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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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1039 Search!

One week had passed.

"Is there still no signs of them?" The department chief of the security department of Mai'er Fa asked his secretary.

"No… although we found their fake identities, we still couldn't find them," the secretary replied nervously.

"They can only leave Mai'er Fa either through public cruise ships or private starships. Have you inspected all the private starships?" The chief frowned. He was unhappy. One week of tight security was the maximum time they could implement. If they stopped the tourists from leaving further, they might protest violently and this would cause the reputation of Mai'er Fa to drop. It was not something they could afford.

"We've searched all the starships except…" The secretary wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.

"Who else is there? Didn't we order all the private starships to be searched? Whose starship didn't get search? Did they object to our search? There must be a problem with their starship if they objected to the search." The chief got excited.

"It's the starship Miss Li Yinfei is in which is the private starship of the Beitang family too. They were invited by us. Without your approval, no one dared to search them," the secretary explained hurriedly.

The department chief remained silent for a moment. After a while, he sighed. "Search them. If nothing is found, we'll compensate them." If the two people from the Flying Dragon Special Forces went back to the Federation, there would be huge consequences. They couldn't risk that even if they had to compensate heavily for that.

The secretary was about to leave but the chief suddenly thought of something. He shouted hurriedly, "Wait, bring some ladies along. Ask them to search for Miss Li and Miss Seven's room. Remember to explain to them nicely. Don't offend them."

"Yes!" The secretary left instantly.

"Damn it, who suggested inviting Li Yinfei over? How troublesome." The chief saw that no one was around so he complained to himself.

Li Yinfei didn't have a powerful background but she had many loyal fans so Mai'er Fa didn't dare to offend her. In the past, there was a popular singer who got humiliated by a faction from a certain nation. After this issue was exposed, the faction was wiped out. This was because one of the princesses from the nation was a loyal fan of the singer. The princess was furious when she found out so she ordered her army to destroy the faction.

Li Yinfei was very beautiful. Even some of the workers in Mai'er Fa were her loyal fans. The chief didn't believe that his subordinates didn't dare to search Li Yinfei's starship because they didn't have his approval. They just didn't want to disturb their idol.

He sent ladies to search the starship because he felt that ladies wouldn't get too enchanted by Li Yinfei. They would be able to maintain calm and search the ship carefully. Of course, this was to pacify Li Yinfei too. He didn't want to offend Li Yinfei and create trouble for Mai'er Fa.

At that moment, Miss Seven was sitting on her sofa and frowning. She seemed worried.

One of her maids rushed into her room and shouted, "Young miss, Mai'er Fa requested to search the starship. Grandfather He is blocking them. He asked me to inform you."

"They're finally here." Miss Seven's eyes turned firm.

"Nuo'er, inform Miss Li. We'll go over and take a look together," Miss Seven ordered her maid.

"Yes, young miss." Elder Sister Nuo hurriedly replied.

'I hope Elder Sister Li will be useful!' Miss Seven looked at the door of her closet. Then, she got up and left. The maids standing beside her followed her.

Everyone in the living room had left. The door of the closet suddenly opened silently. Two people walked out.

One had a pale face and an evil smile while the other had a cold gaze and a serious expression.

"If your sister is unable to stop those people, we'll leave. We'll run as far as we can," Mu Chaoran said softly. He was injured heavily so he didn't manage to recover much even though he rested for a period of time. He didn't want to implicate Tang Yingying but she insisted to protect them until the end.

"Okay." Tang Ningyu replied immediately. They came to find Tang Yingying because they had no choice. Mu Chaoran was in a dire state. He must undergo treatment soon. Their identity was exposed so the only person who could help them was Tang Yingying.

"Remember, no matter what happens, you can abandon me if you can leave," Mu Chaoran continued. With him around, both of them wouldn't be able to escape.

"Okay," Tang Ningyu replied calmly. He was not cold-blooded. He just knew what was best for them.

Mu Chaoran smiled. "Did I ever tell you that I'm happy to be your comrade?" The person he cursed in the past had become his trustworthy comrade now. Mu Chaoran never expected this to happen.

Tang Ningyu replied indifferently, "It's not too late to tell me now. I'm happy too!" He never knew that he had a shadow. However, he felt fortunate that he had one. It allowed him to feel secure.

Tang Yingying was nervous as she stood in the lobby of the starship. However, she maintained a calm look on her face.

At that moment, Li Yinfei walked over slowly with a gentle smile on her face. She nodded at Miss Seven. She looked like a fairy when she nodded.

Tang Yingying exclaimed in her heart. During this period of time, Elder Sister Li seemed to have become a real goddess. In front of Elder Sister Li, she felt embarrassed. This was a feeling she never had when they interacted in the past.

She pushed this thought away quickly. This was not the time to be envious of her Elder Sister Li. She must think of a way to let her Elder Sister Li stop the search by the people from Mai'er Fa.

Tang Yingying felt slightly guilty. To protect her family members, she could only use Elder Sister Li. Tang Yingying told herself that she would treat Li Yinfei better in the future.

Tang Yingying wanted to grab Li Yinfei's arm but Li Yinfei suddenly smiled and asked, "Sister, why are you looking for me?"

Tang Yingying was mesmerized by the smile. Even as a lady, she couldn't help but get stunned by her Elder Sister Li. She forgot her plan and exclaimed, "Elder Sister Li, your smile is so beautiful!"

"When did you become so sweet?" Li Yinfei teased her, "Tell me, why did you ask me to come down?"

"It's like this…" Tang Yingying told Li Yinfei what was going to happen. Li Yinfei's face turned cold. "I see. Let's go down and see what they want to do."

Li Yinfei and Tang Yingying went down to the entrance of the starship. They saw Captain Tang confronting the people from Mai'er Fa. The atmosphere seemed a little tense.

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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》