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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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1094 A Visit!

Seeing a kick coming towards him at rapid speed, Zhang Chao quickly crossed his arms in front of his chest to protect himself.


A loud sound of flesh-on-flesh contact echoed through the area.

Zhang Chao took two steps back uncontrollably. He looked up towards Han Xuya with a dumbfounded yet serious expression on his face.

"Qi-Jin!" What was more shocking was that the power behind the kick was not at the primary stage of Qi-Jin. Instead, it was probably at the middle stage of Qi-Jin.

Ling Lan's help allowed Han Xuya to enter Qi-Jin stage. Additionally, her accumulated inner strength allowed her to skip through the primary stage of Qi-Jin to instantly reach the middle stage of Qi-Jin.

After seeing her kick landing, Han Xuya didn't let up and followed up with another set of whirlwind kicks, furthering the distance between Zhang Chao and her. Despite Zhang Chao having already reached the peak stage of Qi-Jin, which was two stage higher than Han Xuya, he was still unable to turn the tide because how the fight went at the beginning. This made it so he was constantly at a disadvantage in every exchange.

At that exact moment, Yu Wei arrived with his 35 Heavenly Warriors. The moment he arrived, he frowned when he saw Zhang Chao being beaten back by a female soldier. With his vast experience, he saw through the fact that Zhang Chao was being pressured by his opponent's presence. As long as he overcame his opponent's force of presence when it was fluctuating, he would be able to turn the situation around.

However, even after thinking up to this point, he was still considering whether he should wait for Zhang Chao to turn the tide and then step in. Suddenly, his gaze landed on the majors and colonels standing near the door of Lingtian's camping grounds.

What he saw in his gaze instantly made his heart tremble so he immediately shouted, "Stop!"

Zhang Chao was just looking for a chance to turn the tides to his favour but suddenly, he heard his regiment commander shouting for him to stop which surprised him, causing him to fail to evade an incoming kick.


Han Xuya ruthlessly kicked his shoulder. The immense power behind the kick made him unable to stand firmly anymore. He was instantly pushed back six or seven steps before he managed to stop himself.

"My apologies!" Han Xuya smiled as she placed her hand on her chest and mockingly bowed towards Zhang Chao. Then, she turned her back and quickly returned to the position beside Xie Yi and Qi Long.

Zhang Chao's expression was somewhat pale after the altercation as Han Xuya's explosive Qi-Jin had invaded his body through her kick. To protect himself from being injured further, he immediately moved his own Qi-Jin around his body and disposed of the energy that was destroying the cells in his body.

After making sure it was completely dispelled, Zhang Chao looked towards his regiment commander and said in an embarrassed tone, "I'm sorry, regiment commander!"

As a soldier who was defeated by their opponent, especially if the opponent was a woman who was weaker than him, Zhang Chao felt he had lost all of his dignity while simultaneously also embarrassing Piercing Arrow Mecha Clan.

Yu Wei sent a ruthless glare to Zhang Chao, then he turned towards Qi Long's group with an amiable smile on his face, "Hello, everyone. My subordinate was too hot-headed just now. If he offended you, please forgive him!"

After Regiment Commander Yu spoke up for his subordinate, Qi Long and the others suddenly looked behind them.

At the door, two major general rank soldiers were already standing behind them.

Seeing the two new individuals who appeared were actually two major generals, everyone from Piercing Arrow were stunned. Yu Wei and his 36 Heavenly Warriors politely shouted in unplanned unison, "Major general, sir!"

Seeing everyone gaze fixated on them, the 40 or 50-year-old easy-going major general on the left smiled slightly. "Regiment Commander Yu, getting to know people through battle in the military is considered normal so this won't be a problem."

Of course, saying that made the similar aged major general standing beside him show an expression of disagreement. However, he still needed to uphold the validity of his comrade's words so he didn't speak up to rebut against him.

The reason Yang Mingzhi and Liu Furong arrived late to the party was because they had gone to the headquarters to speak with their camping grounds' mainframe, Meng Lan, to know who were the ones finding trouble with them. Thus, when Zhang Chao called out 'regiment commander', the two of them instantly knew that this senior colonel who brought his team here was definitely Piercing Arrow Mecha Clan's regiment commander, Yu Wei.

Hearing them already know who he was, Yu Wei was shocked. He didn't think that in such a short time of ten days since they had arrived at the base, they actually managed to get hold of detailed information regarding the base and the people inside the base. This meant that their method of collecting data was truly impressive.

Although the details of the clans could be found on the mainframe of the base, these details of the clans still required authorization from the highest power. Only the mecha clan's commander-in-chief could look through the details.

However, Yu Wei knew very well that the commanding officer of the base, Yu Huan, didn't give this authorization to Lingtian. Even if he had handed it to Lingtian, it would still need to go through a rigorous procedure to even access it. That procedure was to have half of the regiment commanders in the base to agree with the authorization. Otherwise, Lingtian wouldn't have the authority to use the base's mainframe and receive the details of all the mecha clans in the base.

Thus, having managed to get their hands on his details meant that Lingtian definitely had means to bypass through the mainframe of the base. No matter what method it might have been, it was enough to show how they impressive they were. Yu Wei knew very well that he himself couldn't even completely remember all of the commanders of mecha clans in the base even after he had been in the base for a very long time…

What Yu Wei didn't know was that Ling Lan didn't even wished for this to happen. Little Four just happened to take over Base Nebula's mainframe which Meng Lan also then took over and connected it to their own camping grounds. By connecting to their camping grounds allowed the leaders and department heads of Lingtian to know about any details regarding any of the other clans…

However, whether they would obtain the details depended on Meng Lan and Little Four's moods. If their moods were good, they would tell them. If not… they'll just have to go back to where they came from.

What made Yu Wei feel frightened even more was that this unknown mecha clan actually had many strong individuals hidden within it…

Yu Wei was a domain realm master. That fact allowed him to feel around 10 or so dangerous auras in the group of majors and colonels. This feeling sent chills down his spine, despite the fact that on the outside they were at the peak stage of Qi-Jin or the stage of Great Perfection.

Luckily, Yu Wei was someone who crawled out alive from the battlefield. He had used this feeling to escape from sure death situations one after the other so how could he neglect that feeling just now? This was why he decisively called out to stop the fight.

After hearing that this major general was not upset at Zhang Chao, Yu Wei was relieved. Before he could know their true depths, Yu Wei didn't want to offend Lingtian.

"Thank you for your understanding, major general," Yu Wei said gratefully.

"Since everything is sorted, Regiment Commander Yu, we won't be showing you out," the major general with the cold expression suddenly said.

Yu Wei was instantly stunned and immediately said, "Major general, I am Piercing Arrow Mecha Clan's regiment commander, Regiment Commander Yu Wei. I came specifically with my 36 leaders for a visit to Lingtian Mecha Clan."

"Visit?" The major general with the cold expression quickly raised his head and glared at Yu Wei. "Is it the type of 'visit' I understand?"

Yu Wei smiled slightly but didn't speak.

The easy-going major general saw this and smiled. "I can't recall a time when Lingtian had allied clans coming over for a visit. This really brings tears to my eyes. If that's the case…" He suddenly turned his head to the left and said, "Then, you guys come in as well."

After saying that, many people suddenly appeared on their left. It was Lin Yang and the Slaughter Mecha Clan.

"Major general, we came without being invited. Please forgive us," Lin Yang politely smiled as he apologized.

"No matter. Since everyone wants to visit our Lingtian Mecha Clan, then we will show you around." The easy-going major general smiled. " Visiting today is better than tomorrow but let's wait for everyone to come."

Meng Lan was very clear with her words. Many individuals from many mecha clans were moving towards them at a very fast speed. Instead of greeting them one by one, he would rather resolve everything in one go.

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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》