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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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851 The Start Of The Battle!

"Won't everyone find out that I'm not Luo Lang if I operate a special-class mecha?" Luo Chao hadn't given up yet.

"There is no one left in the mecha hold, so nobody will notice you boarding this mecha. Plus, Boss had already ordered the vice-leaders to take over the command of your brother's team and my brother's… I mean Brother Lanfeng's team. Do you think that they will need us?" Li Shiyu replied. He almost exposed himself just now. 'Did he let down his guard because Luo Chao is in front of him?'

"By right, Boss wants us to wait in the mecha hold. However, are you willing to stay here?" Li Shiyu added while pressing a button on the wall, and the cockpit of one special-class mecha opened before it slowly moved down to the platform.

"I, however, am not willing to wait. Since I'm already near the battlefield, I will not miss this battle." Li Shiyu stepped onto the elevator platform, and it rose up slowly. He had already planned this from the start.

Luo Chao said, "I'm not willing to wait too."

She took out her mecha control key from her pocket. She then glanced at her brother's ace mecha with great reluctance in her eyes. She knew the passcode to manually open the cockpit of her brother's mecha. Unfortunately, Brother Shiyu would never allow her to board the ace mecha.

Soon, all the mecha operators in the mecha hold had left the base. The JMCs in the JMC office laid down tiredly, but before they could even catch their breath, Han Xuya came and chased them away with her fist. She still remembered that all these temporary JMCs were still capable mecha operators, and since they had completed their mission, they should go to the mecha hold and prepare for the upcoming war.

"Will you be fine?" The mecha operators asked in a worried tone while glancing suspiciously at the female JMCs in the office.

"No problem." Han Xuya pointed to the logisticians beside her and told them to not worry. The JMCs here weren't too strong, so they wouldn't pose too much of a threat to her. Also, she had already injected the troublesome ones each with a syringe filled with anesthesia.

Since Han Xuya had made the proper arrangements, the mecha operators felt at ease so they quickly rushed to the mecha hold. They didn't want to miss the battle with Hailiya.

Han Xuya watched the mecha operators as they left. Then, she walked to Lady Mei and patted her shoulder. "Our battle is just starting. Are you ready?"

Lady Mei sat on her seat and looked up with her bright eyes. She smiled brightly. "I am ready."

'Even if I will offend the commanding officer of the base by doing this, I must do it. I must fight for my dream for once!' This was the first time Lady Mei knew exactly what she wanted. She was willing to pay any price to achieve it.

Li Lanfeng drank the recovery medicine Li Shiyu had given him and leaned weakly against Ling Lan. He started practicing the Qi cultivation exercises. This time, Li Lanfeng observed the Qi cultivation exercises carefully. He realized that under the help of the Qi cultivation exercises, the recovery medicine was able to show its effects much faster. After a short time, Li Lanfeng felt his strength coming back to him. He clenched his fist. He was shocked. 'Is this the real potential of the Qi cultivation exercises? Maybe this is only just the tip of the iceberg.'

Ling Lan noticed that Li Lanfeng's condition got better so she pushed him out of her arms. She couldn't let a man lay in her arms like this, right?

Ling Lan could faintly feel a slight vibration on the ground caused when a mecha was sent out from the ejection port. She smiled gently. "It looks like everyone has completed their missions."

Li Lanfeng controlled his astonishment and smiled. "Of course. No one is willing to disappoint you."

This was why she didn't dare to allow any dangers to appear beside her comrades, as all of them truly trusted and respected her. Ling Lan expression suddenly turned frosty. She said to the mainframe at the command center using her communicator. "Open the public commlink of the base. I want to make a statement."

"Yes, Boss Ling Lan," the mainframe replied immediately (It was Little Four).

Little Four opened all the commlinks at the base.

"To all the mecha clans at Base 013, from this moment onwards, I, Ling Lan, will be taking over the command of the base!" Ling Lan's cold voice spread throughout the entire base.

The members of 250 Ace Mecha Clan heard this statement and smiled. They always knew that their Boss would succeed.

Luo Lang, who was watching over the guards team, heaved a sigh of relief. Base 013 would be safe from now on.

Song Yiqing heard Ling Lan's voice on his way to the mecha hold. He stopped in his tracks suddenly. There was a complex expression on his face. He muttered to himself. "He really did it…"

"Young Master Qing…" Ai Liang's expression was complicated too. If he won just now, they would be the ones in command of the base, not Ling Lan.

"Let's go. There are many years in the future for that." Song Yiqing turned stern. He would never lose to Ling Lan again. Song Yiqing hastened his pace and brought his team over to the mecha hold.

"On my command, the entire base will enter battle mode. All the mecha operators must move out within half an hour and prepare for war!" Ling Lan knew that their enemy was closing in on them. It wouldn't take long for them to reach the territory of Base 013.

When the various mecha clans heard the announcement and the command, they were alarmed at first. The change of commanding officer came too suddenly. However, after they noticed that the mainframe listened to Ling Lan, they felt that this takeover must have been approved by the military. If not, the mainframe would not be so obedient. Hence, all the regiment commanders listened to Ling Lan and arranged for their mecha operators to prepare for war. The logisticians started moving too. They arrived at their positions and made preparations for the war. They didn't care who the commanding officer was as they only listened to the mainframe.

Besides some higher-ranked logisticians who joined factions so that they could gain more power, the normal logisticians didn't care so much. Whether their commanding officer had the surname Du or Ling, they just followed whatever job the mainframe gave to them.

"The scouts team has found our enemy." Little Four shouted in excitement when he received this news from the scouts team, right after he finished making arrangements for the logisticians.

Fortunately, Little Four was a smart person. He knew that he needed to hide so he only shouted in Ling Lan's mindscape. He didn't use the mainframe of the base to shout.

Ling Lan glared at Little Four, and Little Four immediately understood what he had to do. He used the mainframe and sent Ling Lan the message he received from the scouts team.

Ling Lan used this information to come up with a battle plan. She then ordered all the mecha operators to be in position. At the same time, she sent out a warning signal to the bases around them and providing them with the locations the Hailiya army appeared at. Whether they believed it or not depended on the judgment of the commanding officers of the bases. This was the most she could do for the bases around her.

The mecha operators from Hailiya finally entered the territory of Base 013. The battle was starting…
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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》