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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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633 Fake?

Xia Qingyi scanned the empty and messy room while clenching his fists. He was not useless. He took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. He started thinking of a way out of this mess.

"I will continue to let 9th Elder and Demon Fire appear to be alive. All the best to you." Ling Lan's voice suddenly appeared beside Xia Qingyi…

Xia Qingyi's eyes lit up. His new master was not as heartless as he thought. He even gave him a hint. He knew what to do now.

At this moment, Qi Long and the rest of the team were finishing up their battle too.

Zhao Jun managed to enter the floor below with Li Lanfeng covering him. When the assassins were all focused on Li Lanfeng, he sneaked behind their backs and fired at them furiously.

Half of the assassins in the stairwell were killed. The other half managed to react in time and changed the direction of their nozzle to defend their backs. When they were prepared to shoot at Zhao Jun, Zhao Jun quickly hid behind a pillar.

When Li Lanfeng heard the commotion downstairs, he knew that Zhao Jun had acted. He jumped down without any hesitation. As the assassins were pursuing Zhao Jun, they exposed their backs to Li Lanfeng and he shot at them without any hesitation. Half of the remaining assassins were killed.

Zhao Jun came out from his hiding place. With Li Lanfeng's help, they managed to kill off the last few assassins.

After confirming that there was no other assassins around them, Zhao Jun guarded Li Lanfeng as he shot the assassins again to make sure that they were dead.

They managed to kill 14 assassins. If Qi Long and Li Yingjie didn't managed to kill anyone, there were 19 assassins left in the building.

The two people cleaned up the scene. They nodded at each other and started searching on the third floor.

Li Yingjie was the last person to come down from the roof. The moment he reached the fifth floor, he felt a movement. He quickly hid himself in a corner.

Very soon, he saw two assassins in black walking over. One was in front while the other was behind him.

Li Yingjie came out of the corner and punched the first assassin in his chest. The assassin flew back. He dashed to the next assassin and was ready to punch him too.

"Shit!" Li Yingjie suddenly felt a sense of danger. He quickly dodged to the side. Just as he was going to be hit on his shoulder. A beam shield appeared behind Li Yingjie.

Li Yingjie knocked the second assassin out. After that, he pushed against the ground and rushed towards the direction where he felt the danger came from.

In an instant, Li Yingjie saw the third assassin who was hiding behind a pillar. He looked at Li Yingjie fearfully. He raised the beam gun shakily and tried to kill him.

Li Yingjie didn't give him a chance to fire a second shot. His fist knocked into the assassin's chest. The assassin spit blood out of his mouth and flew several meters back. He slammed on the wall, forming cracks and slowly slid to the ground.

After hitting the third person, he rushed towards the assassin and slapped the assassin's head forcefully. The assassin's skull cracked under the force of his palm. After that, Li Yingjie went to finish off the two assassins that were unconscious. He heaved a sigh of relief after confirming that all three assassins were dead.

He turned off his beam shield. He was frustrated. He didn't expect someone to be hiding behind him. The third assassin had been hiding there for a long time so Li Yingjie didn't hear any movements.

Truthfully speaking, Li Yingjie was quite rash this time. He should have used the fact that he was in the dark to sneak an attack on the assassins. Due to his mistake, he almost lost his life. Luckily, Lin Zhong-qing gave him this beam shield device before he came down.

The defensive power of this beam shield was very strong. It was easy to use too. He didn't know it could activate automatically. When the device senses a force closing in, it would activate the shield on its own. That was how Li Yingjie managed to block the gunshot and had the chance to find the third person.

"This is such a good equipment." Li Yingjie patted the shield device on his right arm. He was envious. Boss Lan had such impressive defense equipment. Was this the result of having an excellent mechanic?

Li Yingjie started reflecting about himself. Was he wrong to only have mecha operators on his team? A good team required experts in various fields. That was how Boss Lan's team got so powerful, right?

Li Yingjie didn't stop moving as he pondered about this. He continued searching the fifth floor. But this time, he was more careful.

Li Yingjie wanted to go to the fourth floor but decided against it. Lin Zhong-qing was still on the roof. If by any chance there were assassins still hiding in this floor, they would be able to get on the roof once he was gone. There were no hiding spots on the roof. If assassins did climb up to the roof, Lin Zhong-qing would be surrounded. The consequences would be undesirable.

Also, if Lin Zhong-qing needed any help, he could rushed up immediately too.

Li Lanfeng and the other team members were split into four groups. Qi Long was on the second floor. He met the most enemies and was under the most pressure.

However, Qi Long came down to the second floor because he wanted to have a good fight.

Li Lanfeng and Zhao Jun were on the third floor. There were many assassins on the second and third floor. As compared to those on the second floor, the assassins on the third floor were far more careful. It was hard to find them. But, this was nothing to Li Lanfeng and Zhao Jun. They would always be able to find the assassins before the assasins found them. Many assassins were killed by them.

Li Yingjie remained on the fifth floor and slowly search the area. On the sixth floor, Lin Zhong-qing continued to observe the surroundings.

Qi Long was currently fighting with three assassins. Suddenly, his expression changed. He released all of his strength and killed the three assassins instantly. Then, he jumped out of the window and climbed up to the roof.

Li Lanfeng and Zhao Jun ran up to the roof after subduing their opponents too.

None of them were as fast as Li Yingjie. When Li Yingjie was searching the fifth floor, he felt movements on the roof. He leapt out of the window and climbed up the roof without any hesitation.

He saw three assassins in black surrounding Lin Zhong-qing. All of them were pointing their guns at him.

Li Yingjie knew that Lin Zhong-qing was in danger. He might be able to dodge one person's shot but not three. One of the assassins was standing at Lin Zhong-qing's blindspot. There was no way Lin Zhong-qing could come out unharmed.

"Don't move, if you do, we will kill him," One of the assassins warned them.

Li Lanfeng, Zhao Jun, and Qi Long had came up too. None of them dared to move.

The three of them looked at Lin Zhong-qing. Lin Zhong-qing remained calmed. He explained, "They came from the building not far away from here. There were 12 of them. I killed nine. Three of them managed to come over."

"Five versus three. There is no way you all will win. Put down your weapons and we will not attack." Li Lanfeng lowered his gun.

One of the assassins sneered. "If that is the case, why are you still holding your weapons?"

Li Lanfeng looked at Zhao Jun. Zhao Jun shrugged and put down his gun.

Qi Long didn't have a gun. He liked close combats. His mecha was a close-combat mecha too. He was influenced by his boss.

Li Yingjie gritted his teeth and put down his gun.

"No, no. I didn't mean putting down your weapons. Throw your guns on the floor." The assassins from the Soul Society were not satisfied.

Before Li Lanfeng could reply, Lin Zhong-qing said, "That is impossible."

Everyone focused their attention on Lin Zhong-qing. One of the assassins moved his finger that was on the trigger. "Are you not afraid of us."

If Lin Zhong-qing replied with a yes, all three of them would shoot at him! Li Yingjie panicked. His forehead was filled with drops of cold sweat.

F**k, can't this brat control himself? Why is he so impatient today? When he provoked him in the past, Lin Zhong-qing would just ignore him. So why can't he do that now? If he provokes the other party, he will die. Even if they killed the assassins to take revenge for him, he will still be dead. Then, what is the point?

As Li Yingjie was complaining to himself, Lin Zhong-qing smiled coldly. "You want to kill me? You all must suffer the consequences."

A thin tube appeared in Lin Zhong-qing's hand. The assassins from the Soul Society were experienced so they recognized it. They were shocked. "TNT."

"Yes. If I throw this thing out, you all will die no matter how powerful you are," Lin Zhong-qing said coldly.

One of the assassins sneered. "Are you not afraid that your friends would get implicated?" They didn't believe that he would throw it out.

Lin Zhong-qing shouted in anger and hatred, "Do you think that I wanted to join them? They forced me! You all thought that they took me as their comrade? No! I am just their bomb courier. They force me to carry this dangerous bomb. They knew that it would explode if there are any strong vibration but they still forced me to carry it…"

Li Yingjie looked at Qi Long astounded. He wasn't sure if Lin Zhong-qing was speaking the truth.

Li Lanfeng glared at him. "It is your honor to be our bomb courier. You have no other abilities at all. Our team do not keep useless people. Also, we made the necessary precautions before letting you carry the TNT. It will not explode so easily. Don't think too much about it."

"Think too much?" Lin Zhong-qing turned crazy when he heard this. "You all thnk that I am stupid? How did the last bomb courier die? I live with a fear of death every single day. I am going crazy. I don't want to live this kind of life anymore…"

"Let's die together!" Lin Zhong-qing laughed like a lunatic. Then, he threw the TNT out.

"Dodge!" Qi Long jumped down the roof in shock.

The other three assassins saw Qi Long jumping down and jumped down too.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Zhao Jun and Li Lanfeng each followed behind an assassin.

Li Yingjie, on the other hand, rushed towards Lin Zhong-qing and pushed him to the ground. He protected him in his arms.

"Hey, you are really heavy. Get up." Lin Zhong-qing poked Li Yingjie helplessly.

Li Yingjie looked at Lin Zhong-qing with a puzzled expression. Where did the crazy expression go? Why were they still alive? Huh? He didn't feel any pain at all. There was no sound of an explosion either.

Lin Zhong-qing noticed that Li Yingjie was still in a daze so he pushed Li Yingjie up.

Lin Zhong-qing didn't expect Li Yingjie to save him. He was caught off his guard and lost the chance to chase after the three assassins. Lin Zhong-qing felt that it was a pity.

He didn't consider Li Yingjie when he was planning his scheme…

Li Yingjie was still in a daze as he watched Lin Zhong-qing stood up and patted the dust off his clothes. Then, he walked towards the TNT and bent down.

"Don't touch it. That is TNT," Li Yingjie shouted.

Lin Zhong-qing glanced at Li Yingjie coldly. He seemed indifferent. He continued his action and picked up the TNT. Then, he placed it back into the transparent box and put it in his backpack.

Li Yingjie calmed down when he saw Lin Zhong-qing's expression. He was not stupid. "It is a fake?"
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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》