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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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1070 Number Of People

"In that case, let's see how powerful of a clan has Ling Lan's mecha clan grown into." Huo Zhenyu smiled too.

They were shocked at first but after calming down, they realized that Ling Lan's mecha clan was the best mecha clan for them. After the battle on Planet Haijiao, a normal mecha clan wouldn't be able to satisfy them anymore.

They longed for battles and blood. They wanted to fight! The more peaceful their lives were, the more torturous it was for them as only the blood of their enemies could make them forget their sorrow. This was the only way they could take revenge for their comrades who had died under their hands.

Luo Lang sat in a hover car and looked at the hover buses behind him. He turned around and said to Xie Yi happily, "Xie Yi, this time, we won, right? We recruited almost a thousand recruits. The other teams couldn't possibly have more people than us."

The people from the 250 Ace Mecha Mecha Clan were split into six teams. Before they left, they made a bet to see which team would snatch the most people.

Xie Yi smiled and nodded his head. "I feel the same way too." He never expected those seemingly useless personalities to be so useful at fooling people. His boss was right. Everything has its own uses. It just depended on whether the person knew how to use it or not.

Soon, they arrived at the entrance of their base. The moment they entered through gates, they saw Lin Zhong-qing and Li Shiyu waiting for them.

Luo Lang got down from his hover car and asked in surprise. "Why are you here?" When he was near the base, he contacted Meng Lan to ask her to prepare for the recruits he was about to bring. At that time, Li Shiyu and Lin Zhong-qing weren't back yet.

"I heard from Meng Lan that you are bringing in 998 recruits. Hence, we came here to help." Lin Zhong-qing smiled. From the list he got from Meng Lan, he knew that most of the recruits were mecha operators, even those who weren't mecha operators were the outstanding among their peers too. What made him happy was that, these 998 recruits applied to become logisticians.

Which mecha clan could be so extravagant like theirs? All the top recruits who were supposed to be mecha operators came to their mecha clan to become logisticians. Although these logisticians would become mecha operators in the future, they would still need to stay in the logistics department for a while before they met the requirements to become a mecha operator.

Lin Zhong-qing never wanted to keep these top recruits as logisticians. He just wanted to use these talented and strong mecha operators to stimulate his current logisticians so that his logisticians wouldn't be too proud of themselves.

"Zhong-qing, how many people did you get from the logistics department?" Luo Lang was most concerned about this question.

Lin Zhong-qing smiled gently. "Fewer than you. I only have 600 people. However, they'll be sent here three days later."

The logistics department still needed some time to gather the 600 logisticians. Under the pressure of Lin Zhong-qing and Li Shiyu, they promised to send the logisticians to them three days later. Lin Zhong-qing and Li Shiyu were satisfied with the answer so they obediently went back to their base. However, they didn't expect Luo Lang and Xie Yi to give them such a huge surprise when they came back.

"Haha, 600? That's not bad too. It's just fewer than us." Luo Lang smiled brightly. Finally, he managed to win once.

With the help of Lin Zhong-qing, the 998 recruits got sent to their recruit dormitory.

After he finished, Qi Long and Han Jijyun came back too. They snatched almost 400 soldiers from the Middle Second Corps. They thought that they had snatched many soldiers but when they heard that Luo Lang and Xie Yi brought back 998 recruits and Li Shiyu and Lin Zhong-qing brought back 600 logisticians, they felt frustrated.

However, their frustration didn't last for long. The other teams came back but the number of soldiers they came back with was fewer than the three teams who came back first. The number was around from 200 to 300.

Lin Zhong-qing calculated the number of soldiers they got and sighed. "Even after snatching soldiers from everywhere, we only got around 2800 soldiers. Adding the 500 soldiers that we already have, we only have 3300 soldiers in our mecha clan. It's still fewer than the minimum requirements of 5000 soldiers."

"We still need 1700 soldiers. This number is quite huge." Everyone frowned. They knew why they needed to get soldiers so quickly. They needed to have a full team. That was the only way they could prevent other factions from stuffing men into their mecha clan.

"Actually, it's fewer than 1700 soldiers." Li Lanfeng smiled. "Have you forgotten the people in the medical center?"

"Those people came from different backgrounds…" Yang Mingzhi didn't trust those people.

"If you put them in someone else's hands, they might be trouble. However, to our regiment commander, they're nothing." Li Lanfeng was confident in Ling Lan.

"That's right. Boss will subdue them." As a firm supporter of Ling Lan, Luo Lang supported Li Lanfeng's opinion on the matter.

Li Lanfeng smiled at Luo Lang. Luo Lang replied with a bright smile. Unconsciously, they reached an agreement.

Xie Yi felt his heart tightening when he saw this scene. He decided to watch over Luo Lang carefully to prevent him from getting fooled by the evil Li Lanfeng.

"Report!" Just as they were discussing among themselves, a soldier suddenly appeared at the entrance.

"What's the matter?" Lin Zhong-qing turned to the soldier and asked.

"Leader, a mecha team has just come to our base." The soldiers looked elated. "It's Evil Wind. The Evil Wind Mecha Team has come."

"What's going on?" Ever since they parted on Planet Haijiao, they had never heard anything from Evil Wind again. Thus, when they suddenly received news about their old friends, everyone was stunned.

"Let's go over and take a look." Yang Mingzhi suggested.

Everyone rushed to the entrance of their base. They saw a team of more than a hundred people coming down a hover bus. The person in the lead was the leader of Evil Wind, Yan Three.

"Yan Three, it's really you." Yang Mingzhi went forward and welcomed Yan Three excitedly. Yan Three's age was similar to Yang Mingzhi and Gu Dongyang so he was closer with them compared to the other leaders. To him, the other leaders were like his children. He had more things to talk about with Yang Mingzhi and Gu Dongyang so their relationship was better too.

Yan Three and Yang Mingzhi touched each other's shoulders. Then, Yan Three greeted the other people and saluted. He shouted, "157 mecha operators from Evil Wind has returned to 250 Ace Mecha Clan."

"That's good. Welcome back." Everyone was happy. Yang Mingzhi asked, "What happened to you?"

"Regiment Commander Ling went to the unused prep department to bring us back," Yan Three smiled as he replied. He was excited and glad to be able to work together with his past comrades again.

"Unused prep department?" Lin Zhong-qing thought about something. "Besides you guys, is there anyone else?"

How did their boss find this department which was forgotten by everyone? They could get as many soldiers as they want from there and no mecha clans would be unhappy about it. The only problem was, the soldiers inside were all just average or those that were unruly and disobedient. As for Evil Wind, General Ling Xiao must be the one who sent them there.

He wouldn't give their boss problematic soldiers, right?

"Of course. Our regiment commander asked us to move first. He wants me to inform you to prepare for an assessment for more than 2500 people." Yan Three replied.

"More than 2500 people?" Everyone exclaimed.

Their boss only did big things.

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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》