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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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716 Gather in Soldier City!

Ye Ling's words were met with Ye Xu's silence. Ye Ling wasn't sure whether Ye Xu denied his opinion on Wu Jiong. However, this matter wasn't important. Ye Ling's mission was to instill Ye Xu's mind that he is nothing without the Ye family.

Ye Xu and Ye Ling didn't know that Wu Jiong, who they had just been discussing about, was where they were at. He was also in Soldier City and was a member of the clan from the 15th Division stationed in the city.

However, the difference was the Ye family purposefully sent Ye Xu there to increase his rank. After three years, he would be able to rightly be promoted and be a deputy in some mecha clan. A year after that, he would be able to lead his own clan.

Wu Jiong came here because he didn't have the choice not to. Although Wu Jiong knew his main family had consolidated their power in the 15th Division, he didn't think that his main family was being pressured by the branch family to the point where they couldn't even breathe. The branch family created countless obstacles for him who came in late. Wu Jiong was unable to do anything in the 15th Division… As his bad luck would have it, the rules of the family state that his grandfather and father could not do anything to help him. He could only endure everything that came his way.

Faced with so many obstacles created by the branch family, in order to give himself a chance to breathe, Wu Jiong had no choice but to use his family's connections which he previously had looked down upon. By using the connections the main family had, they sent his name onto the list for stationed troops.

Wu Jiong sat in the military hover car for the troops of the 15th Division and finally arrived at the entrance of Soldier City.

At the entrance of Soldier City, there wasn't any soldiers on standing on guard. However, Wu Jiong knew that the surrounding area definitely hidden countless numbers of surveillance cameras and defensive weapons. Whoever dared to trespass, would definitely be vaporized by high-powered lasers instantly. These people would be evaporated and disappear from this world.

After entering Soldier City, strong looking soldiers belonging to different divisions could be seen. These soldiers would gather together in groups of 10 to 15 or walk and talk together in twos or threes. Although it was just one look at the city, one look was still enough to understand the special culture and extravagance Soldier City had.

However, no matter how great a city was, Wu Jiong still couldn't hide the sadness in his heart. Before entering the 15th Division, he walked a successful path, only making one mistake because of Ye Xu. This made him underestimate the difficulty he would face in the 15th Division… Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Wu Jiong rubbed his face with great force. The force he used was so strong, he felt his face was hurting a bit. However, Wu Jiong didn't care about the pain. Instead, because of the pain, he felt much better. As expected, after leaving the care of Boss Lan, he could no longer achieve anything. And now, in order to acquire power as soon as possible, he was doing something he would not have imagined himself doing in the past. If Boss Lan knew about this, he would probably be disappointed right?

When they were parting after leaving the military academy, he had set a grandiose goal. Now when he looked back at it, it was totally a joke. As expected, he was indeed a frog at the bottom of a well.

Wu Jiong, who was confident in his own capabilities, began to doubt himself.

"We're here!" Someone shouted and awakened Wu Jiong from his daze. Wu Jiong discovered that while he was thinking about his early-life crisis, they had already arrived at the headquarters of the 15th Division stationed in the city. The soldiers who came here with him excitedly picked up their bags and walked off the hover car.

Wu Jiong smacked his face a few times to make himself more alert. He must walk this path since he already chose this path. Boss Lan hated people who gave up in the middle the most.

Just like that, with a hint of anticipation and sadness, Wu Jiong welcomed the three year time period he will be stationed at the headquarters that will change his destiny. It was just that he didn't think that the person he thought of day and night, was currently taking his comrades and coming to Soldier City.

Inside the regiment commander's office in the stationed base camp of the 3rd Division, a young major was saying his salutations to his commander, the supreme commander of the base camp.

"Qiao Ting, you really don't want to stay for another three years?" The regiment commander looked at this subordinate in front of him who was very capable, unwilling to let him go.

In the beginning, Qiao Ting, who was still new recruit, was instantly put into the stationed army for the three year golden time period. He however didn't want this. This would make people think that he was an untalented individual who could only rise up in rank by using his connections… However, the regiment commander knew that with such a strong family background, Qiao Ting couldn't refuse even if he didn't want it. However, his family didn't give him any nice looks either.

It was just that, during the time when they had a small conflict with someone from the 2nd Division, Qiao Ting brought up the idea of fighting solo in the arena. In the end, he defeated the opponent, increasing the 3rd Division's prestige around the city. Qiao Ting wasn't someone who was incapable and relied on his connections to rise up in the ranks. Instead, he had real capabilities. The only reason he was going through this golden three year period was because the 3rd Division higher-ups wanted to nurture him. Thus, they used this method to let him advance the ranks much quicker and be a regiment commander.

After all, to be the regiment commander, one must have enough merits. Unfortunately the merits gained for the missions during the recruitment stage were not enough to rank up to the position of regiment commander in a short amount of time. In order to nurture the newer generations, every division worked their hardest to help these people collect enough merits. The only reason this mission of being stationed in Soldier City was a golden opportunity was because the merits of this mission were high enough.

Qiao Ting heard his regiment commander's unwillingness to part and could only show a face of sorrow, "Sorry regiment commander, I can only obey the arrangements of the higher-ups." This time, Qiao Ting will be taking up the position of deputy regiment commander of a standard mecha clan. It couldn't be helped. The stationed mission's merits could only help him reach this position. Afterwards, he would still need to continue to work hard to get rid of the word 'deputy' and become an actual regiment commander.

Hearing Qiao Ting's words, the regiment commander could only regrettably say, "If you stay for another three years, you would be able to rank up to regiment commander instantly. However, I still want to congratulate you. Work hard, my major."

The person in front of the regiment commander was publicly announced by the higher-ups to be someone of importance. The regiment commander had an expression full of admiration. It took him a decade to get to his position. This individual in front of him however, used only three years to reach deputy regiment commander. If his performance was good, in one or two years, he would be able to advance to regiment commander. This was just around half a decade.

"Qiao Ting's luck is too good!" thought the regiment commander. This was when each division were focused on developing and nurturing the next generation of commanders. As long as they matured, it would ensure the outstanding nature being passed down to further generations and wouldn't left in the dust by other divisions. If Qiao Ting was born a decade earlier or a decade later, he perhaps wouldn't have such a great opportunity as he has now.

"Thank you regiment commander!" Qiao Ting said gratefully and saluted. Although he was given the cold shoulder treatment by the regiment commander in the beginning, he still treated him well. He trained and nurtured him and also helped him achieved new heights.

If it wasn't for the fact that Qiao Ting knew Ling Lan had entered a division, perhaps Qiao Ting would be willing to wait another three years then be a mecha clan's regiment commander. Now, with the existence of Ling Lan, Qiao Ting was under a lot of pressure. He was afraid if he delayed for another three years, it was possible he would be left in the dust by Ling Lan.

Although logically, he believed it was something that wasn't possible. However, Ling Lan was too monstrous which made him unable to guess Ling Lan's progress. It was this thought that made him decisively return to the division. He believed he would only need to be given a year of time for him to get rid of the word 'deputy' and officially be a real regiment commander of a mecha clan.

Right as the regiment commander was about let Qiao Ting leave, his wrist suddenly trembled. He looked down and was stunned by the information sent to his communicator.

"Qiao Ting, before you leave, can you help me do something?" the regiment commander asked with a serious expression on his face.

Qiao Ting stared blankly and quickly replied, "Regiment commander, please tell me. I will do it if it is within my capabilities."

"The list of the top 10 mecha clans from the land clearing mission has been sent out. The higher-ups want us to use this chance to gather some information on one of the mecha clans after they arrive in the city," said the regiment commander with a frown on his face. If it wasn't for the fact that Major General Jiang Wei worked under the Third Marshal, the regiment commander would not want to take these missions that required so much effort and yet yielded so little reward.

"Which mecha clan?" Qiao Ting was shaken. Every top 10 mecha clans from land clearing missions were always well-known veteran clans. They were not easy to get along with. They needed to be careful and not get in trouble with them.

"250 Mecha Clan from the 23rd division," after the Regiment Commander said the name of the clan, his expression had a hint of confusion. It was just that in the history of the top 10 clans from land clearing missions, there had never been a standard mecha clan appearing in the ranks.

Anyone who had common sense would know that only standard mecha clans had numbers as their names. Although the 23rd division was founded five years ago with most of its mecha clans having numbers as their names, in the past 5 years, the 23rd division still had some mecha clans that had established titles. It didn't make sense that those titled mecha clans were no match for a standard mecha clan.

Hearing this, Qiao Ting was also confused. However, the thought of the 23rd division made him shudder. He remembered Ling Lan had gone to the 23rd division.

"Here is the information about that clan. There's only the name of the mecha clan and their regiment commander on the list. You probably have to think of something to get more information. Yes, I will let Little Yang to aid you. In the past three years, he had been your subordinate all this while. It will be easy for you to order him around." The regiment commander handed the top 10 list to Qiao Ting and at the same time gave him some subordinates to help him. Since he gave him a mission, then he should at least give him some means to complete it.

Qiao Ting felt his wrist shake. He lowered his head and opened the list, reading it carefully.

The regiment commander seemed to have thought of something and reminded Qiao Ting, "The higher-ups require us that we acquire the detailed information before the award ceremony. Oh, Qiao Ting, I'll give you a hint. The higher-ups believe that this 250 Mecha Clan has some sort of hidden element. Someone controlling this clan from the shadows. The higher-ups hope that we can find out what is being hidden, they would definitely not let them get their way."

After saying all this, the regiment commander frowned. He knew who these words were directed towards. It was already quite clear. He suddenly thought of people from the same generation as Major General Jiang Wei and General Ling Xiao, instantly understood the situation.

As expected, no matter how high in the food chain a person may sit, they wouldn't be able to escape from the jealousy of others. It was just that, could Major General Jiang really have his way? General Ling Xiao… Even if he had done something, he would definitely not leave any evidence behind. Major General Jiang Wei may be wasting his time. Such a stupid ploy.

Right after the regiment commander insulted Major General Jiang in his mind, he discovered that Qiao Ting hadn't replied to his previous statement. He raised his head confusedly and saw Qiao Ting looking at this communicator with a dumbfounded look, as though he was stunned by something.

"Qiao Ting?" The regiment commander called out with a confused tone.

"Oh? Regiment commander!"Qiao Ting awakened and immediately raised his head and said, "Sorry, I was lost in thought just now."
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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》