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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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1037 Haggard Young Lady!

Just as everyone thought that Sword Monarch would definitely win this battle, the huge ice sword suddenly dispersed into numerous thin ice needles and flew towards Sword Monarch from all directions.

"Territorial technique!" The domain realm masters watching shouted in surprise.

That single target technique by Ling Lan was actually just a disguise. It was used to fool her opponents into thinking that they were facing a single target technique. The real power behind her giant ice sword was her territorial technique.

"As expected, all imperial realm formidable warriors are sly old foxes." All the domain realm masters had this thought in their minds.

Sword Monarch was flabbergasted by the sudden change in technique. However, as an imperial realm formidable warrior, he had many such experiences in the past, even some against more cunning and sly opponents. He didn't get flustered and quickly released all his domain energy. His domain energy quickly formed a shield made out of swords around him, blocking all the ice needles.

However, many domain realm masters with sharp eyes noticed that the shield was slowly becoming thinner and thinner. It used to be around three meters thick but now, it was only one meter thick. This meant that the attack from Ling Lan was slowly corroding Sword Monarch's domain energy. Now, the battle would now be determined by the person who had a more powerful and stronger domain energy.

Just as everyone was waiting for the result of this match, the man in black suddenly disappeared. The ice needles in the air disappeared too.

"As expected of Sword Monarch. I admire you. Hope to fight with you again." A cold voice grew fainter until it disappeared.

"Damn it!" Sword Monarch was all spurred up. Hence, when his opponent disappeared, he felt humiliated. He felt as though he pushed against a wall but the wall suddenly disappeared. It was frustrating. He shouted furiously. The huge sword shield in front of him flew out and slashed towards the spot where his opponent had disappeared.

A crack a thousand meters in length had formed on the ground.

Sword Monarch didn't expect his opponent to run away before even finishing one attack. This was not how an imperial realm formidable warrior should act.

Sword Monarch wasn't satisfied with this fight. He waved his hand furiously and left the arena. He went back to his room to continue feeling frustrated. The audience just exchanged glances with one another in confusion.

The exciting battle between imperial realm formidable warrior ended the moment it started.

The audience was not satisfied with the battle too. However, since the ice element imperial realm formidable warrior was gone, they could only leave with regret. They didn't know when they would be able to spectate a fight between imperial realm formidable warriors again.

Only workers of the casino remained at the scene. Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran had formed a huge hole in the safest gambling arena known by everyone in the human world, but this was just a small matter. The battle between the imperial realm formidable warrior, although they only exchanged half a blow, formed thousands of holes in the building. They were glad that the main pillars and structures were still stable so they only needed to patch up the holes. However, this was a huge project too. It would take a few months to mend this building.

The middle-aged man and the elder were sitting in a room and watching the fight between the imperial realm formidable warrior too. After everyone had left, the middle-aged man looked at the old man and asked in a low voice, "What do we do now? How do we answer to Young Master Rong?"

Young Master Rong was the leader of the new generation of their organization. If he vented his anger on them, they would have a hard time in the future.

"What else can we do? If Young Master Rong didn't keep those two people alive at the start, they would have been dead by now. All these troublesome matters wouldn't have happened too." The old man scoffed, "He should be the one having a headache, not us. He needs to answer to his superiors about this mess."

The middle-aged man nodded. He calmed down a little.

"However, we'll have some hard time after this. Before this storm dies down, we need to be careful. We mustn't let anyone get hold of our weakness to force us to take the fall." The old man reminded the middle-aged man after thinking for a while. Those two people escaped in their hands. If Young Master Rong wanted to blame them, they could only accept it.

"Maybe we should find a reason to be stationed in a faraway place." The middle-aged man agreed with the old man and gave his own suggestion.

"That's a good plan." The old man felt that this was a good idea. He decided to use his network to make this request after he got back.

At that moment, Xiao Yiqiu's head finally stopped hurting. He regained his senses. When he knew that Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran had escaped, he was angry. However, he wasn't as furious as he had imagined.

"It looks like heaven wants us to have a fair fight. Wish you good luck!" Xiao Yiqiu could only accept this result.

The crack on the ground was a thousand meters in length. There were many water pipes below the ground so when the sword slashed the ground, the water pipes burst and water sprayed everywhere. Many small puddles of water formed on the ground.

Three hours after the battle between the imperial realm formidable warriors had ended, a young lady wearing a shaw hat and a long dress appeared on the walkway. She had many bags in her hands. It looked as though she had just gone for shopping and was walking passed this area. When she realized that the normal path ahead of her was split into two, she stopped in astonishment.

She hesitated for a while. Then, she lifted her dress, wanting to jump over the crack.

However, she was quite unlucky. She lifted a corner of her dress but the other side hooked onto the edge of a pipe. The sound of cloth tearing was heard.

Splash! The young lady fell into a puddle of water. She was flustered. Her hat flew out, revealing a beautiful small face.

She quickly got up. However, there were many workers from Mai'er Fa around her. There were also guards watching over the surroundings to watch out for suspicious people. When they saw this scene, they laughed lightly.

The young lady heard their laughter. She blushed as she stood in a puddle of water. She quickly grabbed her shaw hat and climbed out of the puddle to the other side of the road. Her dress was made from water-absorbent material so half of the water from the puddle got sucked by her dress.

"Hey, young lady, eat more papaya. If not, you won't be able to grow big." One of the workers whistled and teased the young lady.

The people around him laughed.

The young lady glared at the person who spoke. Then, she lifted her dress and ran off.

The group of men laughed and whistled again.

To these people, this was an unexpected reward during their working hours. They were able to see a little beauty coming out of the water. She looked a little haggard but she was still beautiful. They didn't mind how disheveled she was. However, they felt pity when they saw she was flat. That was why the worker kindly recommended the young lady to eat more papaya.

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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》