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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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1022 Give Up!

Little Four was shocked by what Ling Lan said. "No way there's a god-class hacker in your world."

The technology in this world was so low-level. How could there be such a powerful hacker? Little Four was in disbelief. Even in the highly advanced Mandora galaxy, there were not many god-class hackers. However, his Boss was right on one thing. God-class hackers were intelligent entities' natural enemies.

"There are god-level mecha masters and god-realm masters in this world. It's not hard to believe that there is a god-class hacker here too." Ling Lan didn't think that the presence of god-level hackers had anything to do with the level of technology in the galaxy.

Ling Lan saw Little Four keeping his head down. His body was shivering slightly. She thought that he was frightened by the presence of a god-class hacker so she consoled him gently, "Don't worry. No matter how powerful he is, I believe that my Little Four is not afraid of him."

LIttle Four looked up with a face red from excitement and said, "Of course! I'll definitely defeat him." Little Four placed his hands on his hips and laughed as he looked up in the air. "Hahaha, what is a god-class hacker to me? In front of the virtual god, he is nothing!"

Seeing Little Four's arrogant behavior, Ling Lan knew she had misunderstood him. Little Four was not afraid of the god-class hacker. He was just excited that he finally met an opponent who was on par with him.

Well… in the virtual world, Little Four had been too lonely at the peak.

Ling Lan felt at ease when she noticed that Little Four was not the least affected by the god-class hacker. After checking on him, she asked Little Four if he had downloaded all the information about the Magic Ace Mecha Clan.

Little Four turned dejected immediately. Due to the lack of time, he was only able to download 87% of the data. Unfortunately, the 13% that he didn't download consisted of essential information regarding the annihilation of the Magic Ace Mecha Clan.

Ling Lan couldn't do anything about this too. It was impossible for her to enter the control room again. She had exchanged a blow with the imperial realm formidable warrior guarding Mai'er Fa so they definitely remembered each other's presence. Hence, if she used her domain technique within the other person's territory, he would be able to instantly sense her.

"We have to think of another method then." Ling Lan thought that investigating the annihilation of the Magic Ace Mecha Clan was a simple thing. Now, she felt that it was hidden behind a dense fog.

Li Lanfeng carried Ling Lan to his room. He gently placed Ling Lan on his bed and then started rummaging through his belongings.

Ling Lan asked in surprise, "Lanfeng, what are you doing?"

"I'm looking for the special recovery agent Shiyu gave me." Because of his relationship with Li Shiyu, the amount of good stuff Li Lanfeng had was the same as Ling Lan.

Ling Lan was speechless. The agents he had might be more than the average amount in the team but she still had more than him. Li Shiyu would only give Li Lanfeng the Nuwa agent after seeking Ling Lan's approval. In this aspect, Li Shiyu was a responsible person. He never used his power for personal matters.

"I've already drunk one along the way." After getting injured on Planet Haijiao, Ling Lan started taking special care of her body. She was afraid that her injuries would get worse and destroy her foundation, so she would always carry a special recovery agent with her wherever she went. She still wanted to go back to the military so she needed to take extra care of her body.

Li Lanfeng was calmed down by Ling Lan's words. He knew that the Ling Lan would have more agents than him so he let out a sigh of relief. He was too worried about Ling Lan just now so he forgot about this and lost his cool.

Ling Lan leaned against the wall when she saw that Li Lanfeng had calmed down. She started thinking about their gains and losses in this mission.

"Lanfeng, give up your four-star mission."

An imperial realm formidable warrior was not someone he could offend. Ling Lan looked as if she was on par with the imperial realm formidable warrior but she knew that if her Disintegrate domain didn't allow her to see the weakness in that sword shadow, she might have died under the attack.

"I understand." Li Lanfeng had already decided to give up his mission when Ling Lan got seriously injured.

Merits were important to Li Lanfeng but it was not as important as Ling Lan's life.

"Also, take care of the two people from the Flying Dragon Special Forces." She frowned slightly when she mentioned the two people from the Flying Dragon Special Forces.

Li Lanfeng narrowed his eyes. "What do you mean?"

Were those two people so important that Rabbit was worried about them?

People like Qi Long grew up with Ling Lan so he knew he couldn't be compared to them. However, she only met those two people once. Why was Rabbit so concerned about them? Li Lanfeng felt jealous.

"Their identity might be exposed." She recalled how they entered the control room. This was obviously a trap set by their opponent.

Ling Lan remembered what her father told her. The mission for the Magic Ace Mecha Clan might be a trap from the start. If that was the case, could it be that this mission was a trap too?

"Do I need to remind them?" Li Lanfeng controlled his unhappiness.

"No. When shepherds quarrel, the wolf has a winning game. We'll be the wolf. Let's see who set all these traps." Ling Lan shook her head.

Li Lanfeng took this mission because he wanted to look for her. Hence, their opponent's target wasn't Li Lanfeng or her. It must be the two people from the Flying Dragon Special Forces. If it was Li Lanfeng, their opponent must see through his intention of looking for her. They also needed to understand Li Lanfeng's virtualization ability.

But, this probability was low. There were too many variables. Plus, Li Lanfeng's thoughts were hard to predict. Even she couldn't understand him sometimes. For instance, she didn't understand why he came to look for her on Mai'er Fa. She felt that he was acting without sound reason.

Rather than walking around aimlessly with her, it was better for him to stay at 250 Ace Mecha Clan and help her to protect her mecha clan.

However, since he was already here, she had to accept him.

Li Lanfeng's mood improved significantly after Ling Lan's words. Ling Lan wasn't worried about the two people. She just felt that she could find the mastermind through them.

"I understand. Don't worry. I'll watch them carefully." Li Lanfeng nodded.

Ling Lan started analyzing what happened to the Magic Ace Mecha Clan with Li Lanfeng. They wondered if it was a plan by Mai'er Fa. Unfortunately, Little Four didn't copy all the information so they couldn't confirm their guess.

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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》