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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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578 Dishevelled!

"Bang!"Two giant swords slammed onto each other.

Ling Lan reacted quickly and threw away her gun away the moment Qi Yaoyang attacked her with his sword. She grabbed her sword and blocked the attack successfully.

The force of the attack placed immense pressure on the engine of Ling Lan's mecha. Her mecha immediately entered the red danger zone. Ling Lan frowned. The huge stress caused Ling Lan to increase her hand speed and she reached the hand speed of an ace mecha master. Ling Lan's fingers seemed to have disappeared in the air.

Qi Yaoyang felt a strong force coming from his opponent. His opponent actually managed to push his sword away. Qi Yaoyang was elated. He quickly used more strength to push his sword down on Ling Lan's mecha.

At this moment, Ling Lan did something unexpected. She gave up resisting and allowed Qi Yaoyang's giant sword to knock her away. She even changed the direction of her engine from the back to the front. These two forces allowed her to distance herself away from Qi Yaoyang. There was no gravity in the unexpectedly so she was able to travel a few thousand meters away easily.

Qi Yaoyang was shocked by Ling Lan's move. He didn't expect Ling Lan to use such a method to break free of his control. Fortunately, his beam gun was now gone. Qi Yaoyang remembered that Ling Lan threw his gun away. If he still had his gun, he might be able to gain the upper hand.

An alarm started to ring by his ear. Qi Yaoyang instantly dodged. A huge beam flashed passed his mecha. He got a huge fright.

"Why does he still have a long-range beam gun?" Qi Yaoyang was puzzled and stunned.

Senior Colonel Mi was surprised too. Where did the beam gun come from?

The beam gun in Ling Lan's hands was the one that she used at the start. Didn't she throw it away?

Senior Colonel Mi rewound the scene so he went back to the time when Ling Lan threw his gun away and reviewed it. He finally realized the secret.

Ling Lan didn't throw his gun away. He swung it behind him. Since there was no gravity in space, the beam gun floated behind Ling Lan's mecha and got blocked by the mecha. This was why Qi Yaoyang didn't see the beam gun.

When Ling Lan distanced himself from Qi Yaoyang, he must have chosen his direction properly and passed by the beam gun. Hence, he was able to grab the beam gun and take it back.

Not only that, when he was moving back, he made use of his body angle and blocked Qi Yaoyang's view. During this time, he quickly placed his sword back and carried the beam gun in his hand. All these actions were done smoothly. Before Qi Yaoyang realized anything, he fired at him. Qi Yaoyang almost got hit by this shot.

Even though Ling Lan's plan was perfect, Qi Yaoyang was still a strong operator. He managed to dodge the attack with his own strength so Ling Lan didn't succeed.

"As strong as I expected!" Ling Lan was not disappointed with herself. Instead, she got even more excited. She smiled and licked her lips instinctively. Fighting spirit lit up in her eyes. She could feel her body shaking with anticipation. It seemed to be telling her that this was the kind of battle she wanted.

It had been a long time since Ling Lan met someone her match. In the military academy, she dominated over Qi Long and her other teammates. When she came back, her father dominated her. This kind of match was not interesting at all. Ling Lan had enough of torturing other people but she didn't want to be the one getting tormented either.

In the Mecha World, her ID was known to everyone from the military academy. She didn't want to expose her powers too much so she didn't use her full strength when fighting against strong opponents. Besides the learning space and excluding the life-or-death situation she faced on the battlefield as well as the mecha combat tournament, this was the only time she fought with all her might.

Ling Lan dared to show her true power this time because she trusted her father. She believed that he would keep everything confidential. The people that he sent must be his own people too.

Ling Lan was smart enough to know that she could not hide her abilities from her father. The more she interacted with her father, the more she realized how sly and cunning he was. Her little tricks meant nothing to him. However, if her father didn't expose her, she would just pretend that she managed to trick him.

Despite her excitement, Ling Lan could tell from how her opponent dodged her attack that he was much stronger than her. Although they were both imperial operators, the difference between an amateur imperial operator and a top-level one was stark.

"I don't want to lose." Although Ling Lan looked as though she didn't care much about winning or losing but in actual fact, she was a stubborn and competitive person. That was why she bore with the pain for over 20 years in her past life in order to continue living. This time, she even made herself underwent the torment in the learning space so that she could continue living peacefully. Without her stubbornness and competitiveness, she would not be able to endure all these sufferings.

Ling Lan turned calmed. She entered the Celestial Realm. She could only see her opponent. Her innate talent, Profound Insight, was automatically activated.

"Where is my chance?" The sweat on Ling Lan's forehead dripped down. She couldn't see any weakness in her opponent. Was her opponent's operation perfect?

"No, that is impossible. Even father can't have a perfect operation. Ling Lan, you only have one chance. You need to calm down and steady yourself. If not, you would lose your opportunity." Ling Lan motivated herself. She must believe in herself then there would be a chance.

In such battles, opportunities occurred within a second. Qi Yaoyang rushed towards Ling Lan and Ling Lan retreated back. She tried to maintain a comfortable distance between them so that she could fire her long-range attack.

"This is a test of mentality." Senior Colonel Mi looked at Ling Lan with concern. In his eyes, Ling Lan was a young man. Young people often lacked patience.

"Let me see how long you can maintain your calmness and patience." Qi Yaoyang could accelerate but when he saw Ling Lan's countermeasures, he had a change of heart. He slowed down instead. He wanted to assess Ling Lan's mentality.

The two mechas flew around the universe at a high speed for three minutes. Ling Lan's mecha continued to aim at Qi Yaoyang. She had not fired a shot. Ling Lan was drenched in sweat. Droplets of water kept dripping down her forehead.

Ling Lan was totally focused for these three minutes. She didn't even blink. Normal people would have felt sore in the eyes but it seems like Ling Lan had not felt anything. Only the increasing redness in her eyes showed how tired she was.

"Not bad. You have good patience. Let me give you a chance." Qi Yaoyang was extremely satisfied with Ling Lan. Not only was Ling Lan patient, but he was also calm. There was no mistake in his operation. Qi Yaoyang got what he wanted so he decided to give his opponent an opportunity.

Ling Lan had been waiting for a chance all these while. However, when she saw the weakness, she didn't think that this was it.

Qi Yaoyang purposely showed a loophole to Ling Lan but Ling Lan didn't do anything. She maintained her posture. Did she not notice the weak point? Was she just numb? Did he form the wrong conclusions about her?

Qi Yaoyang was puzzled so his hand speed decreased naturally.

Ling Lan's eyes lit up. This was the opportunity. She moved her fingers and fired many times with the beam gun. The beams shot towards Qi Yaoyang furiously.

"This is bad!" Qi Yaoyang had a fright. There was a difference between purposely showing weakness and truthfully displaying a flaw. Qi Yaoyang was on the losing end now.

"It is the N-point Blockade!" Senior Colonel Mi exclaimed in excitement. This move left no room for the opponent to retreat. The opponent could only receive the attacks head-on. The opponent would suffer dire consequences and would leave Ling Lan with at an advantage.

This technique was indeed Qiao Ting's skill, N-point Blockade. However, Ling Lan fired six shots this time. As compared to the four shots that Qiao Ting fired, he was able to expand the range of his attacks. If he was able to get a ballistic sniper rifle, he could unleash the full potential of the skill. Now, with an unsuitable gun, the power was halved.

"Impressive." Senior Colonel Mi nodded fervently. The difficulty of the N-point Blockade was its constant shooting. 3 constant shots would make it a [B] rank technique. A special-class operator would be able to do this as it was quite simple. The 4th shot, on the other hand, was difficult. Many people got stuck at the 4th shot. When a person managed to overcome this obstacle, N-point Blockade would become and [A] rank technique. Most ace operators would be able to reach this level. The 5th shot and the 6th shot could only be achieved after years of practice and experience.

From the 7th shot onwards, every shot became more difficult. The N-point Blockade became a [S] rank technique on the 7th shot. On the 8th shot, it was a [SS] rank technique. On the 9th shot, it was a [SSS] rank technique. Only a few imperial operators managed to complete the 9th shot. Normal people stopped at the 8th shot and couldn't breakthrough anymore.

Ling Lan only fired 6 shots but due to his age, it was already an amazing feat. This technique was something that required a lot of practice and experience. Talent would not allow him to master this technique.

This was the reason Senior Colonel Mi was elated. He had seen many talented people but he rarely saw a talent that was willing to torture himself. These geniuses all had a smooth life so they lacked the mentality to push themselves further. In the end, few of them managed to become formidable. Many gave up halfway and some even died on the battlefield. It was quite unfortunate.

Ling Lan's 6 shots formed a circle and enclosed Qi Yaoyang within. They blocked all routes of retreat for Qi Yaoyang.

Qi Yaoyang was at a disadvantage but he still had a chance. Ling Lan's attack seemed perfect but it was flawed.

A perfect N-point Blockade needed 9 shots. 6 shots were not enough to fully block an imperial mecha master like Qi Yaoyang.

Qi Yaoyang was decisive and rushed towards the gap closest to him in the N-point Blockade. At this moment, he felt a sense of danger. Years of battle had allowed him to gain an instinct towards danger. Without any hesitation, he moved his fingers and his mecha twisted its body. It disappeared into thin air. When it appeared again, it was out of the N-point Blockade range.

Bang! A series of explosion occurred at the spot where Qi Yaoyang was at. A huge ball of smoke appeared there. The force of the explosion was frightening. Qi Yaoyang could feel cold sweat running down his back. If he didn't react fast enough, his mecha would be destroyed. That would be really embarrassing. He would not have the face to continue to assess Ling Lan anymore.

"Ling Xiao, your son can't be underestimated." Qi Yaoyang smiled bitterly. He rarely underestimated his opponent but when he did, he almost paid a huge price. Was this a lesson for him? Was it trying to tell him that he needed to give it his all for every battle?

This time, Qi Yaoyang took Ling Lan as his real opponent. He no longer saw her as a mentee.

Qi Yaoyang suddenly remembered what Ling Xiao said to him. He said that only people with similar capabilities could force the true potential from each other…

F**k. Ling Xiao must be talking about him too. Qi Yaoyang gritted his teeth. He could almost imagine Ling Xiao laughing at his plight.

"This bastard!" Qi Yaoyang scolded with frustration. After that, he calmed himself down. This was the Sky God of the Federation. Someone who was able to manage his emotions perfectly and let himself to enter the best mental state in an instant.

People familiar with Qi Yaoyang would know that once he entered this mental state, he was almost invincible. Only a god-class operator would be able to defeat him.

Senior Colonel Mi was shocked by the explosion. He was also stunned by how Ling Lan's opponent escaped. This was a technique that needed the skills of a god-class mecha master and the Divine Wind system. It was known as the instantaneous teleportation. There was only one non-god class mecha operator that could operate this technique. He was the Sky God of the Federation, Qi Yaoyang!

Was Ling Lan's opponent Qi Yaoyang? Senior Colonel Mi almost fainted from this realization.
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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》