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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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607 Selfish?

In the officer department in the 23rd Division, He Xuyang immediately sent a command to the mainframe after the recruits completed their registration. He sighed loudly when he saw the command being executed.

The second adviser Tong Zhiying wanted to discuss something with He Xuyang but he saw He Xuyang's expression. He asked, "What happened?"

He Xuyang didn't know what to say. He sighed again.

Tong Zhiying got curious. "What exactly happened?"

He Xuyang didn't close his computer screen yet so he pointed at it and asked Tong Zhiying to take a look at it himself.

Tong Zhiying glanced at the information. He couldn't help but laugh. "The Lingtian Battle Team? Do you have a grudge against them? Why did you send them to the 250 Mecha Clan?"

He Xuyang glared at him. "This is a test." He couldn't tell him that this was a decision made by the General. Poor Young Master Lan.

"Test? Can you don't say things that you don't even believe in?" Tong Zhiying refuted, "I hope that this battle team would escape from the curse and not be destroyed there." Tong Zhiying sighed after he finished speaking.

250 Mecha Clan was a special mecha clan. Its presence gave General Ling Xiao a headache. There was nothing he could do for 250 Mecha Clan. He could only leave them to fend for themselves.

Ling Lan brought the people from her battle team to the plaza. There were many hover buses parked above the plaza.

Every ten meters, there was a boarding gate. Ling Lan chose a gate that had no one waiting in line and checked the kiosk near the gate. She realized that only the name of the corps were shown. The names of specific mecha clans were not displayed. Ling Lan knew that, if no one formed a new battle team, there would only be a few recruits entering each mecha clan. Some mecha clan might not even have recruits. These hover buses would send the recruits to the corps and then, the corps would arrange them to be sent to their respective mecha clans.

Ling Lan chose the Middle Second Corps and keyed in the number of people she had on her battle team. Then, she patiently waited for the hover bus to come.

Ling Lan didn't like the number of her mecha clan. However, she knew that there was no special meaning to '250' in this era. It was just a number. She felt that she might be thinking too much about it.

Very soon, a hover bus came by. The door opened. Ling Lan was standing in the front so she saw that there were already a few people on the bus.

Ling Lan had a good memory so she recognized the four people in the bus. They were the captains of battle teams. The other two people sitting next to them were recruits. They must be the ones that were selected by the captains. The captains were stunned when they saw Ling Lan. After a while, one of them rubbed his hands excitedly and said, "I didn't expect you all to come to our Middle Second Corps. This is a blessing for us. We welcome you all with open arms."

The captain was too enthusiastic. He looked as though something amazing fell onto his lap. Ling Lan had a bad feeling about this… She shouldn't have let down her guard so easily.

"Can we get into the bus?" Ling Lan calmed herself down and asked.

"Yes, of course." The captain realized that he was blocking the entrance so he hurriedly moved to the side.

Ling Lan entered the bus. Her team members followed behind her. She randomly sat on a seat. Li Lanfeng wanted to sit beside Ling Lan but he gave up the idea. Ling Lan had an image to maintain as the captain of a battle team. Li Lanfeng sat with Zhao Jun on the seats right behind Ling Lan's.

The other two captains wanted to sit next to Ling Lan too. However, the cold aura that she gave out deterred them from going anywhere near her. They chose to sit in the row in front of Ling Lan's.

Once everyone sat down and there was no more new request for the hover bus, the soldier driving the bus closed the door and left the plaza.

To protect the locations of the military bases, their coordinates were not entered into the optical supercomputer of the hover buses. Instead, the buses were manually operated.

After driving for a while, one of the captains couldn't control himself anymore and asked Ling Lan, "Which mecha clan are you allocated to?"

"250," Ling Lan replied coldly.

"Huh?" The captain gave a look of disbelief.

"Beep!" The hover bus's alarm sounded. Everyone looked at the driver. The soldier immediately maneuver the bus back to its original route. It had gone off its designated route just now.

"I'm sorry. I made a mistake just now," The soldier apologised hurriedly.

Ling Lan frowned. The reaction from the driver as well as the captain told her that there was something amiss with 250 Mecha Clan.

"Is there something wrong with 250 Mecha Clan?" Ling Lan looked at the captain with her cold eyes.

The captain looked at Ling Lan with pity. "Yes. That place… sigh, once you experienced it for yourself, you will understand." The captain turned back and faced the front. He never spoke to Ling Lan again. It was as though he was afraid that Ling Lan would ask him more questions.

By now, Ling Lan knew that there was something amiss with 250 Mecha Clan. If not, the captain would not give her such a look. She saw pity, regret, and sympathy in the captain's eyes just now. It was as if they were hopeless.

"Little Four, give me all the information you can find for 250 Mecha Clan." Since she couldn't ask them, Ling Lan decided to use her ultimate cheatsheet, Little Four.

"Yes, boss." Little Four was playing a tower defense game with someone in the virtual world. However, when he heard the command given by his boss, he immediately stopped his game.

Since his opponent spent so much time playing with him, he should give him some benefits. Little Four thought to himself when he left the game.

After a few seconds, Little Four gathered all the data about 250 Mecha Clan. He didn't leave any information out, not even rumors.

Ling Lan flipped through the materials in her mindscape. Her frown got deeper.

Ling Lan didn't believe that it was a coincidence. Her instinct told her that her father must have had a part to play in putting their battle team in 250 Mecha Clan.

Her father made things difficult for her again. By now, Ling Lan was used to it.

"I will just take things as it comes along." Since she couldn't change what was going to happen, she would just embrace it. Ling Lan was not a coward. She threw 250 Mecha Clan to the back of her mind and went to take a rest.

In the hacker department of the Flying Dragon Special Forces, many captains of the battle teams in the Flying Dragon Special Forces were waiting for a piece of news.

"We found it! 17 people from the 23rd Division formed their battle team today. We searched all the names of Sky God's son and finally found his youngest son, Qi Long. We found that battle team that he is in." The hacker that was in charge of this task was the commander of the hacker department, Brain One. The hacker department took many hours before they found the information that they wanted.

On the big screen in the hacker department, the word 'Lingtian' was shown on it.

"Qi Long is the captain of the team?" Someone asked.

"We are not sure. We are unable to get the detailed namelist of the Lingtian Battle Team," Brain One, who was lying in his login pod, frowned as he said that.

He didn't expect the firewall of the 23rd Division's virtual world to be so strong. It took them a few hours to break through the wall. He even had to lead the team personally. Despite this, they only managed to breakthrough a certain part of the wall. He felt embarrassed.

"Even you can't do it?" Everyone was shocked. Brain One was the strongest hacker in the Federation. If he said that he was the second best, no one would dare to say that he or she was the best.

"Yes. The firewall of the 23rd Division is made up of 128 passcodes which alternates every second. If we can't break the code in a second, we will have to restart the decoding process again," Brain One said in a depressed tone.

Alternating 128 passcodes in a second was the ultimate firewall in the Flying Dragon Special Forces' mainframe. They didn't expect a division to have such a firewall too.

Do other divisions have this firewall too? Is it just specially given to the 23rd Division? Brain One felt helpless. With his skills, there was only a 1% success rate that he could break the 128 codes in one second.

Thinking about his, Brain One immediately went to hack another division's mainframe. He realized that this division only have 64 passcodes alternating every second. He heaved a sigh of relief. Seems like 23rd Division was an exception.

"Have you found it?" The rest of the people thought that Brain One was looking for Lingtian's information so when he sighed in relief, they thought that he found more information.

"No." Brain One quickly got out of the mainframe of the division. He entered the mainframe of the 23rd Division and saw the firewall again.

"We will need a few days to bypass this firewall," Brain One said after running through the success rate in his mind.

"Actually, there is no need to know the detailed name list of Lingtian, right. Since Qi Long is in the battle team, we can be certain that Sky God appeared in the second mission. Having a good father is really useful. He could clear all the obstacles for you."

"This is frustrating. How dare they humiliate us." Someone snorted.

"Head, what do you think?" Everyone looked at the man that was relaxing on the sofa. Head was just a nickname. His real name was Head One. He was the captain of the Dragon Head Battle Team.

"We have Qi Long's information, right?" Head One asked.

"He is a recruit from the First Men's Military Academy." Brain One threw Qi Long's information at Head One.

"Since he is a recruit, let a recruit handle him." Head stood up.

"What do you mean?" The other captains were confused.

"It is time to let our prodigy make his appearance," Head One replied them calmly. The Flying Dragon Special Forces was not a force that you could bully so easily.

Everyone's eyes lit up. Qi Long was a recruit so if they sent an experienced member, other people might say that they were bullying him. However, if they sent another recruit to defeat Qi Long, no one could say anything.

"Actually, any recruit would do. There is no need to send him." Someone felt that there was no need to send someone so powerful to deal with such a weak person.

"Since they want to step on our faces, there is no need for us to care about their feelings." Head One left after he finished his sentence.

"Head seems furious," The other captains looked at Head One's back and whispered among themselves.

"As compared to the commander, Head loves the Flying Dragon Special Forces a lot more. He will not let the Flying Dragon Special Forces be embarrassed just like this. Head is announcing a war against Sky God," Someone explained.

"What do you think Head would ask the prodigy to do?"

"The first step would be to form a battle team."

Since the other party had formed his own battle team, their prodigy had to have his own battle team too.

Ling Xiao sat in his office and looked at his computer. There was a message written on it: Lingtian Battle Team was allocated to the Middle Second Corps 250 Mecha Clan ." Ling Xiao felt confused. For the first time, he doubted himself. He didn't know if he made the right decision.

"Beep!" His communicator rang. Ling Xiao looked at the name and accepted the call. "Ling Xiao, you let my son take the blame." The roar that came from the communicator almost burst Ling Xiao's eardrum.

Ling Xiao replied calmly, "Did I arrange for your son to enter my dear… son's battle team?"

Sob, when can he say that Ling Lan was his daughter? Ling Xiao moaned to himself. Fine, he was the one that made all these happened. Ling Xiao remembered the truth and stopped feeling depressed.

Qi Yaoyang was speechless. His son was the one who wanted to be in Ling Lan's team. Seemed like his son walked into the tiger's den himself. His son was just like him, taking the blame for the Ling family. Qi Yaoyang felt frustrated.

"As for the blame, I didn't want it to happen too." Ling Xiao shrugged innocently. "The captain is Ling Lan. However, the other party thought of you first, not me. Big Brother Yaoyang, shouldn't you self-reflect?" Ling Xiao said seriously.

Qi Yaoyang shouted in anger, "What can be wrong with me? I am definitely better than you, you hypocrite." Then, he slammed his communicator and the call ended.

Ling Xiao laughed silently. He talked to himself, "But people believe that I am fair. There is nothing I can do about it."

If I was fair, why would I set so many obstacles for my daughter? If I was fair, why would I create this lie to help my daughter? If I was fair, why would the secret still remain as a secret?

I am just a selfish person.

Ling Xiao closed his optical supercomputer. His face turned cold. If anyone saw Ling Xiao now, they would feel that Ling Lan was indeed his child. They had exactly the same aura.
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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》