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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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390 Decadent Voice!

Chapter 390: Decadent Voice!
Translator: ryuxenji Editor: H2dH2mr

Han Jijyun also came to a realisation. It had to be said that 'Tranquil Night' was indeed a divine song — its singer, Li Yinfei, had instantly ascended from being an unknown singer to soulful diva. Her rise had truly been meteoric. Even more admirable was the fact that she had purely intended to sing a requiem to comfort the souls of the fallen, and thus had never revealed her true face to the public. She was only known by her voice for now.

"Why did she suddenly choose to come to our school?" Han Jijyun was also extremely curious about Li Yinfei.

Xie Yi replied, "A while back, wasn't the Federation citizens clamouring for Li Yinfei to show her face? Due to public pressure, Li Yinfei's management company finally chose the First Men's Military Academy as the performance venue for the debut of Li Yinfei's true appearance. That's why, the ninth day of the next month is the time when Li Yinfei will take the stage in person at the military academy. We'll be the first men to ever see her true face ...!" Xie Yi could not hold back his excitement at this point and began to howl like a wolf.

His words received Qi Long's hearty agreement. So, in no mood to continue eating, Qi Long left his half-eaten breakfast to run upstairs to log into the virtual world and started looking up any news he could on Li Yinfei.

Qi Long and the others' conversation enlightened the initially befuddled Ling Lan. She had heard 'Tranquil Night' before, and it was indeed an excellent song. Little Four had once analysed it before, and had come to the conclusion that the singer must be someone with an awakened innate talent. The talent she had awakened should be Decadent Voice — it could make it much easier for her to bring the audience into the emotional realm of any song she sang — so Li Yinfei's success was to be expected. Of course, both the melody and lyrics of the song were equally worthy of being considered classic. The combination of these multiple factors culminated in the legend of Li Yinfei.

"What a bunch of green youths," sighed Ling Lan mentally. Although 'Tranquil Night' was indeed extremely mellifluous and touching under the accentuation of Li Yinfei's Decadent Voice, as Ling Lan's spiritual power was extremely strong, she was not as affected and was not as crazy and obsessed with the song as Qi Long and the rest.

Very soon, under Qi Long, Xie Yi, and the others' eager anticipation, Li Yinfei's first live concert officially opened at the academy's stadium. Qi Long and Xie Yi made an executive decision — without notifying their boss, they bought tickets for the entire team. It should be known that Ling Lan had no interest at all in going to the concert with a bunch of men to idolise a female singer ...

Of course, after Qi Long and Xie Yi did such a stupid thing, they were also afraid that their boss would settle the score with them later. Thus, they cunningly argued that this was a team activity for Ling Lan's team, and that the both of them would sponsor the funds for it. As the boss, Ling Lan needed to take the lead and participate as well so that she did not hurt the team members' fragile little hearts.

Ling Lan thought about it and found that she had nothing much to do on that day; furthermore, she had yet to see what a live concert in this world was like. Out of curiosity, she agreed to lead the team to experience the concert in person.

It had to be said that Qi Long and Xie Yi had carried out their plan well. Heaven knows what methods they used, but they had actually managed to obtain great seats in the fifth row right in front of the stage. Meanwhile, the few rows before them were taken up by the top ranking people of the various major factions in the academy. Thunder King Qiao Ting of the Leiting Mecha Clan had also shown up and was seated in the second row.

As for the first row, it was of course filled up by the top brass of the academy along with the instructors. Li Yinfei's decision to hold her first live concert at the military academy was extremely welcomed by the administrators. After all, everyone knew that the song 'Tranquil Night' had been specially produced for the innocent cadets who had died in the invasion. Li Yinfei's choice to hold the concert here showed her respect for the First Men's Military Academy.

Ling Lan had just taken a seat when Li Lanfeng, who had been following right behind her all this while, reacted the swiftest, immediately snatching one of the seats beside Ling Lan. Luo Lang was not to be outdone. Although he was a step slower, he still managed to snatch the other seat beside Ling Lan. Thus, the two of them were like the door gods Heng and Ha 1 , securely framing Ling Lan on the left and right.

Although Qi Long and the rest also wanted to sit beside Ling Lan, being a beat slower than Li Lanfeng and Luo Lang, they could only rub their noses in resignation at this result and sulkily choose some other place to sit.

Only Li Shiyu and Chang Xinyuan were trailing behind the team with morose faces. The both of them were obsessed with research and had no interest in whatever so-called singer. They felt that, instead of being so idle as to come here and waste time, they might as well have stayed in their own labs and continued to work on their own topics of research.

However, Ling Lan had said that this was a clan event and no one was allowed to be absent. Hence, the two of them had no choice but to compromise and pry themselves out of their labs for this excursion. Still, even so, brimming with reluctance, they had naturally dragged their feet till they were at the very rear of the team. Only after everyone had taken a seat did they settle down in the two outermost empty seats. However, they were soon engrossed in their own research again. Even though they had left their labs and the environment here was indeed rather terrible, this would not affect their calculations of certain formulae ...

The whole audience waited eagerly for Li Yinfei to take the stage. Finally, the time came and all the lights turned dim. Everyone involuntarily began to scream and cheer in loud fervour, because they all knew that the concert was about to officially begin ...

'On one particular tranquil night' ... a clear voice softly crooned in the large stadium. With no lights, in a shroud of darkness, this voice sank even more deeply into everyone's souls. The initially passionate cheers began to decrease in volume, until the scene was finally completely silent. Led by the singing, all of the cadets were brought back to that night once more, that intense and violent battle, and the helplessness they had felt at the time once again descended upon them. The entire venue became still and silent — everyone was silently mourning their innocent schoolmates and companions who had died that night ...

"Listening to Li Yinfei sing live, it's even clearer how powerful the other's Decadent Voice is." Little Four finally could not help but emerge to say. He had never seen such a powerful manifestation of innate talent powers before; it was actually able to control the emotions of the entire audience of forty to fifty thousand people.

"It is indeed very powerful. There's really no way to defend against this Decadent Voice!" Although Ling Lan knew the other was using an innate talent, she still felt that Li Yinfei's singing was very beautiful, making her unwilling to resist. This feeling made Ling Lan frown silently. If someone used this type of ability to try and influence her decisions, would she fall for it?

"Because Decadent Voice is not an attack-type ability, she belongs to the natural series of power users. As long as the user has no evil intentions, no one would bother defending against it." Little Four was pulling up all the relevant information in his databases as he explained, "Just like your leopard. He also has a similar type of innate talent, which will cause others to unconsciously think well of him. As long as he doesn't have any evil intentions against you, everything's fine."

Little Four's words made Ling Lan turn reflexively to look at Li Lanfeng, only for her to find that Li Lanfeng's brow was tightly furrowed, as if he didn't really like Li Yinfei's singing. What was up with that? Ling Lan was extremely puzzled. Mind you, even Li Shiyu and Chang Xinyuan who had been mired in their research at the start had been involuntarily pulled out of their research the moment Li Yinfei had started to sing. They were now just as enraptured by the singer's Decadent Voice as the others.

Ling Lan's puzzlement was immediately picked up by Little Four. He too felt it was rather strange, so he began searching manically through his databases again. Three seconds later, he finally found a so-called research hypothesis. "Boss, according to the databases, similar innate talents might repel each other. Li Yinfei's Decadent Voice and your leopard's innate talent might be somewhat different, but their final manifestations are extremely similar. Could it be that their innate talents have this sort of mutually repelling nature?"

"Highly probable. Well, that's fine. At least if we ever meet this kind of person again, there will be someone on the team who can keep a clear mind." Ling Lan believed this was a good thing. She did not want to have her emotions affected without clear reason, to the extent that she might even change her decisions unwisely. At this point, Ling Lan suddenly recalled when her dad had first laid eyes on the leopard. The corners of her lips curved involuntarily, and there was a trace of laughter in her eyes.

No matter how powerful one's innate talent was, there would always be someone who would not be taken in by it. Li Lanfeng's innate talent made others relax their guard unconsciously around him and feel like getting closer to him, but this innate talent was utterly useless against her dad Ling Xiao, and even had a reverse effect. Compared to the others, like Li Shiyu and the rest of her team, her dad was able to treat them kindly and agreeably. However, when it came to Li Lanfeng, her dad's face had been an icy tundra, and he had completely ignored Li Lanfeng. This hurt Li Lanfeng considerably, unsure what he had done to displease General Ling Xiao ...

Could it be that her dad also had a similar awakened innate talent as the leopard? So the two of them sensed some mutual rejection? Considering the fact that her dad was a national idol, Ling Lan felt that this hypothesis was very likely to be true ...

Right then, Ling Lan could not know that Ling Xiao did not like Li Lanfeng purely because Li Lanfeng had crawled out from Ling Lan's mecha at the time they had first met. No father would not react well to a boy who had randomly appeared by his daughter's side and seemed intimate with her.

"Actually, this type of ability only carries a hint of suggestion. It won't really cause any dramatic influential effect. Otherwise, the Federation government would not just let these singers and performers with these innate talents move around freely. It's clear to see that the government considers these people safe 2 ." Little Four used the facts to inform his boss that the powers of these individuals were not as formidable as she thought they were.

"War will always bring great harm, and these innate talent users can help console the sorrow of the masses. The Federation needs them." Little Four's explanation let Ling Lan come to an understanding immediately. She knew why the government would promote these singers and performers — they could skilfully dampen the public's anti-war sentiments. It should be said that the methods of the Federation government in this time was already very sophisticated. It made full use of every person in its reach, making it so that everyone served the machinations of war.

At the end of the lovely yet mournful 'Tranquil Night', the cadets were still immersed in their emotions when, suddenly, a lamp lit up in the centre of the stage, and a graceful silhouette slowly rose from a platform in the centre. It went without saying that this was the singer everyone had been waiting for, Li Yinfei. Everyone was instantly shaken out of their stupor and began to scream and shout uncontrollably. The initially calm cadets reverted to their original age at this time, becoming wild and fanatical.

"Thank you, everyone, for coming to see my concert. I'm very happy. I had originally only wanted to give the souls of those innocent cadets who had died some peace and comfort, which is why I composed this song 'Tranquil Night'. I never expected this song to be so loved by you all. I'm grateful for the support and attention. Next, I would like to dedicate a new song of mine to all of you —— 'Never Give In!'"

Li Yinfei's voice was extremely lovely, soft and gentle with a trace of warmth running through it. Even a sad song like 'Tranquil Night' still held that share of irrepressible warmth despite its deep sorrow. Of course, right then, without the sad tone from the first song in her voice, the warmth in Li Yinfei's voice was all the more apparent.
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    《It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future》