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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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702 The Dignity Of A Father!

After settling Meng Lan's name situation, Ling Lan asked her to open the door. She walked in.

The moment she walked in, she said, "XXQ1 will be called Meng Lan from now on."

Now everyone knew why their boss spent such a long time outside. He was changing the name of the mainframe of this base. They had to admit that this name was much better than XXQ1.

Ling Lan was relieved everyone was satisfied with this name. After that, Lin Zhong-qing signaled for them to enter a changing room.

At that moment, Ling Xiao's mood changed drastically. His daughter was changing with a bunch of stinking young men without his supervision. Ling Xiao wanted to kill all the young men here but fortunately, he was someone who could control his emotions. Hence, he didn't explode.

However, Ling Lan still felt the difference in her father's aura. His aura was almost exploding out from his body. Ling Lan thought for a moment and immediately understood why her father was feeling this way. She was just changing her clothes in the same room with a bunch of young men. However, she was not taking all her clothes off. She wore her singlet so no one would see her body. Additionally, after she took the suppression shots, she didn't have any curves. No one would see through her disguise.

Thinking about this, Ling Lan started getting worried. Her mother only gave her two more years. Based on her mother's temper, she would definitely stop her from taking the suppression shots. Her body would start growing after that so… Ling Lan sighed. Luckily, she still had two more years. She could think about this later.

Okay, Ling Lan is someone who likes to push her worries back. If it is not going to happen soon, she will not care about it.

After everyone changed into their military uniform, Ling Lan finally saw what her father looked like after disguising himself. He wore a mask like Li Lanfeng. Ling Lan looked at him curiously. The rest of the people just quickly spared a glance at him. Since he was a loyalist, it was normal that he didn't want anyone to see his face.

Everyone stretched their body after changing their attire. They finally felt that they were alive. The mecha protective vest was comfortable but it restricted their movements too much.

The entrance of the changing room was different from its exit. Once they opened the exit door, a familiar smell wafted into their nose. They saw a field of green. It was like they were back at the Federation.

"Those are all virtual images." Ling Lan quickly identified what she saw. She looked at Lin Zhong-qing. Seemed like Lin Zhong-qing had an effective discussion with the chief of staff. He took everything that he could and couldn't take.

Ling Lan felt her father boring his eyes at the back of her head. She pretended to not feel it. She would not admit that she took too many things.

Ling Xiao looked at the scene in front of him. His face twitched. Did He Xuyang give all the good things to his daughter? He even gave her this device. Was this a land clearing mission? This seems more like a vacation!

The most important features of a temporary base were its safety and efficiency. Features that could help with a person's psychology would never be taken into consideration when building a temporary base. However, 250 Mecha Clan made their base into a comfortable and perfect home.

This is damn… amazing! Ling Xiao decided to compliment He Xuyang when he gets back. It was a waste to keep this device in the warehouse so he rather gave it to his daughter. Ling Xiao was happy to know that Ling Lan could rest in such a base during these three months.

Of course, it was all her credit that she managed to fully utilize this device. If other bases got this device, would they be able to create such an amazing base? Ling Xiao looked at Lin Zhong-qing who was leading the way. His daughter had such good foresight. She picked an amazing chief for her logistics department. That was why she could have such a perfect temporary base. These devices were already functionable but to input everything into the design of the base, it required some skills. Lin Zhong-qing definitely had the skills to do it.

"No mecha operators had entered this base. There is only a small portion of logisticians doing the final cleaning," Lin Zhong-qing reported to Ling Lan. Ling Lan nodded. "Not bad."

Lin Zhong-qing's eyes lit up when he heard Ling Lan's compliment. He was elated. He was probably the only one who knew how hard and how much effort he put into the preparation and the construction of this temporary base. However, all the hard work paid off when his Boss praised him.

Lin Zhong-qing knew that to his Boss, 'not bad' was already a good compliment.

Ling Lan looked at organized roads as well as locations for soldiers to eat and train. She was even more satisfied. She turned around and shouted, "Yang Mingzhi."

Yang Mingzhi was looking at the various facilities with the other team leaders. He was extremely happy to see how well built this base was.

F**k, this is the first time he will be staying at such a comfortable temporary base during a land clearing mission. He remembered the places which he stayed at last time. There was only enough space for him to lie down. He was not able to see the sun from his room and could only look at the light bulb above him. Yang Mingzhi finally understood how incapable those logisticians were. They could have made the temporary base more beautiful but they didn't. Mecha operators like them weren't able to get a good rest after their dangerous missions.

While Yang Mingzhi was criticizing the logisticians in his previous mecha clan, he heard Ling Lan calling him. He immediately went up. "Regiment commander, I'm here."

"Discuss with the other nine team leaders to split all the mecha operators into three groups. One group will be doing the scouting mission, one group will be on guard, and one will be resting. The three groups will rotate."

"Yes!" All ten team leaders received their order.

Lin Zhong-qing wanted to bring Ling Lan to the resting room for the regiment commander but Qi Long grabbed him and asked him to stay back to lead the ten teams to their resting area. Lin Zhong-qing only managed to point at the direction of Ling Lan's resting room before he got surrounded by the ten team leaders.

Ling Lan and Ling Xiao smiled at each other. They walked towards the direction Lin Zhong-qing pointed. Since everything was prepared, they should take a good look around this place.

"Ah, this is your room." Ling Xiao pointed at the nameplate on the door which had the words 'Regiment Commander' on it and smiled.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Ling Lan placed her communicator in front of the device that was on the side of the door. A beep was heard after the device scanned her communicator. The door opened automatically. This was her private room.

Ling Lan walked in. There was a small living room with some sofas and a coffee table in it. An office table was at the further end of the room. An optical supercomputer was placed on the table. The light on the optical supercomputer shone to signal its presence. This would be where she would have meetings with the ten team leaders.

On the right side of the living room, there was a door. When she walked closer to the door, it automatically opened, revealing a small dining room and a small kitchen. Further inside, there was another room. This should be her bedroom.

As expected, there was a bed and a bathroom behind this door.

Ling Xiao followed Ling Lan to the dining room. He walked into the kitchen and opened the small refrigerator. There were already many foods inside. There were both cooked and raw food as well as nutritional agents. "Seems like you got everything you could get. Your subordinates are very thorough."

Lin Zhong-qing was always a thorough person. Ling Lan nodded. "Yes, indeed."

"With these people beside you, your mother and I will be less worried." Ling Xiao took some raw food out and prepared a meal for his daughter In the good old days, he won over his wife's heart with his cooking skills. If he couldn't cook, Lan Luofeng might not have married him.

Lan Luofeng was an idiot in cooking so to make sure that her future family would have food to eat, she required her future husband to be able to cook. Hence, the high and mighty General Ling Xiao had to learn cooking for two months before he managed to win Lan Luofeng's heart.

Ling Xiao only realized sometime later that based on his family's financial capabilities, he would not need to cook personally. Well, we could say that a man in love was a stupid man.

Ling Lan was filled with anticipation. She heard her mother complimenting her father's cooking before but she never tasted it. She thought that she would never have the chance to taste her father's cooking but who knew that on a new planet, she would have the chance to try it out.

Ling Lan felt that the mask was a hindrance so she reminded her father, "Daddy, there are only two of us here. You can take off your mask now. Don't you find it a hindrance to wear it?"

Ling Xiao was enlightened. He took off his mask. After he took it off, he suddenly thought of something and his body tensed up. He slowly turned around and explained to Ling Lan, "I accidentally hit my face a few days ago…"

Ling Lan eyes twitched a little. She said emotionlessly, "Be careful next time."

"I will." Ling Xiao quickly turned his head back. His daughter didn't notice anything, right? She didn't. Yes, she didn't.

Ling Lan also turned her head around instantly. I must control myself. I must not laugh.

Ling Xiao saw Ling Lan walking out of the kitchen and returning to the living room. Fortunately, his daughter didn't realize anything. If not, it would be humiliating for him. That was frightening. I must tell Luofeng to not scratch my face the next time we fight. I need to maintain my dignity in front of my daughter.

Ling Lan sat on a random sofa casually. Then, her tense expression livened up. She covered her mouth. There was no sound but her eyes were curved and there was happiness in her gaze. The entire room seemed to have lit up from her smile. Unfortunately, no one saw it.

Those scratches on her father's face must be made by her mother. Her father's explanation proved that he was feeling guilty. Ling Lan felt that her father's actions were stupid and couldn't help but smile even more brightly.

She always thought that Ling Xiao was a serious and dignified father but now, he was more of a funny father. He was someone who tried to maintain a powerful fatherly image in front of her but would always make mistakes unintentionally. Ling Lan always laughed at her father's stupidity. Compared to a mighty father, Ling Lan preferred this image more. She was able to feel her father's pure love for her.

"Little Four, our father is very cute," Ling Lan said softly. However, Little Four didn't hear what she said. The moment Little Four knew Ling Xiao was here, he went crazy. Ling Lan locked him up in the little black room so that he wouldn't disturb her.

Ling Lan had a good meal with her father. After Little Four was let out, he glared at Ling Lan for a long time. Also, the temporary base of the 250 Mecha Clan made all the other mecha clan green with envy.

This was because by the time 250 Mecha Clan completed the construction of their temporary base, no one else had applied to make their temporary base. This showed how much obstacles all the mecha clans met during this land clearing mission. Hence, they were all jealous of 250 Mecha Clan's good fortune.

Five mechas had the number '7' painted on their left arms, proving they were from the 7th division. On their chest, there was a symbol of a lightning bolt. This was the totem of a mecha clan. Having this totem meant that the mecha operators operating these mechas were ace mecha masters who had a title. These mecha operators were supposed to be the elite of the elite and treated like princes in their mecha clans. Yet, now, they were running away in a haggard manner. There seemed to be a frightening enemy chasing them.

After running furiously for a long distance, they had to slow down. They realized that there was a lake in front of them.

The mecha operator who had the highest position among the five of them was shocked. There were three dangerous locations to be wary of in a land clearing mission, one of them would be a place with a large body of water. No one knew what was under the calm surface of the water.

The mecha operator looked at the lake with vigilance. He asked another mecha operator, "06, have you managed to contact the regiment commander?"

"No.03, do you think that the regiment commander was killed by the monster?" The mecha operator sounded as though he was crying. While they were running, they remembered to release signals in hopes that their regiment commander and the others would bring them some news. However, no one replied to them.
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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》