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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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1001 Sneak Attack!

"Hades, you don't have a choice. Frost Monarch is dead. Only we can keep you alive." The other party had already gotten the news about Frost Monarch's death.

Hades thought about the mess in his base. He finally knew who had leaked the news of Frost Monarch's death to his subordinates.

"Why did you do this?" Hades couldn't understand. By doing this, wouldn't they be lowering the cumulative strength of the Hades Palace?

"Soul Society only wants elites," the young man replied. They didn't want people who would betray their organization during times of crisis. Hence, they made use of this news to clean these people up from the Hades Palace.

Hades knew that they were just trying to reduce his power and affect his reputation at the same time. That way, when Hades Palace merged with Soul Society, Hades Palace would just be an empty name.

He looked at the person's confident expression. They knew that he would… no he must agree to their request.

Just as Hades was deliberating on his options, he heard an explosion and the entire hall started shaking.

Hades knew that the person chasing him was here. He made a decision quickly. "I agree to your request. However, you must help me kill this person first. If not, I won't give you the Hades Palace."

As long as he was alive, he would be able to create a new future in Soul Society.

The young man nodded and turned to look at the youthful elder. The elder felt his gaze and opened his eyes slightly. He nodded at the young man. The young man replied, "We accept your condition."

Hades heaved a sigh of relief.

Since, the elder looked outside the door and said calmly, "Since you're here, why don't you come in?"

Hades' expression turned stiff. He didn't expect his opponent to find this place so quickly. The defensive system of his base was known as the most powerful and high-tech defensive system in the Chaotic Lands. Yet, it wasn't able to slow his opponent down at all. Hades felt that he was scammed, as he paid a high price for a useless system.

He didn't know that high-tech items or systems were of no use against Ling Lan, as she had the virtual god with her.

A person with a metal mask and black windbreaker appeared in front of them.

When Hades saw Ling Lan, his expression turned sinister. He would have pounced on her if he wasn't afraid of her strength. He wanted to bite a piece of flesh off her to vent his anger.

The elder was shocked when he saw Ling Lan's youthfulness. "I didn't expect you to be so young. You're already half step into imperial stage… Frost Monarch ruled over the Chaotic Lands for so many years and yet he died at your hands. This is really… hai… times really don't wait for people." He sighed as he was able to understand Frost Monarch's feelings at the moment of his death.

The elder thought that Frost Monarch died in Ling Lan's hands because his old age had caused his ability to deteriorate.

Ling Lan didn't mind this misunderstanding. Just from the aura of the elder and the middle-aged man, they were more dangerous than Hades. Although they were not as powerful as Frost Monarch, they were not much weaker too.

If there was only one of them, Ling Lan wasn't afraid. However, there were two. Ling Lan was in a kind of a predicament. Hence, she was happy that her opponent was underestimating her strength.

'If only I am able to operate a mecha.' Ling Lan sighed in her mind. Even if the person had advanced to imperial stage, she would be able to handle more than one of them with her imperial level mecha piloting.

Unfortunately, it was forbidden to bring mechas into the Chaotic Lands so their mechas were stored at the port of the Chaotic Lands.

This was why the Chaotic Lands were controlled by domain realm masters. There were people who wanted to bring their mechas into the Chaotic Lands but the Chaotic Lands had installed the extremely expensive Thunder System around their lands. Once a mecha entered the atmosphere of the Chaotic Lands, the mecha operator would lose control of his mecha and be hit by the land defensive system.

Ling Lan guessed that the three kings of the Chaotic Lands must have recognized the threat of mechas so they decided to spend a lot of money to buy this defensive system.

This thought flashed passed Ling Lan's mind. Ling Lan then heard the elder speaking in an amiable tone, "Better to make friends than enemies. Little kid, let me become a mediator. Can you let go of Hades?"

Ling Lan looked at Hades who face was filled with anger. She smiled and said, "Even if I want to, Hades might not be willing." The hatred of crippling him couldn't be gone with just a single sorry. Plus, Ling Lan never had the thought of letting Hades go.

The elder glanced at Hades and Hades just trembled under his gaze while his face went cold and numb.

"Hades will be willing to do as I say." The elder retracted his gaze and said indifferently. "Everything depends on you now."

Ling Lan smiled gently the scene in front of her. She remained silent for a moment before saying, "Sure…"

The young man's expression suddenly changed when he heard Ling Lan's reply.

The elder and the middle-aged man instantly attacked Ling Lan the moment she agreed.

Two domain energies flew towards Ling Lan.

Bang! A loud explosion was heard.

A huge ice mountain was manifested in front of Ling Lan. It blocked the two frightening gusts of domain energies.

The coldness from the ice mountain caused the air in the hall to become misty, blocking everyone's vision.

At this moment, the young man shouted in agony, "Hades, you despicable fellow!" Then, he slammed onto the ground.

The elder and the middle-aged man were flabbergasted. Two domain energies quickly flew towards Hades.

At the same time, Ling Lan attacked Hades with her domain energy too.

Hades was dumbfounded when he heard the scream of the young man. He was framed, but there was no way out of this situation now.

Without any hesitation, Hades quickly moved to the side to evade the elder and the middle-aged man's furious attack.

He managed to dodge one wave of domain energy and stopped the other domain energy forcefully.

"Pfft!" He vomited a mouthful of blood. His injuries worsened when he was directly hit by a gust of domain energy.

Just as he was feeling fortunate that he had managed to escape, an ice cold domain energy slowly crept up on him and entered his body.

"N…" Hades didn't manage to finish his scream before turning into an ice statue.

Ling Lan snapped her fingers. The ice statue broke and shattered into small ice shards. Hades, who had ruled the Chaotic Lands for over ten years, had disappeared from this world…

The elder and the middle-aged man felt that something was amiss with the situation. They looked at the young man on the ground who was lying in a pool of blood. He was fighting for his last breath. He had been attacked.

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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》