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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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644 A Chance!

Suddenly, a huge pressure bore down on them. Qian Jialin couldn't move his limbs. He was stopped in his tracks. If he reacted a little slower and didn't manage to unleash his Qi-Jin power to protect himself, he would be kneeling on the ground right now.

Qian Jialin was at the late-stage of Qi-Jin and reacted quickly. Hence, his situation was not bad. However, his team members were not so lucky. They just managed to advance to Qi-Jin so this pressure almost forced them onto the ground. But, they were soldiers of the Federation. Their unyielding spirit allowed them to stand up straight even though their legs were shaking.

Compared to them, Princess Gulibaduo and her confidant were in a bad state. Gulibaduo was only at the peak of refinement. There was no way she would be able to resist against the pressure. Her entire body fell to the ground. She pushed her hands against the ground. She was unable to accept herself lying on the ground. Her dignity and her arrogance as royalty of the Balaya Kingdom wouldn't allow her to do that.

Gulibaduo bit her lips until it bled. She painfully pushed her hands against the floor and forced herself to stand against the pressure. She kept encouraging herself. Gulibaduo, you can do it. You must make your country proud. You cannot taint the reputation of your country. The people of the Balaya Kingdom will not give up so easily! Gulibaduo, you can't give up!

On the other hand, her confidant was not as strong as her. She laid on the ground and vomited blood. The huge pressure was enough to injure her confidant internally!

While everyone was being forced down by the pressure, Luo'er flew into the air like an eagle and aimed his fist at Qian Jialin.

Qian Jialin watched as the fist got nearer to him. He felt unconvinced and furious.

Despicable! Qian Jialin was unwilling to be defeated by his opponent in this way. Just as his anger started boiling, the pressure on him disappeared.

The calm-looking old man frowned. Surprise and bewilderment appeared in his eyes.

Qian Jialin didn't think about it much. He raised his fist and attacked his opponent head on.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The pressure was lifted at the right time. It left him enough time for him to prepare for his attack.

"Boom!" Another explosion occurred. Two huge force knocked into each other and the two people flew backwards.

Luo'er flew into the air and managed to land safely on the ground after spinning a few times in the air. Qian Jialin was thrown over his team and smashed onto the ground heavily. The remaining force caused him to slide out a few meters before stopping.

Qian Jialin felt like vomiting blood but he controlled it. He immediately got up and rushed in front of his team. He stood in front of them acting as shield once again.

As a soldier of the Federation and a team captain, he would not let the person he was protecting or his team members to stand in front of him.

Qian Jialin stood in front arrogantly. He quietly whispered, "Hurry up and run!"

It was impossible for everyone to retreat. He could only let his team members and the princess get away first.

His team members hesitated for a moment. However, they knew that they didn't have much time left. They exchanged glances with one another and nodded. Two of them grabbed the servant on the floor while another person held the princess up by her shoulder. They ran towards the other end of the tunnel. The last team member looked back at his captain worriedly. He forced his emotions down and gritted his teeth. Then, he started running too.

"Hmph!" The old man looked up suddenly when he noticed their small actions and figured out their intention. A light flashed passed his eyes and he sneered.

The sound of the old man sneering slammed into their hearts like a hammer. They couldn't control themselves and vomited blood. The princess even tripped and fell to the ground. The servant was in a worse state. She was already injured so she was knocked unconscious.

Qian Jialin felt uncomfortable too. He looked at the ordinary-looking old man with a pale face. He had guessed that the old man was stronger than him but in order to injure them with just a snort, he had to be a domain master.

"None of you can leave without my permission," The old man had his hands behind his back as he spoke to them nonchalantly.

Qian Jialin and his team members couldn't help but feel defeated. How could they get out of here alive? Their opponent was a domain master. They gave up running away. They knew that no matter how hard they tried, they were unable to escape from a domain master. They gathered behind Qian Jialin and waited for the results.

Luo'er ignored the other people. He only wanted Qian Jialin. He licked his lips in excitement. "You are very powerful!"

This was the first time he fought with such a powerful opponent. Because of his grandfather's status in this auction, the bodyguards didn't dare to hit back when they sparred with him. He was depressed. Finally, he could fight with all his might.

"You are not bad too." Qian Jialin replied coldly. There was a huge amount of pressure placed on his shoulders but he remained calm.

While he was talking, he looked at the old man behind Luo'er. Qian Jialin knew that this old man was the person who controlled their life and death. He was their worst enemy.

The lights in the old man's eyes dimmed. He looked like an ordinary old man again. If Qian Jialin met him in public, he would never believe that he was a domain realm master.

Was this the true ability of a domain master? Returning to one's original nature? Qian Jialin felt complicated.

This mission didn't look difficult at the start. He didn't expect himself to meet a domain master. Was Princess Gulibaduo really that important?

With his status, Qian Jialin knew the truth behind the collaboration between the two countries. He knew that the life and death of Gulibaduo would not affect the strategic alliance between the two nations. The only thing it would affect was the inheritance of the Balaya Kingdom.

The Federation definitely wished that Gulibaduo would be the one to inherit the throne. Gulibaduo was raised in the Federation and received education from the Federation. The Federation was good at using its education system to brainwash its people. Hence, Gulibaduo would support the Federation and help to maintain the relationship between the Federation and the Balaya Kingdom.

The Federation sent people to protect Gulibaduo and even rated this mission four stars because they didn't want her to die too. She was a collaborator nurtured by them personally. Based on their prediction, the combination of Qi-Jin masters and ace operators was enough to ensure the safety of the princess.

The Federation underestimated the determination of its enemy countries in killing the princess and underestimated the intensity in the fight for the throne within the Balaya Kingdom. Their enemies would use all their means to cut off one of the Federation's arms. This was why they dared to blatantly appear during the auction at Aoqi and even sent domain masters to fight them.

If the Federation knew about this, they would have rated this a five-star mission. Of course, if that happened, Ling Lan and her friends would not have the chance to take on this mission. The amount of domain masters from both parties would increase too and even imperial operators might be sent out. The assassinations by their enemies would probably double in amount. Each battle would be destructive. No one knew what the results would be.

Based on the circumstances, Qian Jialin actually realized this a little late. Domain masters had already appeared on Planet Kachi but they were killed by Ling Lan secretly. She also used a special method to fool their enemies into thinking that the domain masters were still alive so their opponents would make the wrong judgments. Thus, their opponents didn't know that there was a domain master protecting the princess.

It had to be said that the Federation was extremely lucky to have Lingtian in this mission. This was good news for the princess but bad news for their opponents.

Qian Jialin knew that he was probably going to die but he didn't give up. He focused his attention back on the young man. He recalled how the old man took care of him. A sudden thought came to him. They might have a chance to survive.

Luo'er was too excited to notice the change in his opponent's gaze. He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down. His grandfather told him that he needed to be calm in a battle in order to display his full strength.

Since his undefeatable god of war, his grandfather, was beside him, Luo'er didn't have many worries. He continued to attack with his fist even though he didn't see any openings in his opponent's defenses. He wanted to force his way in.

The tunnel was narrow so there was no space to Qian Jialin to dodge. The princess and his team members were behind him. He had no choice. He needed to fight!

There was no skills needed in a forced fight. The person who had stronger Qi-Jin would win.

"Boom!" The two fist collided again. This time, Qian Jialin did something no one expected. He suddenly released his right fist and grabbed his opponent's fist with his hand. Since he didn't use his strength to resist, his opponent's Qi-Jin smashed into his body and he received heavy internal injuries. Blood spitted out of his mouth.

Luo'er was not able to dodge as the other party was holding onto his fist. The blood was going to fall on his face so he released his Qi-Jin and blocked the blood.

Luo'er heaved a sigh of relief. At this moment, he didn't know that Qian Jialin's left hand was silently moving towards his throat. His vision was blocked by the blood so he didn't notice it.

This was all part of Qian Jialin's plan. In order to catch Luo'er, Qian Jialin got injured. He knew that if he managed to catch Luo'er, he would be able to negotiate with the other party. This was their only chance!

This was the only way they could leave this place alive. Qian Jialin made a good decision.

"How dare you!"

Qian Jialin could fool Luo'er but he couldn't fool the old man. Qian Jialin knew this clearly. He just hoped that he was able to catch Luo'er before the old man reached him.

A powerful and frightening force of presence shot towards Qian Jialin. He felt a strong pressure on his body. He couldn't move his body anymore.

Qian Jialin felt hopeless. If he didn't catch Luo'er's throat, there would be no way they could survive.

No, I cannot die. I cannot let my team members die here! Ah!

Qian Jialin shouted furiously. The Qi-Jin on his body increased exponentially. He was focused on capturing Luo'er so he didn't realized that he broke through. He was now at the peak of Qi-Jin. Just one step and he would reach the optimal peak.

Because of this breakthrough, he managed to resist the pressure from the old man. His left hand started moving quickly and aimed itself at Luo'er's neck.

A cold look flashed passed the old man's eyes. He disappeared from his position and appeared in front of Qian Jialin almost at the same time. His scrawny hand moved towards Qian Jialin's neck.

The old man's hand appeared clearly in Qian Jialin's vision. It looked slow but in actual fact, Qian Jialin knew that the old man's speed was much faster than him. Before he could grab Luo'er, his head would be removed from his neck.

Are they really going to die here? Qian Jialin was in despair.

Just as Qian Jialin was on the verge of breaking down, a fair and smooth hand with slender fingers popped out. It accurately grabbed the hand that was moving towards his throat.

Qian Jialin felt the pressure on his body disappearing. He got a hold of Luo'er's throat and retreated three meters away.

He finally managed to see the owner of the hand. A man in a mask and a black cloak was standing in front of him. His hair was black and his back was straight. He was holding the old man's hand and standing at the same spot like a mountain. he didn't move at all.

Qian Jialin didn't know who he was or whether he was a friend or foe. However, he had calmed down. The suffocating force of presence from the old man had disappeared totally.
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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》