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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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872 One Last Attack!

Ling Lan had another bolder thought. 'What if Hailiya is even more ambitious? Maybe they are trying to use Base 013 as a bait to lure the reinforcements of the Federation. Do they want to destroy the reinforcements too?'

No matter what, their decision allowed Base 013 to have some time to breathe. As for the problem of food and water… a cold light flashed passed Ling Lan's eyes. She must solve this problem. If not, her base would just internal collapse, turning them into helpless lambs for the wolves stalking them outside of the base to gobble up.

"Killing two birds with one stone." The commanding officer of Base 012 gave a bitter smile. The other party knew all their actions and schemed against them. However, there was nothing they could do. They could only accept it.

"If we want to continue resisting, we need to have ample food and water. These are two big problems that we must solve." Ling Lan's expression turned serious.

"But the enemy is all around us. Where are we supposed to find more food and water?" The commanding officer of Base 014 sighed.

The commanding officer of Base 015 suddenly thought of something. He narrowed his eyes as he asked, "Regiment Commander Ling, are you planning to snatch resources from our enemy's bases?" This was an impossible task as their enemy's bases were constantly heavily guarded. They wouldn't be able to sneak in.

"Why not?" Ling Lan replied calmly. Where else would they able to get food and water? Ling Lan knew that this plan was absurd but she must do this, even if she had to suffer heavy consequences, she must do it.

She was not someone who would wait for death. In order to gain the slimmest chance to survive, she would attempt the impossible even if she had to risk her life!

"If I had to choose between waiting for death and attempting one last stand, I'll always choose to fight one last time!" Ling Lan spoke her thoughts out firmly.

The three other commanding officers just stared at the ceiling while they smoked silently. Smoke filled up the room. Ling Lan's cold face appeared hazy among all the smoke. However, the determination in her eyes was like a gleaming light in the haze.

"Just like what Regiment Commander Ling has said, if we don't do it, we can only wait for death. I'll take the risk." The commanding officer of Base 014 extinguished his cigarette on the ashtray as though he was extinguishing his hesitation.

"I also agree!"

"Me too!"

The commanding officers of the other two bases finally made their decisions too. They knew that this decision might cause the death of thousands of soldiers but this was the only way more soldiers were able to survive and last till the reinforcements came. They must do this.

Ling Lan smiled slightly when she heard the other commanding officers agreeing with her. With the strength of her own base, she was unable to snatch enough supplies to feed 500,000 soldiers, so she had to collaborate with the other three bases. Since this was supplies for all the four bases, Ling Lan hoped that the people in the four bases would all participate and not let her base take all the risk. In this aspect, she was selfish.

After an intense discussion, every base decided to bring two mecha clans to participate in this mission. 250 Ace Mecha Clan sent three teams, team 02, team 03, and team 08 to participate in this attack.

The person-in-charge of this mission was the team leader of team 02, Liu Furong. The team leader of team 08, Han Jijyun, would be the adviser of this mission while the team leader of team 03, Qi Long, was in charge of guarding and being alert of their surroundings. At first, Ling Lan wanted to ask Li Lanfeng and his team to go for this mission. However, Han Jijyun volunteered instead and his attitude to go was resolute so Ling Lan decided to let him go.

These people break into different teams and quietly left the base through different paths. Base 013 had been sending numerous mecha operators out to patrol the surroundings so such actions didn't catch the attention of Hailiya.

After one day, all the mecha operators that participated in this mission left their bases.

At the command center, Zhao Jun looked at the cold-looking Li Lanfeng and said with regret, "Unfortunately, we can't go."

Li Lanfeng glanced at him and replied indifferently, "If you want to go, why didn't you volunteer like Han Jijyun? Why are you regretting now? You deserve it."

Zhao Jun pouted. 'Look, you are feeling angry because Han Jijyun snatched your mission, right? Why are you being so blunt? You look calm but in your heart, you must be fuming.'

" I want to but I don't dare to speak when I saw Boss's cold face." Zhao Jun felt wronged. Their situation was getting worse. The force of presence from their Boss grew stronger. He wanted to ask but after speaking with her for a while, he swallowed his words back. He really didn't dare to do it. Zhao Jun respected Han Jijyun. At least, he had the courage to voice out his opinion.

Li Lanfeng scoffed, "Look at you. You are muscular and bulky but deep inside, you are a coward. Useless."

"I'm useless. What about you? Why didn't you talk to Boss?" Zhao Jun was angry. Since Li Lanfeng's mission got taken away, why didn't he reject Han Jijyun when he had the chance to?

Li Lanfeng pursed his lips. Would he admit that he got stunned by Han Jijyun's intimidating gaze? If he knew that this was going to happen, he wouldn't have pressured Han Jijyun when they were discussing at that time. Isn't he just creating trouble for himself? After being suppressed by him for a long time, Han Jijyun finally exploded in anger and snatched his mission. It didn't matter that Han Jijyun snatched his mission but he missed a chance to fight alongside Ling Lan because of this!

That's right, their regiment commander, Ling Lan, sneaked out of the base too. No one knew that Ling Lan had left the base to participate in this mission.

Base Ailan of Hailiya was not the closest base to Base 013. It used to be on the second line of defense on Hailiya's side. Of course, now, it was no longer a second line of defense base. Most of the mecha clans had moved to the bases in front of them. Hence, this base became a half-defense and half-logistician base.

It was understandable that this base became like this. There were only a few bases resisting against them now, and these few bases were still able to survive because Hailiya let them. Many frontline soldiers didn't understand why their superiors made this decision but they still followed the order.

After looking at the map of the bases of Hailiya, she chose to attack this base.

Ling Lan knew that the bases around Base 013 would be heavily armed to ensure that they would be able to attack them anytime. To support these bases, they must get supplies from the bases behind them. That was why she laid her eyes on the bases on the second line of defense. She also asked Little Four about the conditions of the bases before the satellites were destroyed. Little Four told her that there was a natural ice cave below Base Ailan. This was a perfect location to keep all the food and water supplies.

This prediction was risky. If she was wrong, they would return empty-handed. Then, Hailiya would be on their guard after this so they wouldn't give her another chance to snatch food supplies. The survival of their bases depended on this mission.
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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》