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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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1044 Distress Signal!

Tang Yingying glanced at Mu Chaoran's handsome and cold face. She blushed uncontrollably. Her heart pounded furiously.

Mu Chaoran looked at Tang Ningyu helplessly. He had already tried his best to not tease his little cousin. Why did his little cousin still admire him?

Tang Ningyu glared at Mu Chaoran. If Mu Chaoran didn't pretend to be like him, his little cousin, who had always admired him from young, wouldn't have developed good feelings for Mu Chaoran. Honestly, if Mu Chaoran revealed his true nature, his little cousin would dislike him instantly. Everything was caused by a misunderstanding. Tang Ningyu felt his teeth hurting.

Tang Yingying controlled her fluttering heart and replied shyly, "I'm not as good as what you said. Actually, I was so frightened at that time, I was shivering all over. However, for some reason, my heart just continued to beat normally. The stable beating of my heart allowed me to calm down so I didn't make any mistakes."

Tang Yingying explained what had happened during that time. After the search, Grandpa He told her that the female investigator shouted suddenly because she wanted to fool her. The female investigator might have an ability that allowed her to hear other people's heartbeat or feel the flow of their blood. Her stable heartbeat and calm emotion allowed her to escape from this trap.

Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran narrowed their eyes when they heard what she said. They exchanged glances with each other. They were excited but cautious.

Tang Yingying didn't notice the change in their expressions. She continued, "Grandpa said that the gods are protecting me so I'm able to evade this crisis. He wants me to be grateful." She appeared a little puzzled as she said, "But, didn't the Federation say that there are no gods? Why did grandpa say that?"

Tang Ningyu gave a bitter smile. He explained, "When you're strong enough, you might be as powerful as a god."

Tang Yingying was enlightened. "Brother, are you saying that someone powerful had helped me?"

"I think so. No wonder you performed so well. Thinking back, even I might not be able to perform as perfectly if I was you. You're just a little girl who never went through any training or experience. How were you able to do it?" Tang Ningyu patted Tang Yingying's head. He sighed. "It should be the imperial realm formidable warrior who helped us escaped. He is the only person who could do it so secretly."

Mu Chaoran agreed with Tang Ningyu. At first, he felt that Tang Yingying's performance was too perfect. So this could be the only explanation for her flawless performance. If Tang Yingying really did this all by herself… they should commit suicide if they were not able to perform better than a little girl who had never been through any training.

Tang Yingying had been puzzled about her feelings so she asked Tang He about it. Tang He might have realized the truth but he was afraid that he might offend the imperial realm formidable warrior if he said too much. Hence, he just reminded Tang Yingying to be grateful. After listening to what her cousin said, Tang Yingying finally understood what had happened.

Tang Yingying recalled the battle between the imperial realm formidable warrior and got excited. She wanted to see the imperial realm formidable warrior who helped her and her elder brother. She wanted to know what he looked like. However, she remained logical and controlled her emotions. She knew that meeting such people were extremely difficult. Since the imperial realm formidable warrior didn't reveal himself, it meant that he didn't want to be seen. If she persisted in finding him, she might anger him instead.

Tang Ningyu patted her head in satisfaction when he saw her calming down. They could only wait and see what happened. If they gained the liking of the imperial realm formidable warrior, they would be able to meet him. Trying to find him might cause them to lose this opportunity instead.

At that moment, Nuo'er shouted agitatedly, "Young miss! Young miss!"

Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran looked at each other. They disappeared in an instant.

Tang Yingying opened the door and asked, "Nuo'er, what's the matter?"

"Grandpa told me that there is a distress signal from a Federation's starship behind us. He wants to know if we should help them." Elder Sister Nuo quickly told Tang Yingying what was happening.

Tang Yingying looked behind instinctively. She wanted to seek help from her cousin.

Since there were no outsiders around, Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran appeared again. Their gaze was filled with vigilance and puzzlement.

Tang Ningyu thought for a moment. "Let's take a look first." As a soldier, he was unable to ignore the distress signal from a Federation's starship.

"I understand." Tang Yingying quickly contacted Tang He and told him her decision.

The starship changed its direction and moved towards the area where the distress signal was emitting. After flying for some time, they saw flames in the sky. A starship was being attacked.

"Close in carefully. Ask all the artillerymen to be in position. Prepare for battle." Tang He ordered calmly.

Finally, they managed to get a clear view of the battle in front. Two starships from the military were being attacked by numerous small starships. The two starships were already badly damaged. They wouldn't be able to survive for long.

"Your Highness, another private starship had appeared. It seems to be from the Federation too!" The adjutant that was commanding the attack noticed Tang Yingying's starship. He quickly reminded his excited master who was waiting for the two starships to explode. This master was Duke Edward.

"What?" Duke Edward shouted furiously. He didn't expect such a huge private starship to appear at this moment. At first, he just wanted to destroy the Lin family's starship. However, another starship appeared and tried to help the Lin family so he had to take much effort to suppress it too. Now, there was another huge starship that came to help them.

"What do we do now, Your Highness?" The adjutant asked. The massive starship was more powerful than a normal private starship. Those massive starships were only slightly weaker than a military starship in terms of firepower. They were the most powerful starships among all private starships. Even if their starship had been modified to have their firepower be more powerful, they still need to consider twice before attacking such a huge starship.

Tang He saw the foreign starships attacking the Federation's starships and got furious. He shouted, "Activate the firearms. Prepare to attack!"

Based on the shape of the enemy starships, it was obvious that they were not from the Federation.

No matter how much the people within the Federation fought among themselves, they wouldn't purchase a starship from another nation. This was the pride of the Federation citizens!

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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》