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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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634 Problem?

Lin Zhong-qing looked at Li Yingjie with contempt. "Of course, do you think that TNT is a common product? Do you think that I can sneak two TNTs onto the Feiyang Ship? Getting one already requires a lot of effort."

"So you lied to me from the start?" Li Yingjie looked at Lin Zhong-qing angrily. He was his teammate. How could Lin Zhong-qing be so evil? He didn't even blinked when he fooled him. Li Yingjie was sad. His pure and innocent heart got stabbed in the back.

Lin Zhong-qing looked at Li Yingjie curiously. "Boss said that in order to fool our enemy, we must fool our own men first."

Li Yingjie was fooled because he was stupid. Look at Qi Long, Li Lanfeng, and Zhao Jun. They immediately knew what he wanted to do the moment he opened his mouth. Their replies were on point too. They managed to fool the assassins.

However, Li Yingjie joined them recently so it was understandable that he didn't understand them well. Lin Zhong-qing still felt unfortunate that he was unable to kill those three assassins personally.

Li Yingjie's eyes widened. He didn't expect the Lingtian Battle Team to be like this. Was this still a battle team? Why were the team members lying to each other? Joining Lingtian Battle Team felt like boarding a pirate's ship. Was it still possible for him to leave Lingtian Battle Team?

While Lin Zhong-qing and Li Yingjie were talking, Qi Long, Zhao Jun, and Li Yingjie had returned to the roof.

Lin Zhong-qing looked at them. Qi Long smiled and gave him an OK sign. Lin Zhong-qing knew that those three assassins were killed.

Li Yingjie felt depressed. He lost again. Ever since he entered Lingtian, he was constantly depressed.

Lin Zhong-qing said, "The assassins in the building…." After the third batch of assassins came, no one else followed.

Li Yingjie wanted to prove himself to them so he quickly replied, "Let me handle it." He disappeared from the roof.

Zhao Jun looked at Li Lanfeng who was smiling. Then, he glanced at Qi Long who was stretching his back. He turned to Lin Zhong-qing and realized he looked indifferent. He raised his eyebrows and asked, "Was that okay?"

Li Lanfeng replied, "What was not okay about it?"

Zhao Jun looked at the other two people. He said with a helpless tone, "Boss is here. He would not be of much help even if he went down." He didn't believe that they all didn't realize this.

Lin Zhong-qing replied nonchalantly, "He will learn to listen properly till the end of sentences and not be too impulsive."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Lin Zhong-qing didn't expect Li Yingjie to 'save' him just now. What that happened that year caused Lin Zhong-qing to hate Li Yingjie. However, after Li Yingjie joined Lingtian, he realized that Li Yingjie was not as irritating as he thought. He was just impulsive, a little difficult to talk to, and quite arrogant. Lin Zhong-qing just hoped that Li Yingjie wouldn't bring trouble for the Lingtian Battle Team. In actual fact, he purposely stopped halfway while speaking to fool Li Yingjie.

As they were speaking, a figure appeared in front of them. It was Ling Lan.

Ling Lan didn't say anything. She just looked at the staircase.

Li Yingjie rushed out of the staircase. He looked pitifully at Qi Long and the rest of his teammates. Not long after he went down, he heard Boss Lan's voice. He knew that he was fooled by Lin Zhong-qing again.

"Not bad." Ling Lan nodded at Lin Zhong-qing. She arrived when Lin Zhong-qing was surrounded. However, she believed that Lin Zhong-qing could get out of the situation himself so she just watched at the side. Reality proved that she was right. Also… Ling Lan looked at Li Yingjie. She now had a different impression of this temporary team member.

Just as Ling Lan was about to continue speaking, a huge explosion occurred to one of the buildings far away. The entire building collapsed.

The assassins from Soul Society immediately retreated when they saw this. The other three battle teams were relieved.

The rainbow rain stopped soon after. When multiple rainbows appeared in the sky, Ling Lan finally understood why this rain was called rainbow rain. Although the colorful lights during the rain was beautiful, this scene after the rain was even more spectacular. Ling Lan felt that her soul was being cleansed. She felt invigorated.

This was why many people liked to explore the universe, right? They could see sceneries which they couldn't see on their own planet. Ling Lan looked forward to the rest of the trip.

Everyone arrived on the Feiyang Ship safely. The tour guide waited at the boarding gate anxiously. When he saw the six people, he felt relieved. He hurriedly rushed towards them and asked with concern, "Are you all fine?"

Li Lanfeng gave a look of uncertainty and anxiousness. "We heard a huge explosion and then saw many policemen from Planet Kachi running over. We managed to return here due to their guidance. Tour Guide Zhou, what happened just now? Where did that huge explosion come from? Will we be in danger?"

Tour Guide Zhou consoled them, "You all are fine now. I was worried that you all went to the old city area…"

Li Lanfeng gasped in shock. "Oh my god, we wanted to go to the old city. However, we took a longer time to look around the new city so we didn't manage to go." He looked frightened. "Lucky for us."

Tour Guide Zhou felt fortunate for them. "Yes, it was lucky that you all didn't go there." He asked in a seemingly casual tone, "Did you all went shopping when you were in the new city?" He glanced at their backpacks. It looked the same as before.

"How could we be able to do any shopping?" Li Lanfeng seemed embarrassed. They saved up for a long time to get on this cruise. They didn't have the extra money to buy souvenirs. Li Lanfeng noticed that Li Yingjie was not looking at him so he whispered to the tour guide, "Young Master Ma didn't want to visit the old city so we accompanied him in the new city." He looked at Li Yingjie gratefully. "We managed to escape the crisis because of him."

Tour Guide Zhou pouted. Even if they went to the old city, they would be fine as long as they weren't at the place where the commotion happened. However, did they really not go to the old city?

Li Yingjie seemed unhappy. He wasn't in the mood to talk to the tour guide so he said, "If we need to walk, don't find me." Then, he left them and boarded the Feiyang Ship.

Lin Zhong-qing bowed to the tour guide apologetically and followed Li Yingjie. After interacting with these six people, Tour Guide Zhou knew that the timid and quiet young man had the lowest position among all of them. He was the servant of Young Master Ma Rao.

However, Li Yingjie's statement explained why they didn't go to the old city. Only the new city had roads for hover cars. They would be able to rent some hover cars easily to bring them around. On the other hand, the old city had been abandoned for a long time and all the roads were forsaken. No hover cars were willing to go there. If people from Planet Kachi wanted to visit the old city, they would prepare their own jet-rollers. The passengers on the cruise didn't have such things. Wealthy people could buy jet-rollers in the new city but poor ones would just have to rely on their legs.

Among the six young men, only Li Yingjie had a wealthy identity. The rest were all commoners so they wouldn't have the money to buy jet-rollers. A jet-roller was expensive. It cost around half the price of a cruise. Getting a new jet-roller was too expensive for a commoner. Normally, they would buy second-hand jet-rollers.

Li Lanfeng continued chatting with the tour guide until the tour guide got irritated and left. Li Lanfeng pretended to leave hesitantly.

When they returned to their room, Li Yingjie and Lin Zhong-qing were already in the room. However, contrary to what the tour guide thought, Li Yingjie was the one who was helping Lin Zhong-qing.

Lin Zhong-qing was tidying up their items while Li Yingjie stood beside him and listened to his orders…

After the rest had entered the room, Li Yingjie listened to the surroundings before asking, "Is there something wrong with the tour guide?"

Li Lanfeng stretched his body. He said casually, "Maybe."

Li Yingjie looked at him with contempt. "Who are you trying to fool? If he doesn't have a problem, why did you talk to him for so long?" Li Lanfeng would not waste his time on a tour guide if he was just an ordinary person.

Li Lanfeng smiled but didn't reply.

Li Yingjie didn't need a reply from him either. He continued, "He showed too much concern for us. Compared to the other members of the tour group, our survival rate is quite high."

Qi Long nodded. "Yes. Also, we never said that we wanted to go to the old city."

"We will take on whatever that comes." Ling Lan ended the topic.

The Feiyang Ship didn't leave Planet Kachi on that day. Some passengers didn't manage to return to the Feiyang Ship within the designated time so the staff members of the Feiyang Ship had to file a police report. The police helped to look for these missing passengers. However, the itenary of the Feiyang Ship had already been planned out so if the passengers were still not found after one day, the Feiyang Ship had no choice but to leave. The missing passengers' list would be sent to the Federation.

Some past passengers were missing but the number of passengers on the Feiyang Ship increased instead. The explosion was classified as a terrorist attack so a lot of tourists felt that it was unsafe to stay on Planet Kachi. They bought tickets for the Feiyang Ship so that they could leave this planet. This was why Feiyang Ship was almost full when it left.

The first night after they left Planet Kachi, Ling Lan looked for Little Four. "Little Four, what happened in the end?"

"Just recently, the people from Soul Society found an unconscious and heavily injured Xia Qingyi among the ruins. He had been buried for two days. His life is still in danger." Little Four had been monitoring the happenings on Planet Kachi.

"Xia Qingyi…" Ling Lan was on her guard. She didn't expect him to treat himself so harshly. This was the most effective way of getting rid of his own suspicion. This showed that he was a firm person. It would not be easy to deal with him.

"His injury minimized his suspicion and also allowed him to be cleared of the responsibilities for this mission. What a good scheme." Ling Lan immediately guessed what Xia Qingyi's intention was.

As long as he stopped handling the mission of killing the princess, he would not know any more information about this mission. That way, Ling Lan would not be able to get any information from him and would stop asking him. If she stopped asking him, he would have a lower risk of getting exposed.

Without a doubt, Xia Qingyi used much effort to think of this scheme. However, he didn't guess Ling Lan's motive correctly. She didn't let him go in order to acquire more information about the mission to kill the princess. She wanted to plant a seed for the future… if she didn't have the ability to fulfil her plan, Xia Qingyi would never be activated…

The failure of the Soul Society gave a warning to the other factions that wanted to kill the princess. They knew that the people protecting the princess were not as weak as they thought. However, Soul Society would never leak any information they had out so the factions didn't know that there was a domain realm master within the protectors.

Since they couldn't ensure that their plans would succeed, no one acted in the following week. It was a smooth journey.

Ling Lan and the other people who were protecting the princess remained vigilant. Even though the week passed safely, they felt even more tense. The next stop was a country which claimed to be neutral but in actual fact was on their enemy's side.

The six captains all felt that this was the most dangerous stop. If there were assassins, this was the country where they would plan their assassination.

Aoqi was the smallest country in the human world. It only had one planet. It was located between the crossroads of three strong countries who guarded against each other. Hence, it managed to remain as an independent country.

The three countries around Aoqi were enemies of each other. This caused Aoqi to become a demilitarized zone which resulted in its neutral status.
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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》