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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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895 I“m sorry!

Lin Zhong-qing looked at the panicking regiment commanders and sneered. Then, he clapped his hands loudly, attracting everyone's attention.

"Our regiment commander was very clear with his words. From now on, the logistics department will not give any battle equipment or energy sources to the mecha clans. All the energy will be used to support the protective shield of the base."

"He wants to use just the protective shield to block the attack? Is it possible?" The commanding officer of Base 014 was uncertain.

Lin Zhong-qing didn't reply to him. He got up slowly and took his military cap off his chair with his left hand. Then, he placed it on his head carefully and scanned the crowd. He smiled and said, "It can last for a while but once the energy is depleted, the base would be destroyed by our enemies. We can only hope that our reinforcements will arrive before Hailiya conquers our base."

Everyone turned silent. If they didn't dare to go out and fight, their only hope was to wait for reinforcements. If their reinforcements didn't arrive on time, they would have to die along with the base.

"Commanding officers and regiment commanders, I must go and prepare the energy sources for the protective shield now. Please allow me to leave." Lin Zhong-qing nodded at everyone and left with Yuan Youyun.

On the way, Yuan Youyun scolded the people in the room behind him furiously, "Damn it. We sacrificed so many seniors so that we would waste the food and water on these cowards?"

"Why are you so angry when Boss is not angry?" Lin Zhong-qing replied helplessly. From the start, their Boss never wanted to rely on them. However, he didn't expect their courage to disappear after being surrounded for more than 20 days.

"What is Boss thinking? The mainframe of the base has evolved after Boss took over it. It can plan the usage of energy better but we don't have much reserve energy left. We can only last for one hour if our enemy attacks us with firearms from all directions, and that is just an optimistic estimation." Yuan Youyun appeared frustrated. In the face of despair, even the members of Lingtian started to waver.

Lin Zhong-qing looked at the agitated Yuan Youyun and turned serious. "Yuan Youyun, have you lost confidence in Boss?"

Yuan Youyun was shocked. His expression changed slightly. "How's that possible? Boss has always been telling us to do our best, whether it was the Grand Mecha Tournament last time or the grand armed melee…"

"That's not all. You didn't study at the First Men's Military Academy so you don't know that when we were in there, Boss lead us to victory when we snatched the airship. When the military academy was invaded by mysterious people, he led us to fight against the enemies. He was the only one who formed his own team as a freshman. In the second year, his team became the most powerful team in the military academy. He became the king of the military academy. He not only tells us to do our best, but he also created miracles with us. This time, he would definitely lead us to create another miracle again. We will live."

Yuan Youyun lowered his head. Lin Zhong-qing continued, "Yuan Youyun, if you no longer trust Boss, you can leave Lingtian. We don't need a comrade who doesn't trust us. Think about it carefully."

Lin Zhong-qing turned and wanted to leave. Yuan Youyun gritted his teeth and said after a moment of silence, "I'm sorry."

"You shouldn't apologize to me. You should apologize to our Boss who has been thinking of ways to ensure that we survive this war," Lin Zhong-qing replied calmly.

"I know. I'll apologise to him." Yuan Youyun's gaze was firm. In the face of death, many wandering thoughts would appear in people's minds. Yuan Youyun's trust in Ling Lan wavered but Lin Zhong-qing's words brought him back. This boss never gave up, even in the face of impossible tasks, he would create miracles. The food and water supplies were an instance, right? He was an idiot. How could he miss his Boss's true intentions?

Boss would never give up without resistance. He would definitely think of a way to last until the reinforcements arrive.

Lin Zhong-qing was satisfied. He didn't care if the people in the base wavered. However, no one from Lingtian should do this. If not, all the efforts and sacrifices his Boss made were wasted on the wrong people.

No one from 250 Ace Mecha Clan was left at the command center. It looked as though Ling Lan was not playing cat and mouse with them. She was really planning to do she had said.

Everyone kept quiet as they pondered. They didn't want to die but they didn't want to wait for death like this too. Many regiment commanders were in a dilemma as they lit up their last cigarette. All the supplies were lacking, including luxurious consumables. They treated these consumables like treasure most of the time and only looked at it occasionally to satisfy their desires. However, now they were lost, so they needed a cigarette to numb themselves.

Soon, smoke filled up the command center. Song Yiqing couldn't stand it anymore. He stood up suddenly and shouted, "I don't want to become an old turtle that can be killed by anyone. Even if I die, I must die spectacularly on the battlefield." He left without hesitation with his adjutant. Since his thoughts were different from the rest of the people, he wouldn't force himself to stay here.

During the supply run mission, some of their comrades sacrificed. But, compared to 250 Ace Mecha Clan who had helped them to clear their enemies, they were in a much better state. That day, the people of 250 Ace Mecha Clan fired an empty blank to send their comrades off. He could still remember the solemn scene clearly. He finally understood the real reason why soldiers existed. He recalled all the things he did last time and blushed in embarrassment. He wasn't worthy enough to wear this military uniform.

He was wrong in the past but from now on, he wouldn't make any more mistakes!

Yan Three stood up too. He wore his military cap and coldly said, "I feel the same way as Regiment Commander Song. From the start, there are no cowards in Base 013." During the first battle, Evil Wind met a renowned ace mecha clan from Hailiya. 40% of their mecha operators were killed. It was a huge blow to them. Yan Three almost went berserk after hearing this result. However, before he could wallow in pity, 250 Ace Mecha Clan chased him and his team members into the training ground and forced them to undergo a brutal training program. Every day, he was exhausted ao he didn't have the time to feel sad.

By the time they finished the brutal training, Yan Three realized that everyone in his team had become stronger. Sacrifices were painful but this pain motivated them to move forward. They mustn't disappoint their comrades who had died for them. They only had the right to say that their comrades didn't sacrifice in vain if they climbed to a higher position.
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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》