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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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673 Profound Ultimate Technique?

Just like what Li Lanfeng predicted, Ling Lan used her Qi-Jin power to fight them. She didn't do it because she was confident in her ability. She did it because she knew that they would only be convinced if she gave them a huge blow using similar levels of power and skill.

Three invisible forces exploded out from their bodies. As the force got stronger, the mecha operators around them felt the force of presence coming down on them. They took a few more steps back before they could stand up straight again.

When they stepped back, Qi Long, Zhao Jun, and the other members of Lingtian who reached Qi-Jin level stood out. They were standing at the same spot and didn't seem affected at all.

Actually, they were struggling too. The huge energy coming from the three people made them uncomfortable but they could still resist it.

The mecha operators knew that these recruits were stronger than them. They were as strong as Luo Lang and Xie Yi.

Since Luo Lang and Xie Yi underwent the training with them, they saw their true powers before. They were talented young men who managed to achieve Qi-Jin state at such a young age. They thought that these two young men had the strongest physical skills in Lingtian. However, that didn't seem to be the case. The five new people that appeared today were as strong as them. Their regiment commander was even scarier. He must be the strongest person in the entire team. If not, how could he stand up straight right in the faces of two members from the North and South Stars?

Ling Lan didn't release all her strength instantly. She slowly increased her power so that her opponents would be able to use their full strength. That way, they would be convinced when she defeats them.

When Ling Lan felt that Yang Mingzhi and Liu Furong had reached the peak of their strength, she attacked.

She disappeared. Before the audience could react, Yang Mingzhi and Liu Furong felt a huge force coming towards them. They were well-prepared for it so that punched their fists out and welcomed Ling Lan's attack.

Damn it! When they came into contact with the force, they were astounded. This force was much stronger than they had expected. They were unable to handle it with one fist.

Both of them were veterans with many experiences. They decisively raised their left hands and attacked again using their entire Qi-Jin power.

Two loud explosions occurred. Since the two fists were punched at almost the same time, you would need to listen carefully to detect the two explosions. Some of the mecha operators didn't listen properly and thought that they only used one fist.

Three forces collided. The two of them managed to resist against Ling Lan's strength with their two fists. They reached a standstill.

With each passing second, their faces turned paler. They realized that Ling Lan had more than one wave Qi-Jin force coming towards them… no, by right, there was only one force. However, the force kept slamming into them like waves. The waves got stronger each time. There seemed to be no end to the force.

They felt that the force was not becoming more and more powerful but rather, it stacked onto one another. They resisted four waves of attack. They had reached their limit. They hoped that this was the end of Ling Lan's strength.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

However, reality was cruel. The fifth wave appeared. They were in despair. The wave rushed down at them and finally broke through their defense.

"No, we can't be defeated at the last wave!" The two of them looked at each other. There was determination in their eyes. They gritted their teeth. "Pfft!" Blood came out of their mouth. They chose to use up all their Qi-Jin strength to resist the attack.

"Pfft!" Another mouthful of blood came out. The fifth wave was stronger than the fourth wave so even though they resisted against it, they were still injured internally.

However, it was worth it. They succeeded.

Yang Mingzhi and Liu Furong felt the fifth wave disappearing and heaved a sigh of relief.

They were both senior colonels. They knew that there was an ultimate technique that could allow someone to stack his Qi-Jin. However, it could only be done five times. No one in the Federation could stack it more than five times. If someone really succeeded, it would have become a Profound Ultimate Technique.

There were only three techniques which were deemed as the Profound Ultimate Technique. This stacking skill was not one of them.

As this thought flashed through their minds, Yang Mingzhi and Liu Furong felt another huge force coming down on them again.

"The sixth time? Impossible!" They were dumbfounded.

They didn't believe that this was happening but it was the truth.

"Bang!" Their bodies flew back amidst the huge explosion. They slammed into the ground and slid for a few meters before stopping.

They clenched their chest in pain. Blood kept dripping down their mouth. Their internal injury got worse after they were hit by the sixth wave. They were unable to stand up now.

Ling Lan retracted her power the moment the sixth wave touched them. This was why they were still conscious now.

Yang Mingzhi and Liu Furong were defeated with a single blow…. and they were seriously injured. The mecha operators were astounded. They placed all their hopes on them but they couldn't even take a single blow. Who was this young regiment commander?

Ling Lan retracted her fist and stood up straight. She looked as though she hadn't moved at all. She pulled her sleeve down and tidied herself. Then, she scanned the crowd.
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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》