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Into The New World: Human to God
Author :DarylA
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2 Chapter 2

But before I will start to hunt monsters. I must test the capabilities of my summon. I checked my summoning skill. I thought I can summon more depending on my level. But I can only summon five every ten levels.

I don't need to name my summon. Because sooner or later I will have more of them. My current level, for now, is five. But if I will grind monsters. I may end up having a dragon army.

Checking my skill list. I can withdraw and summon them anytime.

I promise that I will not use these powers for doing evil. If I can change this world. I want it to be peaceful. So my focus, for now, is to get stronger.

"Let us see what you are made of. Try to cut down that tree"

I commanded my summon. Luckily he can understand what I'm saying. So when it comes to communication, I will not have any problems.

My Dragon summon used its tail to cut down the tree. With a wooosssshh sound, the tree is cut into half. It is strong despite being only level five as well. So when it comes to combat I don't have any problems with it.

"Do you have any magic attack? like fire breathe or something?"

When I ask. My summon nodded. It immediately turns its back then facing a tree. It breathes fire, then he flew up and using fireballs.

After that, It descended from above then look at me. As if it is saying "Did I do well?". I smiled then approach my summon. I stand at his side then pat its head as a reward.

Good, for now, I will avoid a large number of monsters and going to slowly kill them one by one. I will not also participate in fights to see the potential of my summon. Like lately, I one hit a monster without even a clue about my strength. But if things go wrong, I will participate in my self in the fight.

My goal, for now, is to steadily increase the number of my summons. I checked my menu lately and I thought I can summon monsters depending on my level. But I can only summon 5 each every 10 levels.

" Okay time to go"

Immediately, I prepared my self. Roaming in the Isolated feels so lonely but thankfully I have my summon with me. I can also ride them freely but depending on their size though.

Still, there is one thing that is disturbing me. It's about my job. A tier-1 God. Sigh... over thinking it might cause some problems for me. Time will come to know what really is it


My, summon stop walking. It looks at the right side. A lizard-like monster appeared. There were four of them. I am outnumbered but I don't need to worry about it. I can clearly see the difference in power because of engaging the wolf lately.

The lizard-like monsters have the same size as the full-grown lion on the earth their scale has mixed colors of violet and green.

"You take the two of them. I'll take care of the rest"

~Forest Mutated Lizard~

Level: 12

I immediately command my summon to attack. Without hesitating, it rushed instantly towards the monsters.

I run as well to the other the direction. The monsters split into two groups. It was my calculation.

My speed is fast. I can even outrun them if I want to. The demon lizard jump towards me using its claws to hit my arms.

I quickly evaded it by leaning. It was as easy as I thought.

-2319 -3826

I punched the first one then quickly leap towards the second one.

Ding: Your level has risen

Ding: Your level has risen

Ding: Your level has risen


I leveled up six times by defeating two of the monsters. Still, all got one hit even though they are higher level than me.

Ding: Your level has risen

Ding: Your level has risen

Ding: Your level has risen

Ding: Your level has risen.

Another notification.

I looked at the direction where my summon is. It stomped one of the monsters head. While the other one was being bitten by its neck. We easily defeated four. What more if I have more summons.

"I should check my status"


Level: 15

Job: Tier-1 God

Passive: Blessing from the Gods, Dragon Summoner, Great Elementalist.

Okay, four more levels so that I can have ten summons.

"Gather all the monster corpses. I will summon your companions"

Immediately, it gathered the monster corpses and put it in front of me.

"Come forth!"

The process is still the same. The bodies are imbued in clouds that shape like an egg. It levitates away from the ground slightly.

When the smoke faded away. The Demon lizards have there the same appearances. But the difference is they more look like dragons. They have wings and they became a little bit larger. Also, they look more high and mighty. They slowly approach me and then lower their heads. Maybe it is a sign of respect.

"It's okay now, raise your heads"

Five summons in my possession. Not bad. And also they are masters when it comes to poison. I can use it as a crowd control skill.

With this, I can easily farm monsters. If I can keep up this pace. I have no problems living in this world.

"Guys? let's start grinding"

Immediately roamed the forest. I encounter a different kind of monsters.

~Demon Grizzly~

Level: 20

I commanded my summons to use their poison attack to control the fight. There were five Demon Grizzlies.

"Breathe fire as much as you can. The rest, use your poison attacks!"

While they were doing it. I rush towards the monsters as well. I'm just trying to be a support to my summons. But looking at it. I think they don't really need for me to do anything.

-312 -352

I can see numbers floating above the body of the monsters. They were howling in pain. The rest are starting to fall down.

Ding: Your level has risen

Ding: Your level has risen

Ding: Your level has risen


I leveled up five times. I can summon five again. And it is a coincidence that there were five monsters as well.

"Come forth!"

The monsters turned into dragons. For now, I am level twenty and I have ten summons. Things will get easier from now.

I should check the great elementalist passive. I know now how my summoning power works. But the other two. I need to check it.

"Blessing from the Gods and Great Elementalis huh"


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