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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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814 Break The Wall!

Ling Lan brought all the team leaders to the wall that separated their camp and the camp of the Evil Wind Mecha Team. All the team members of the 10 teams were waiting there. They rubbed their hands in anticipation as they waited for the command from their regiment commander.

Ling Lan knocked the short whip against her palm. She smiled, and shouted, "Luo Lang!"

"Here, regiment commander." Luo Lang came out excitedly. His beautiful face seemed extremely vibrant today. Many logisticians who came to watch the show got dazzled by his looks.

Suddenly, a piercing flash of lightning flashed past their eyes, instantly blinding them for a moment. When they finally recovered their vision, they saw a calm Xie Yi looking at them intimidatingly. The logisticians immediately lowered their heads in response. They couldn't afford to offend Leader Xie. Of course, they couldn't provoke Leader Luo Lang too. They should just stick to looking at First Lieutenant Luo Chao as it was much safer.

"Well, well, you actually cooperated." The calm-looking Xie Yi was actually not calm at all.

The dark character smiled coldly, "I don't want you to humiliate yourself in front of so many people. This is my body after all." If he turned into a lump of black coal after releasing that lightning bolt, everyone spectating would have laughed at him.

"If you cooperated with me every time, we would be fine." Xie Yi felt gloomy.

"I'm not happy!" The dark character disappeared after he said his piece.

"Hey, hey, hey…" Xie Yi shouted for a while but no one replied to him. He knew his dark character was ignoring him again. 'That fellow had such a bad temper. It was so difficult to interact with him.'

Ling Lan walked to the wall slowly and patted it with her short whip, it made a dull sound, meaning that the wall was solid the whole way through. Shoddy projects would not happen in the military.

She took two steps back and placed the short whip back in her palm. She smiled. "Luo Lang, break it down for me."

"Yes." Luo Lang rubbed his hands and walked to the wall. Just before he acted, his Boss added, "Fifth level One-Inch Punch. I want the entire wall to be destroyed." 'Why is there a wall in the middle of her camp? I should take it down.' Ling Lan decided to expand the camp of her mecha clan.

Luo Lang's eyes shone brightly as he understood what Ling Lan wanted. His Boss didn't just want the members of the Evil Wind Mecha Team. He wanted to take over their camp too. He liked this idea!

A few team leaders and mecha operators who had a quick mind managed to get what their regiment commander was thinking. They smiled happily. This bunch of experienced soldiers weren't like the new soldiers who had a clear idea of what was right and wrong. They only knew one rule: survival of the fittest. Everything could be settled with strength and power. Ling Lan's brutal and domineering method suited their taste perfectly. They felt that they would never go wrong if they followed their regiment commander. One of the reasons why these mecha operators became useless and developed mental illness was because their past regiment commanders were not powerful enough. They were forced to keep their emotions to themselves so in the end, it twisted their minds.

Luo Lang released his power. It slowly climbed up from the primary stage of Qi-Jin to half a step before the domain stage.

Boom! Luo Lang released his fist. The five waves of Qi-Jin caused the sturdy wall to collapsed instantly. The entire ground vibrated due to the impact, alerting everyone who was in the vicinity.

Qi Long and the other people looked at Luo Lang in envy when they saw how powerful the fifth level of One-Inch Punch was. Ling Lan said, "If you are interested, I can teach you all the fourth level One-Inch Punch." In order to ensure that Luo Lang's One-Inch Punch remained as his personal technique, Ling Lan would only teach her other friends the fourth level One-Inch Punch." If Luo Luo Lang didn't enter the domain stage and show that he could handle the backlash from the fifth level One-Inch Punch now, she wouldn't teach her friends One-Inch Punch at all.

"Thank you, Boss!" Qi Long was so excited he forgot to call Ling Lan their regiment commander.

Lin Zhong-qing took out a small notebook from his pocket. He flipped it open and uncapped his pen. Then, he looked at Qi Long helplessly. "Qi Long, you breached a military rule."

The temporary adjutant had to step in as the military discipline master too. 'I must be impartial!' Lin Zhong-qing apologized to Qi Long in his heart.

"Ah! No!" Qi Long remembered that this was not a personal interaction with his Boss. His Boss had warned them before. He hugged his head in agony and his face turned pale. He could almost imagine the miserable scene when his Boss punishes him later.

Qi Long's exaggerated behavior made the other team leaders and experienced mecha operators smile. Qi Long didn't have the temper of a young master. He was like the mascot of 250 Ace Mecha Clan. These experienced mecha operators hated people with special backgrounds but they were willing to accept Qi Long. They treated him like a junior. This was why Qi Long was able to become the team leader of team 03, not because he was powerful. It was because the experienced mecha operators really loved him and wanted to help him.

Every team leader had their own style, and no one was better than the other. Ling Lan only wanted them to lead their teams well. She didn't care about how they did it. If they were unable to shoulder this responsibility, she wouldn't show any mercy to them too. She would remove them from the position. Fortunately, all her friends didn't embarrass her. Although they were not as good as the three experienced leaders, the difference between them was not too wide, making Ling Lan relieved.

At the camp of the Evil Wind Mecha Team, Yan Three wasn't calm from the moment he woke up early in the morning. He felt worried and uncomfortable.

Although he had decided to ignore Ling Lan's words, he was still anxious. He didn't know what Ling Lan would do to his mecha team.

At that moment, he heard a huge explosion from their camp. He jumped up instantly. "What happened?"

The members of the Evil Wind Mecha Team rushed out of their dormitory. They came to the place where the sound came from and saw a collapsed wall. On their side of the now collapsed wall, a young and beautiful major was dusting his hands calmly. When he saw them coming, he stepped back into the camp of 250 Ace Mecha Clan and looked at them coldly.

"Ling Lan, this is too much!" The moment Yan Three came, he saw Ling Lan standing behind the beautiful major. His heart burned with anger. 'This person has the guts to destroy the wall between their camps.'

Ling Lan glanced at him nonchalantly. She raised her silver ship and slashed it in the air.

The whip made a slashing sound in the air. It seemed like a command. The moment the ten teams behind her heard this sound, they charged towards the members of the Evil Wind Mecha Team.

Li Shiyu stood at the back and looked at his medical team indifferently. "Are you prepared?"

"Yes, leader!" The people in the medical team raised their syringes high in the air. Their eyes were shining with anticipation.

They had new test subjects to play with!
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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》