is probably not a simple attack!" Lin Yang stared at Li Lanfeng's forefinger. Suddenly, he felt his mind being locked up. He couldn't think properly.

'This is bad.' Lin Yang quickly activated his domain concept and broke the shackles caused by the finger.

By the time Lin Yang returned to normal, there was cold sweat all over his body. He was only a spectator but he still got affected by the finger. He could understand why Yu Wei didn't move now.

If Yu Wei couldn't escape the control of the finger, he would lose this fight.

Yu Wei seemed to have sensed something odd with the finger too. He opened his eyes wide and roared out in anger.

Boom! The air around him exploded, disrupting his domain territory as well as Li Lanfeng's domain territory in the process.

Yu Wei had decisively exploded the heat domain concept in the air around him. He made use of the vibration from the particles to break free from the shackles of Li Lanfeng's finger.

Yu Wei immediately retreated back. Li Lanfeng's attack didn't succeed.

"F**k, did Li Lanfeng comprehend another new technique? Is he human? Do good things only come after you are almost beaten to death by Boss?" The people from Lingtian were green with envy when they saw Li Lanfeng using a new technique.

Li Yingjie heard this and rolled his eyes. "What are you saying? Why didn't I get anything out after I almost got beaten to death?"

"Are you sure? Little Leader Li, if you didn't get beaten so badly, would you have advanced to the domain realm?" One of the older team leaders beside him didn't agree with what he said. Li Yingjie managed to advance to the domain realm after he almost died in Boss's hands.

Li Yingjie was so badly injured that he couldn't get up from the healing pod for half a month but, the benefits he got after the beating were worth it. Many team leaders and deputies who hadn't advanced to the domain realm wished that they were in his position.

Li Yingjie was speechless by what he heard, but after he thought about it. 'Well, it did seem as though I got some benefit.'

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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》