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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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587 Dance Of Death!

In an instant, the sky was filled with beams. The beams surrounded Ling Lan entirely. This scene attracted the attention of the other mecha operators. Everyone slowed down their attacks.

It was hard for them to disregard this commotion. Everyone was curious. Would the two operators from the Flying Dragon Special Forces succeed in attacking Ling Lan or would she escape from death?

"Zhua Fifteen, hurry up." Xu Eleven heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the beam shots in the air. He didn't stop shooting but still remembered to remind his teammate to leave.

Xu Eleven felt that their beam projectiles had blocked all paths of the retreat of their opponent. No matter how strong their opponent was, he would be unable to escape from the it unharmed. Even if he did manage to escape, his beam shield would be depleted of energy and that would give him the chance to turn the situation around.

Xu Eleven was a logical person. He didn't feel that his collaboration with Zhua Fifteen would defeat their opponent just like that. For someone that could subdue the two of them easily, their opponent would not be subdued so easily.

Ling Lan controlled her mecha and started dancing among the beam projectiles. It danced gracefully and dodged all the beam shots. It looked as though it was performing a waltz dance for its audience. It was like a dance with Hades, dangerous but beautiful.

"The Dance of Death!" Everyone that saw Ling Lan's dance shouted in astonishment.

The Dance of Death, a [SS] rank technique. This technique was only one rank lower than the [SSS] rank technique, Divine Wind. Only a few extremely talented imperial operators would be able to master this technique. There used to be a rumor within the Federation which said that a few hundred years ago, a god-class operator mentioned that only imperial operators who managed to master the Dance of Death would have the chance to become a god-class operator.

Based on past data, all the mecha operators that advanced to god-class managed to master the Dance of Death. Hence, the Dance of Death became a challenge for imperial operators. No one wanted to give up on the opportunity to become a god-class mecha master.

Xu Eleven felt bitter. He was unable to master the Dance of Death yet. According to what his instructor said, only people who had been through countless life-or-death situations could master this technique. This was what he lacked. The members of the Flying Dragon Special Forces were the elites of the Federation and the pillars of the country. They would not be sent to the battlefield unless there was no other choice.

Only the number one member within each battle team in the Flying Dragon Special Forces managed to master the Dance of Death. The mastery of the Dance of Death was a criterion to become the number one operator within the battle team too. Looking at it this way, the rumor might be true…

Xu Eleven knew that for someone to master this technique, he must have had a lot of experience. He might even be a mecha operator who had been recognized by the Federation. His abilities were on par with the top 5 of each battle team in the Flying Dragon Special Forces. Xu Eleven didn't feel bad about losing to such a person.

At this moment, Ling Lan did a graceful turn in the air and fired a shot with her beam gun. A beam shot penetrated through the beam projectiles around her and flew towards Zhua Fifteen.

Zhua Fifteen felt a strong sense of danger when he was moving. He instantly changed the direction of his mecha and moved towards his left. A beam brushed against his mecha and fired into the ground beside him.

A huge hole appeared on the ground.

Zhua Fifteen felt his hair standing. If he didn't change his direction in time, the beam would hit him. Looking at the force of the beam, his beam shield might be unable to handle it.

Ling Lan suddenly thought of something as she dodged the beam shots. "I must compliment Chang Xinyuan when I go back later. The modified compressed beams are powerful."

Zhua Fifteen looked up and saw Ling Lan dodging the beams. Xu Eleven continued firing shots at Ling Lan just as he promised.

Maybe that shot just now was a forced effort by his opponent. Zhua Fifteen calmed down and wanted to rush towards his leader again.

"Bang!" Another beam flew towards him. Zhua Fifteen dodged it in a flurry. He scolded Xu Eleven uncontrollably, "Xu Eleven, what the hell are you doing? Are you sleeping? What happened to hold the opponent back?" Zhua Fifteen suspected that Xu Eleven wanted to make use of their opponent to hurt him.

"It is the Dance of Death, you idiot," Xu Eleven replied angrily. If he could hold his opponent back, he would have done it long ago. However, he was too weak. He didn't even think that he would be able to block his opponent if Zhua Fifteen really managed to escape the blockade.

The Dance of Death! Zhua Fifteen was stunned. How could it be? He turned back and looked at his opponent again. He saw Ling Lan's mecha looking back at him. Zhua Fifteen could almost see the sneer on his opponent's face. He seemed to be telling him to stay where he was. If not, no mercy would be given to him.

Zhua Fifteen suddenly felt scared. Drops of sweat formed on his hand which was holding the control stick. He didn't have the courage to push the control stick…

"No, I can't be frightened by my opponent. The Dance of Death means nothing. Let's go!" Zhua Fifteen powered up his engine and his mecha flew towards Lin Five. He was not only battling his opponent, but he was also battling his own fear too.

"Bang!" Ling Lan fired a shot again and hit Zhua Fifteen's cockpit.

"Boom!" The mecha exploded and slammed into the ground. Zhua Fifteen paid the price for being rash, scared, and fearful. He was out of the match.

"This is the Flying Dragon Special Forces?" Ling Lan sneered. She didn't expect the members from the Flying Dragon Special Forces to fight individually. There was no cooperation among them at all. If the two mechas she was fighting against collaborated, she would not be able to gain such a huge advantage. Also, the mentality of the members of the Flying Dragon Special Forces team was quite weak. She managed to fool them with her fake Dance of Death.

If she had an opportunity next time, she must ask her father what happened to the Flying Dragon Special Forces. Why were the people inside not as strong as she thought?

In spite of this, Ling Lan didn't underestimate the members of the Flying Dragon Special Forces. Since these people could enter the ultimate dream force of every mecha operator, there must be something special about the Flying Dragon Special Forces. Ling Lan didn't like to make hasty judgments. Underestimation of one's opponents could be detrimental. This was what led to the situation for the Flying Dragon Special Forces team. They came unprepared…
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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》